Celemics signs a supply agreement for BTSeq™ solution with Chinese Sanger sequencing service company


July 13, 2021 – Seoul, Korea – Celemics, Inc. (www.celemics.com), an NGS-based sequencing solution and bioinformatics company, Co-CEO Young-hoon Lee and Hyo-ki Kim announced on July 14th that Celemics has signed an annual supply agreement to provide 4.5 billion KRW ($3.9 million) worth BTSeq™ solution with Tsingke Biological Technology Co., Ltd. (Tsingke), a professional Beijing-based Sanger sequencing and gene synthesis service company.

The agreement scale is equivalent to 87% of Celemics’ annual sales of 5.2 billion KRW ($4.5 million) in 2020, which is the largest single contract that Celemics has signed since expanding to the global market in 2017. Celemics will provide BTSeq™ reagents and analysis software, a proprietary genomics analysis platform, in China to Tsingke.

Celemics’ technology supplied to Tsingke with this agreement is BTSeq™ (Barcode Tagged Sequencing) which utilizes NGS technology and Celemics’ proprietary sample preparation reagents and de novo assembly bioinformatics software. BTSeq™ solution allows for highly accurate DNA sequencing with significantly reduced cost and time. With the conventional method, Sanger sequencing, the sequencing of a few kb to 20 kb-long DNA takes several days to a few weeks and requires multiple sequencing runs and primer syntheses with high cost. BTSeq™ overcomes these challenges and enables accurate sequencing of 20 kg-long or longer DNA within 24 hours. With Celemics proprietary reagents and bioinformatics, the cost for NGS-based sequencing and the time required for analysis is significantly reduced.

Tsingke, Celemics’ Chinese partner for the Chinese genome analysis market, is a professional DNA synthesis and sequencing company established in 2004. Tsingke has 19 subsidiaries in China, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and is a large-scale business proceeding with about 15 million DNA synthesis and sequencing cases annually. Tsingke conducted thorough validation with various samples in its affiliated companies in Nanjing, Tianjin, etc. to check the BTSeq™ performance and purchased large volume of reagent and analysis software for beta operation. After about a year of the rigorous validation period, Tsingke decided to introduce Celemics’ BTSeq™ solution.

“We expect to secure exclusive competitiveness in DNA synthesis and sequencing service with the new Celemics’ sequencing technology, BTSeq™, and will pioneer diverse application markets with Celemics.” – Tsingke CEO Ma Shijin

“Celemics is delighted to enter the Chinese NGS market through scrupulous examinations, which reassure the competitiveness of BTSeq™. Celemics will take this contract as a stepping stone to expand our contribution for researchers and companies in the fast-growing Chinese DNA sequencing market with 1.4 billion population.” – Celemics Co-Founder & CEO Hyoki Kim

Meanwhile, Celemics has been continuously and successfully preparing to expand to the global market. Celemics has recently completed designating distributors in countries such as Spain, Portugal, United Arab Emirate (UAE) and Japan and concluded partnership arrangements with distinguished international companies.

Additional Information

About Celemics: Celemics is a Korea-based biomaterial technology leader that has developed a range of innovative biomaterials and sequencing methods for use in the medical, pharmaceutical, microbiome, synthetic biology, and breeding fields. Since its founding in 2010, the company has developed Massively Separated and Sequence Identified Cloning (MSSIC™), a highly efficient massive cloning technology that serves as a foundation technology for Celemics solutions. The company has also developed Barcode-Tagged Sequencing (BTSeq™), a novel sequencing methodology established as a high-quality alternative to Sanger sequencing, and TrueRepertoire™ aimed to help vaccine developers accelerate antibody excavation. Celemics is currently the only NGS-based Target Capture Kits manufacturer in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.


