Marketing your professional services in your local market requires slightly different strategies from marketing other types of local businesses. A local audience may not need your services immediately, but they could need you some time in the future. You need to make sure when that time comes, they will think of you and turn to you. 

This means you have to build brand awareness and make sure that when clients are ready to work with you, they can find you. Here are some tips to help you accomplish this if you are a lawyer, accountant, doctor or any other type of professional service provider. 

Work on your local SEO

You want to show up in the search results when clients look for the services you offer. To make sure they will find you, you need to work on your local SEO so that your website ranks highly when clients search using terms related to what you do. 

Some of these tactics include claiming your Google My Business listing, identifying long tail keywords relevant to your business, adding your business to relevant business directories and featuring your physical address on your website. The more you optimize your website for local search, the more local customers are likely to land on your web pages.

Working on your local SEO may take more time than you feel you can afford and it helps if you can know at a glance how long every task takes. Imagine Time’s time and billing software for accountants allows for efficient and accurate timekeeping. This allows accountants to bill more accurately and get paid more quickly. 

Encourage client reviews

Potential local clients will often rely on recommendations from other people in the local community. The more positive reviews your business has on its website, Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook etc., the more likely it is that local clients will choose to use your business over others with less impressive reviews. 

They will also be easily able to find out what they want to know about your business from Google My Business which provides them with information like your location, store hours, directions and contact information. 

Place location-based ads

It will help to use paid ads for clients to find your business. Geotargeting when using paid ads allows you to target clients based on their geographic region, zip code or city. Geofencing marketing will target clients based on their exact location. They may be in a business near yours or a business related to yours. You can also use ads on local media sites. 

Sponsor local events

By sponsoring local events, you draw attention to your services in a highly visible arena. This can help you stand out from competitors and keep your brand top-of-mind so clients think of you when they need your services.

Sponsoring a local event will also attract attention from the local newspapers. Your business is likely to be mentioned in an article and this can help you to make a name for yourself in the community. 

Provide value on social media

Professional services need to provide value on their social media profiles so they can build up a community and increase brand awareness. You can share content that shows off your expertise and builds interest. 

For example, if you’re a tax accountant, you could share useful tips to help when filling out a tax return. If you’re a dentist, you could offer dental hygiene tips. You should give locals a reason to follow you on social media by sharing local information and events that will appeal to them. 

How to Market Your Professional Services in a Local Market