The information that is constantly being relayed through the media houses and social media regarding the current pandemic can be very devastating. You hear of the number of infections, deaths and how you can protect yourself from the disease and many other related issues. 

Even if you are a calm person, you can find yourself getting anxious and dealing with mental issues. The good news is that there are ways through which you can take control of your life again after the pandemic. 

Distract yourself

The human mind can accommodate so many thoughts at once. If you find yourself getting worried about the pandemic, distract yourself with common activities such as watching a funny video, taking a shower, or checking on your pending work. Maybe it is a pending issue concerning selling a home that you desire to revisit. 

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Distracting yourself can be very effective because it can allow your mind to focus on something good. Thus, you take control of your mind by suppressing it with good and productive thoughts.

Assume that everything is fine

Try to imagine how the situation was before the pandemic broke out. You could probably wake up and do some routine tasks such as exercise and go about your work happily. Try to stick to some daily schedule which you adopted before the disease came. 

Sticking to a previous pattern can be helpful. If you never used to work out, you can now incorporate that routine into your schedule. Waking up without a plan makes you feel lost. Start making a to-do list to include all the tasks such as doing laundry, cleaning the house, watching a movie and so on. 

Keep off news

Watching and reading the news consistently can make you more worried and anxious. You may become more curious and cultivate a habit of wanting to know more. You could even be tempted to get some news alerts about the coronavirus pandemic.

From now on, try to limit the efforts and time you take to watch the news. You can adopt a strategy of watching a movie or a comedy during the news hour. By not getting instant updates, you can reduce the levels of worry and anxiety. 

Remain connected

Social distancing does not necessarily mean social disconnection. Avoid isolating yourself from others. Connect with your family and friends via Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, and other technologies. This may help you to combat loneliness while at the same time minimizing the chances of contracting the disease. 

Some countries have been affected by the pandemic more than others. This may raise some concerns if you have some loved ones living in the most affected areas. Call them or connect with them through other means and find out how they are doing. 

Choose what to focus on

The period of the pandemic is a difficult one because you may feel lonely and isolated. Instead of thinking about the aspect of isolation and the reasons behind it, change your focus. Focusing on the pandemic and the associated isolation may leave you feeling anxious and depressed.

If there is something you have always wanted to do but you haven’t done it due to lack of time, do it now. This could be a course to attain a particular life skill or a project you have wanted to undertake at home. As you focus on yourself and others, your mental health may improve and your self-compassion grows. 

Taking Control of Your Life Again After the Pandemic Set You Back