Celemics Marketing Team
+82 2 6966 0175
Email:  smkim at celemics.com

CRETE Islands Mountain View Village


There is A lot of Projects In North Coast Egypt And Dimensions Real Estate Will Introduce You some Of this Great Projects, CRETE Islands Mountain View Village North Coast CRETE Islands Mountain View gives you an opportunity to enjoy pure luxury with a Greek flavour. It is part of the Mountain View Ras El Hekma project, which is built on an area of ​​450 acres and is therefore considered one of the largest projects on the coast, in all its previous stages; Until we reached the most recent stage, which is the wonderful islands of Crete or Crete Island, located in the picturesque Ras Al-Hikma area. Have you heard of it? It is classified as the most beautiful region in the world.

Crete Island Village was designed like the rest of the company’s projects, which has its own character only.


This is in the designs as well as the services. As for the Crete Islands project, it was designed like the Greek islands, with its calm colors, consistent with its surroundings of picturesque nature.


Crete Village extends over an area of ​​70 acres, and it has a privileged location within the Mountain View Al Sahel project, where it is about 700 m from the beach.

The location of Mountain View Ras El Hekma has been chosen on one of the most beautiful beaches, both in the North Coast and in the world, and also near the exit of the new Fouka Road.


Through Crete Island Village, all types of units are offered, whether standalone villas, townhouses or twin houses, as well as apartments.

Now let’s talk about the distinctive and attractive Crete Island village site:

By getting to know the most important areas in the New North Coast, you will find that the village enjoys a very privileged location, as it is located only 15 km from the exit of the new Fouka Road.


You will find the Mountain View North Coast project, which is one of the most important modern roads that connect Cairo and the coast.


Where the new Fouka Road has 4 exits on the coast, one of which is directly on Ras El Hekma area; This is due to the great importance of this area.

For the Egyptian state, it plans to transform the Ras Al-Hikma area into an international tourist city such as Sharm El-Sheikh, and thus this matter increases the importance of the location of the Crete Islands village.



In addition, the Ras Al-Hekma area has been ranked globally as one of the best and most beautiful beaches in the world, which is filled with beautiful landscapes.


What are the services of Crete Island Mountain View Village?

It contains large green spaces, and 19 swimming pools, distributed throughout the village.

There is also a lagoon area that extends over an area of ​​40 thousand square meters, which will be in use in 2024.

Ladies beach.

In particular, there are snack bars, juice bars on the beach, and cafés.

Mini market.

There is also the Agora commercial area, which includes a range of restaurants and shops.

Two of the 4 star hotels, one of them is located on the beach.

There is a children’s entertainment area.

What are the areas of Crete Island Ras El Hekma units?

Crete Island Mountain View North Coast has all kinds of units and chalets for sale in Mountain View Coast.

You will find townhouses, twin houses, as well as standalone villas.

The chalets are available on the ground floor, the first upper floor, and the second upper floor, and they consist of 2 and 3 bedrooms.

There are also chalets consisting of 2 bedrooms, with areas of 92 m2, and 3 bedrooms, with areas of 125 m2.

The areas of the townhouses start from 145 square meters.

The areas of the twin houses start from 155 square meters.

The spaces of the standalone villas start from 225 square meters, knowing that the villas are located only 50 meters away from the Lagoon area.

Dear reader, what do you expect for the prices of Crete Island Village compared to its features?

Do you think it is expensive?

He supported me. I told you that the prices are very special, and also the payment systems are available, including a system that requires a 10% down payment, and you can installments over 7 years.

Crete Island chalets prices

Crete Island Village Chalets start from 1,833,487 EGP.

The chalets will be delivered fully finished.

Prices for Crete Island villas on the coast

Townhouse prices start from 2.8 million Egyptian pounds.

Especially the prices of the Twin House start from 3.7 million pounds.

The prices of standalone villas start from 10.1 million pounds.

The villas will also be delivered in different styles semi-finished.


Mountain View Hyde Park New Cairo


Mountain View Hyde park New Cairo is one of the largest and largest modern compounds in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, and It’s one of the biggest Projects In Egypt That’s La casa Property Working With, it is a compound that will fulfill all your dreams of living a luxury life for you and your family, as the compound is characterized by calm and comfort and does not have any noise, pollution and slums that give cities unattractive forms and will We talk in detail about the distinctive Hyde Park New Cairo compound in the following lines:



We start with the unique and distinctive compound Hyde park new Cairo, as follows:


It is distinguished by its privileged location in the most important areas of New Cairo, especially on the strategic 90th Street in front of the Amorada Compound Fifth Settlement


As well as near the new regional ring road, it is also close to Cairo-Ain Al-Sukhna Road, and Cairo-Suez Road, and it is only about 7 minutes away from the American University.


