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A New Type of User

We have added a new type of relationship for an individual user to create Perma Links under the umbrella of a Registrar. 

As always, every user has their own account where they can log into their dashboard. 

Each of these accounts has a “Personal Links” folder that is private to them. This folder is allocated ten “trial links” that can be made within it. Beyond that, a user either needs to have a personal subscription with or create links within a folder that is affiliated with a Registrar institution. 

Current users are already familiar with two types of affiliation with a Registrar: 

Registrar User = admin overseeing all accounts affiliated with the Registrar. They have the power to create Organizations, set policies, and grant Sponsorships. They can also see all links created within Organization folders and Sponsored Links folders (but not Personal Links folders.)

Organization User = account that is affiliated with an “Organization” created by a Registrar User. Organizations are like collaborative silos under the umbrella of a Registrar. Any account affiliated with any Organization can see all of the associated folders and Perma Links. 

Now, there’s a third: 

Sponsored User = account that has been granted “Sponsorship” to create links directly by a Registrar User. They have a special folder in their dashboard with no link limit that is only visible to themselves and the Registrar User. 

Accounts can be both Sponsored Users and Organization users at the same time. 

The use of Organizations and Organization Users work well when groups using for their work will continue regardless of the users associated with it. Good examples of this are: law journals, a professor who would like to collaborate with her RAs, or academic departments. When an individual is removed from an Organization, all of the links they created there will remain, but the individual does not have access to them. 

The granting of Sponsorships works well when the individuals using are autonomous, and will benefit from access to their Perma Links after their affiliation with your Registrar ends. When a Registrar User removes a Sponsorship from a users account, this means that user will no longer be able to create new Perma Links in their Sponsored Links folder. However, both they and the Registrar User will still have view access to the folder.

Let us know what you think! We’re at  info at, happy to hear feedback or answer questions! 


Academic Libraries on Perma: How to Handle Departing or Graduating Users

A recent question from one of Perma’s librarian-registrars to us was how to handle Perma users who are graduating or departing academic institutions where it’s in use.

In short, we leave it to our academic library partners to decide whether to continue supporting Perma use after graduation. If they want to support personal use of Perma by alumni, and be responsible for customer questions and content-related policies for those folks, that’s fine with us. If they would prefer not to take on that alum support role, then they should put in place policies/practices for rolling graduates out of the orgs and we can take on those folks under our paid subscription model, if they so choose. All users retain access to their Personal Links folder regardless of academic affiliation and all public Perma Links created as part of an org remain visible via their URL.

  1. If you do not wish alumni to remain on your library’s Perma account:

Actions to take:

  • Develop workflow for removing those departing from their orgs
  • Notify departing users of the upcoming changes:
    • User will only have access to Personal Links Folder
    • They will no longer have ability to create more than their 10 starter Personal Links, unless they purchase more via a Perma subscription
    • If they want a record of the links that they made as part of that org, they should generate their own list of those Perma Link URLs – they will continue to be viewable as long as they’re public.

Things to note:

  • It is possible to move links from an organizational folder to a personal folder, but those links would no longer be accessible to the org itself.
  • As long as a Perma Link is public, anyone can continue to view / access its content.
  1. If you want to allow graduates to continue creating Perma Links through your library:

Actions to take:

  • Set policies for this however you’d like: one option is to remove them from the org(s) they were a part of, then add them to a separate org for alumni / them specifically / etc.

Things to note:

  • Links created as part of a registrar organization are the responsibility of that registrar. Policies and best practices for collection of alumni links would still be the responsibility of the registrar library. As these users are no longer an active part of the institution, their use of Perma may extend beyond exclusively academic use. It may be worthwhile to create a separate alumni usage and support policy in light of this.

Fall Semester is Coming- Let’s Get Ready to Perma!

You can feel it in the air – the Fall Semester is right around the corner! Amidst the falling leaves, the backpacks filling with books, and the stress beginning to mount, you may be scheduling trainings for new student journal editors. No matter what your journal’s organizational structure and how many cite checkers you have on staff, the Perma Team is here to help you bring on new users and to remind your existing staff members what Perma can do for you!

Here are our top 5 tips for journals using Perma:

#1 – Any user affiliated with your journal’s organization on Perma can add new users. You can use whatever hierarchy you prefer for managing your staff members.

#2 – Users can be affiliated with more than one organization – if you have staff members who are cite checking for more than one journal, they can choose from the affiliated with’ drop down menu when they are creating their Perma Links.

#3 – The ‘affiliate link with’ drop down menu gives users the option to create Perma Links associated with their journal(s), or themselves. Each user can create 10 personal links per month.

#4 – Demonstrating Perma at a journal training is easy – we recommend using – a neutral subject page that we’ve found renders beautifully for demoing.

 #5 – Feel free to organize your folders however you see fit! Some journals organize by issue and author name, others create folders for each journal staff member. Do whatever works for your editing process!

We also have training documentation available at

If you have any questions, reach out to your institution’s Registrar User using our contact form:

Happy Fall!

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