Not everyone keeps up with car maintenance the way they should. Maintaining a car can be expensive and time-consuming. Just a little extra effort can help you to reduce the costs and keep major expenses at bay. 

Drive with care

Driving with care is probably the best way to extend the life of car parts like your clutch, brakes and tires. Conquer the urge to ride your clutch while waiting at a stop street, and try to brake gently instead of slamming on brakes. Hard braking, fast turns and extreme speeding can cost you more than you would think. All these forms of mistreating your car stress out the engine and all the components, causing excessive wear and tear. 

If you simply can’t help yourself, make sure that you inspect your car frequently and perform services before the recommended date. At PartsGeek, you can search from over 10 million high-quality OEM, aftermarket, refurbished and rebuilt auto parts from trusted manufacturers and suppliers.

Brush up on the basics

Your owner’s manual contains a great deal of pertinent information. You can find out what basic maintenance needs to be done and when. 

Recommended times to change oil and filters may vary from car to car so you will need to find out how often to change them. Oil problems can be costly to fix as oil affects many of the car’s functions. 

The manual should also tell you what your tire pressure should be. Driving with the right tire pressure increases your gas mileage, extends the life of your tires, and can help prevent balancing or alignment issues. 

Use only the best spare parts

You can reduce car maintenance by using only high-quality spare parts. For example, adequate airflow is important to keep everything working well and the cost of a new air filter, even the best quality one, is much less than the costs of engine components that you may need to replace if you don’t replace a dirty air filter.

If you hear a squeaking sound when you hit your brakes, your brake pads could be on their last legs. Buying high-quality brake pads can be expensive but you will need to make sure you have a top-quality part if you don’t want to rear-end an expensive car in front of you. 

Learn how to do small maintenance tasks yourself

Jobs like changing the air filter, bulbs, fuses, oil and windscreen wipers are easy to do yourself. You can also rotate your tires yourself at least twice a year to prevent uneven wear and tear. You can save a great deal by doing these tasks yourself rather than taking your car to a professional. It is easy to learn how to do these small maintenance tasks by watching YouTube tutorials. 

Changing the oil and oil filter regularly is an important factor in determining the overall lifespan of your car. Clean oil is essential to a healthy engine. Without it, the engine and gaskets burn up quickly and dirty oil can cause corrosion and blockages. 

Shop around for service specials

An internet search for special deals, promotions and car service specials in your area may help you to save money. You may be able to save on standard tune-ups, mechanical repairs, and the refitting of shocks, tires and brakes. 

During a standard tune-up, the fuel filter, breather filter, spark plugs, fluids, hoses, plugs and other spare parts are usually inspected and replaced if necessary. Replacing these parts before they become faulty will increase the performance of your car and prevent engine damage. 

Simple Tricks to Minimize your Car Maintenance Costs