Compound Hyde park new cairo is only 7 minutes away from Ain Sokhna, and 20 minutes from Suez.

It is only 15 minutes from the ring road.

It is also about 30 minutes from Cairo International Airport.

As for the distance between Hyde Park and Maadi, about 30 minutes.

It is 35 minutes away from Heliopolis.


Mountain View Hyde Park  fifth settlement provides all basic and recreational services, as well as green spaces and other restaurants, high-end cafes, clubs and other features that we will talk about later.

You may be wondering, dear reader, what are the services and spaces of Hyde Park New Cairo?


It is considered one of the largest residential projects in the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo, with an estimated area of ​​about 1200 acres.

The largest green space in New Cairo has been allocated in favor of Hyde Park New Cairo, which has an area of ​​141 acres

There is also the largest central garden in the Middle East, with an area of ​​600 acres, thus enjoying an attractive and wonderful view for all residents of the compound.


The plot of land on which the Hyde Park project is built was chosen to rise about 350 meters above sea level, and this is a wonderful feature related to the wonderful and mild climate and clean air throughout the year.

The units in Hyde Park were designed with different designs, between classic and modern, and around them all the services you need from health, education and other basic and recreational services


In addition to the availability of an integrated network of transportation, linking the Hyde Park project and the surrounding area.


Hyde Park Compound was designed with the latest high designs while providing privacy and attractive natural green views.

And now we are talking about the areas of the Hyde Park project units:

The latest launched phase of Hyde Park New Cairo is residential apartments, with different styles.

It also provided apartments with areas starting from 135 square meters.

As for The Residences apartments: start from 209 square meters.

You will find villas with spaces start from 250 square meters.

The important question here is what are the services of Hyde Park New Cairo?

Hyde Park New Cairo contains the most luxurious international hotels.

The compound has a business area that contains the headquarters of the largest companies and banks.

There is also a huge mall on an area of ​​71 acres, at one of its entrances, containing more than 1,700 shops.

An integrated sports club equipped with all sports fields has been established on an area of ​​42 acres, which is expected to host local and regional championships.

In Hyde Park, the Fifth Settlement, there is an integrated hospital on an area of ​​30,000 square meters.

Hyde Park is also characterized by its multiple entrances, as well as the provision of security and guard services around the clock, and surveillance cameras.

In addition to advanced elevators for the project buildings, and backup generators.

There is also a gym and spa.

There are also international schools.

You will also find theaters, cinemas and children’s entertainment areas.

What are the prices and payment systems in Hyde Park?

The prices are very special compared to the features in the Hyde Park Compound, and easy payment plans have been provided, and the Hyde Park New Cairo project offers you a variety of integrated residential units with services, between apartments, standalone villas, townhouses and twin houses.


Apartments start at 2,340,000 pounds.

As for the apartments, The Residences, prices start from 3,820,000 pounds.

Villas prices start from 8.1 million pounds.

There are various designs for the units inside and out, as they were made in more than one style, ranging between modern, classic, Moroccan and Spanish to suit all tastes.


Hyde Park Real Estate has completed building about 1,112 units so far, and is working on completing another 576 units.

Hyde Park New Cairo compound payment systems are easy and distinctive, where you can installments up to 10 years.

Pay 10% as a booking advance, and the rest of the unit price in installments for 10 years for apartments and villas.

Delivery within 3 years.

We also note that there are already established units, one year delivery, available with a payment system of 10% in advance, and installments over 6 years.

The founding company of Hyde Park New Cairo is a company

Hyde Park has previous projects, namely

Coast 82 North Coast Village

Park Corner Project.

tawney hyde park 6th of october


About Freddie Pateman, aka, “The Happy Confidence Guru”


1About Freddie Pateman, aka, “The Happy Confidence Guru”, has developed a program for music teachers and music schools to attract and help their students learning experience

Music Educators who join his Music Educators Business Growth Club “The Vault”, are taught accelerated learning techniques, that also help overcome learning blocks.


email info@the-happy-confidence-guru.com


How Music Educators Can Grow Their Business And Attract Students With Accelerated Learning Techniques

“Success, confidence, and happiness are the 3 things everybody desires,” says Freddie Pateman a business coach and psychologist, aka, “The Happy Confidence Guru”

Freddie started over 20 years ago in Harley Street London helping people realize their dreams

He is now available worldwide online.

Freddie Pateman has developed a program for music tutors/teachers and music schools.

The program facilitates accelerated learning techniques, that also help overcome learning blocks.

It was created to provide the opportunity to deliver information and allow coordinated movement more effectively and efficiently. Thus allowing people to quickly master the playing of an instrument He uses very simple techniques mainly from educational kinesiology but also includes NLP (Neuro-Linguistic- Programming).

Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K for short) is a learning-skills program, that is both easy and enjoyable for people of all ages who want to experience intrinsic mastery of their subject.

“Educational” comes from (Latin) educere, which means to draw out, or educe.

“Kinesiology,” is from (Greek) kinesis, the production of motion, which means the study of the anatomy and mechanics that concern our movement. Edu-K is, therefore, a system, that allows music students to draw out their innate potential.

Educational Kinesiology, is the science of the right and left brain hemispheres and how they correspond to the body and movement.


By using very, basic simple movement, that corresponds with the two brain hemispheres, together with an associated goal, it is possible to switch the student’s brain on and get them focused on learning and to help overcome blocks.

Educational Kinesiology focuses on the person’s potential and uses the best teacher available, movement.

Freddie Pateman also uses techniques from NLP, or to give it its full name, Neuro-Linguistic Programming “It sounds complicated but the techniques in both. are very quick, and easy to learn,” Says Freddie

He carries on “Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Edu-K go hand in hand.”

“Edu-K works by going through the body with movement that correlates to the brain, while NLP uses your imagination to process learning. The imagination (the unconscious) is where you want to be, as playing an instrument has to become an unconscious process”. Freddie pointed out.

“A professional musician can’t think of each note he is going to play consciously.”

“In the same way when you walk, you can’t think about moving all the muscles in your legs.”

“This use of NLP is understanding how we program our brains with pictures and self-dialogue together, and how effective they are in achieving the results that you want”.

He goes on to say. “Each day, new challenges arise in our professional and social lives”.

“We should be looking to improve upon our potential and to perform better”.

“This also helps to keep our minds young.”

“Added to this is the great news that when you face new challenges in your environment. your brain turns on genes that were not on before, and it builds new structures”

Music tutors/teachers and music school owners in Freddie Pateman’s Music Educators Business Growth Club “TheVault” get taught the simple techniques outlined online. “Teaching Music Educators to teach is an enjoyable simple process, by bringing them success, it, in turn, breeds confidence and happiness,” says Freddie Pateman, aka, “The Happy Confidence Guru”. It’s certainly a holistic approach where teachers, schools, and pupils all stand to gain.

Are you responsible for pipeline asset integrity? This is for you!



Refineries, petrochemical plants and terminals require a large network of pipes to transport fluids across and within facilities. These pipes usually rest on pipe supports and are sometimes impossible to shut down outside of a turnaround. Often due to the corrosive environment of these operations, pipe supports and their corresponding touchpoints face the threat of external corrosion and erosion with age, compromising the integrity of the piping infrastructure. That’s why such facilities have what is commonly referred to as “Corrosion under pipe support” or CUPS programs to check for and remediate corrosion at these touchpoints. These programs intend to inspect contact points on a routine basis and identify problem areas that may need remediation.


Current Shortfalls

For many years, project managers and NDT inspectors had to rely on cranes and chainfalls to lift pipes and inspect these areas. Cranes are not only expensive, but are also cumbersome to use, have a large operating footprint and are impractical for certain applications. Apart from cranes and chainfalls, several generic pipe jack tools have made their way into the market offering purely mechanical single-point lifting, which has reduced some of the need for cranes and scaffolding.

However, these tools failed to address the rising complexities associated with pipe lifting across different arrangements for e.g. when pipes are over-water or when pipes are stress critical. They also lack the required safety features making them safe for use on on-stream equipment.


Introducing Ovolifts Engineered Touchpoint Access

When we set out to solve the problem of safely lifting on-stream pipes, we realized that although there were tools to solve the simpler pipe lifting work, as the complexity rose, tools and techniques would become inefficient and impractical.


And that’s where we began our journey. The idea was to make a pipe lifting tool that would improve safety, decrease costs and improve productivity by implementing certain safety features, making the system adaptable to accommodate the majority of lifting scenarios. Our pipe lifting system enables inspection and corrosion maintenance on multiple pipe touchpoints whilst the lines are on-stream and averts costly plant shutdowns or extended turnarounds.

Today Ovolifts has facilities in South Africa, Houston TX,  and a strategic footprint across 5 continents. Our unique pipe lifting systems have allowed us to pioneer solutions to unique challenges associated with pipe lifting. But more than anything, we realized the power of our pipe rack jack tools compounds in value when faced with multiple problems. Yes, the traditional methods of lifting still have their uses for simple lifts, however the complexity of lifting increases when pipes must be lifted from ground supports whilst on-stream – AND/OR – the on-stream pipes being lifted from ground supports are also stress critical – AND/OR – the stress-critical on-stream pipes are over the water, to name a few examples. There are many such complexities which make traditional methods unsafe or impractical to use.

Here we present the top six project attributes where the value of our tools compounds when two or more of these apply to a specific project:

Ground Level Lifts – Lifting pipes from ground-level supports of any shape or size.

Stress Critical Lines – Lines for which a flexibility review is required to be completed by a Piping Stress Engineer.

On-Stream Lines – Lifting lines that are on-stream with proven safety features and procedures in place to protect personnel and equipment.

Over Water Lifts – Lifting of lines on supports over open water or other arrangements preventing ground-level access for lifting.

Multiple Line Concurrently – Concurrent lifting of 2 or more lines across multiple supports.

Large Diameter Lines – Lifting large lines up to or even greater than 60in diameter.

A rope access NDT technician taking wall thickness measurements beneath a 16” flair line at the top level of a pipe rack, assisted by Ovolifts Multi-Jacks.

Project Reference Examples

Rope Access On 4″ Glycol Line

  • Uni-Jacks utilized at 2nd and 3rd level of pipe rack using rope access technicians.
  • Eliminated the need for a crane or scaffold at 80 locations.
  • Significant cost savings, improved safety and increased productivity.


Terminal Rack – Delaware, USA

  • 568 pipe touchpoints lifted and repaired in 7 weeks.
  • Installed new wear pads while the terminal was active.
  • Crew of 5 technicians using 12 Multi-Jacks.


14″ Crude Oil Line

  • 183 pipe touchpoints lifted over 6 weeks.
  • 17 major findings (wall loss of >50% net wall thickness).
  • 10 minor findings (wall loss <50% net wall thickness).


High Pressure Tank Farm

  • 1,200 pipe touchpoints serviced within 3 months.
  • Wall thickness readings taken at each touchpoint.
  • Touchpoints and I-beams sandblasted and re-coated.
  • Teflon wear pads installed at all touchpoints.


Rope Access on 16″ Flare

  • Engineered line lifting provides safe access for direct NDE assessment of damage
  • Assessment of touchpoint corrosion damage at 24 locations along 16” flare system​


To learn more about our compounded value proposition, feel free to reach out to Connor Tiegs (+1 (832) 321 4615) or leave a message here and we’ll get back to you.

Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and the new challenges of modern civil engineering


In the first decade of the third millennium, there has been a rapid increase in engineering challenges in the construction of futuristic cities, capable of magnifying the new capabilities of modern architecture and new technological discoveries in the field of civil engineering.

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is undoubtedly the icon of the race to the sky, towards the construction of the most impressive and tallest skyscraper in the world.

Today it represents one of the most famous landmarks in Dubai and attracts thousands of tourists every day. It is in fact possible to visit the Burj Khalifa every day of the week, climbing up to one of the panoramic observation decks located on the 125th and 148th floors of the skyscraper. You can check the Burj Khalifa ticket prices here.

The purely engineering discussion on smart cities and the use of innovative materials and technologies in the field of civil construction has had its primary scene in Asia and the Middle East. Here the best engineers from the best European and world architects challenged each other in the use of pure materials, such as steel and glass, in the construction of buildings that were considered impossible to build until recently.

Dubai has been for over a decade (and in part it still is, even though building development has come to a halt after the 2008 economic crisis) the most important city for civil engineering in the world. Hundreds of new skyscrapers have been built here within a decade, employing thousands of the best engineers.

The Burj Khalifa is the icon of these skyscrapers. Burj in Arabic means tower and its name is due to the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi who greatly contributed to the financing of the work. The Burj Khalifa project was unveiled by Dubai Governor Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in January 2010.

The construction took over 12,000 workers and required over 22 million man hours during the 6 years required to complete. The result was a tower twice the height of the Empire State Building. A true engineering masterpiece that has redefined construction standards and civil engineering rules for large buildings.

Combining the best cutting-edge technology and the typical features of Arab architecture, the building designed a new nerve center for the entire city of Dubai, thanks also to the construction of a huge shopping center within its integrated complex: the Dubai Mall.

The Burj Khalifa is a mixed-use building, directly connected to the metro and major road arteries. The structure has a Y-shaped plan that follows an ascending pattern that reduces the complexity of the tower as the altitude increases. This is the result of complex algorithmic elaborations carried out in the design phase. The project was created starting from mathematical functions and CAD simulations and then tested on a small scale in the wind tunnel, in order to build a structure capable of offering the lowest possible resistance to the wind.

The exterior cladding, which includes aluminum and stainless steel panels, was designed to withstand the extreme temperatures of the Dubai desert during the summer months. This was possible through the use of a special glass capable of maximizing thermal insulation performance.

Other major engineering challenges of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa were the implementation of the fastest elevators in the world, special fire and emergency exit systems.

The Burj Khalifa is also the only building in Dubai to have a complete recycling system for the condensate deriving from the air conditioning system. This amounts to thousands of liters and for this reason it is immediately used to power the Burj Khalifa Lake and the very famous Dubai Fountain.

The tower also uses a lighting system characterized by an all-round surface of computer-controlled LED panels, capable of behaving like a huge television screen, capable of composing moving images. This and other challenges have made Dubai’s Burj Khalifa the incredible building we all know.

NETHER: The Global Payment System


Cryptocurrency Investing - An Introduction

Nether is not only a digital currency, but also a global payment system supported by a financial and commercial infrastructure that incentivizes trading and benefits billions of people.

The development of the project has already been underway for some time, such that the official listing date originally set for 20/01/2024 has been gradually reduced in light of a strong development of the project that will lead to listing by 2021, with interesting and unexpected developments expected.

Behind the Nether project is the Netheru Organization, which is a digital, free and independent organization that anyone can join, respecting the protocols of security and integrity in accordance with the law.

The Netheru Organization has no owners, because it is controlled directly by all Nether users. The same developers who work on improving the software, cannot impose changes to the rules of the Netheru protocol, because all users are free to choose which software to use.

The aim is to break down costs, limitations and barriers, favouring and incentivizing trading thanks to a new generation blockchain technology, which implements the added value of artificial intelligence in its processes.

For this reason, the Netheru incentive system is unique in the world, thanks for example to the use of PoAI (Proof of Artificial Intelligence) that allows the Netheru blockchain to stand apart from the approaches adopted by other blockchain projects.

Nether is the project’s cryptocurrency, situated in the De-Fi industry, but with the aim of building an economic and financial ecosystem that is sustainable over time, and not just for short-term speculation.

The fundraising, unlike other ICOs, began in December 2018, and will end the third quarter of this year. Within the year Nether will be listed on many exchanges.

Already to date, many companies are building their businesses using the layouts on Netheru’s blockchain. For example, in the field of agriculture there is Olisir, a pioneer in agriculture 4.0, while in the field of technology there is the Royal Referral, which offers turnkey server rental for the creation and management of Masternodes. In the real estate sector, there is the Tokenopoli platform, which tokenizes real estate in the world’s most prestigious areas (such as Dubai), and another new platform is being launched for crypto loans on blockchain for individuals and businesses: NO SCORING.

It will also be possible to create new tokens on Netheru to raise funds through a special app.

Also in development are: the first Blockchain Messaging App with the highest levels of Privacy (World Exclusive), Travel App with coin, Giftcard App and a completely Anonymous Wallet.

For this very reason, Netheru unites cryptocurrencies with real commerce also thanks to an innovative feature of the blockchain, which protects consumers and sellers by incentivizing them with cashback on every use allowing for a multi-lateral advantage in mass adoption.

A unique and non-manipulable system to overcome the current excessive power of the economic and financial lobbies.  

Netheru is the first and only company specializing in the development of intelligent software capable of building gigantic communities around products and services.  Until now, creating a large community has only been possible for companies with large amounts of capital, but Netheru also offers start-ups the opportunity to access technologies that allow them to develop a loyal community. In addition, the new “iLeverage” system is available, capable of multiplying your coins by X10 until the day of listing, becoming directly a node of the blockchain.

Netheru Organization is an integral part of the revolution that is about to begin.

About Nethuru

Website: www.netheru.io

Email: info@netheru.io

How to Choose the Best Valve Manufacturer in Houston Texas


Anix USA is a Valve Manufacturer based in Houston, Texas. Check them out for all your valve needs at anixusa.com

There are a great number of reasons why you might need to have a specialist supplier who makes a specific brand of valve on hand for you. It might be because you don’t have a good connection for a local valve wholesaler and thus you need to source valve products from somewhere well-known and reliable. It could be because a local supplier makes out of stock valves from a manufacturer that is not the same as the manufacturer you use locally. Whatever the reason is, finding a valve wholesaler who supplies valves in your area is a necessity.

How to Pick the Best Valve Manufacturers

I have seen many valves over the past few years and chances are one of them is made by one company only. I wonder what they do if all they are producing are valves that are batch made. I found a good manufacturer who was producing all of their valves as per clients’ requirements. Here are a couple of ways you can pick the best manufacturers from the various sources online.

Step one is asking good questions. As someone who has worked with companies in the past, I know that people tend to automatically question the company when they talk to them. When contacting a company regarding their products, either for the first time or someone that has worked with them before, always ask questions such as:

* Who are the top three producers of this brand?

* Who are the top three manufactures of this category?

* When was the last time you were are prototypes done?

* Are they producing on the high end or the low end?

* Different production plants produce with different formulas?

* What is the direction of the company on their development of raw materials and finished goods? Is there a future for this brand?

* Are they able to produce multiple custom solutions?

* This is technical information for the consumer. Do your manufacturers shy away from sharing this information?

You should also ask good follow up questions. You will be surprised at how many companies are interested in saying they have offered their service to you but have little history with the company. So asking the follow up if you would like further information on this particular brand is not recommended. Asking great follow up questions for businesses you do business with could brighten your company’s prospects.

Asking Even Better Questions

Step two is asking great questions. If you do not understand the purpose of your business, why would any prospective client trust you with what they are needing to purchase? If you can’t introduce your company as the best possible and most cost effective solution, most or all of your prospects will not be getting the quality of service and/or product they deserve. The same goes for protecting your mind from all the ramifications that might come with the purchase of their equipment. The same can be said for every business. These two main aspects of your success at regulating your success and empowering yourself are very significant.

Step three is not having a desire or idea of limiting yourself in no way. I have been promoting myself and my business for years now and whenever you work with another, it is very important that you be able to put everything down for them to move ahead with the production. Again though, you are never really limited by their abilities to finish what they are doing. Instead of telling them that you might need a favor, wake up every day and walk into the next very day with a huge desire to grow and learn and make yourself successful like never before.

Ease of Communication

When you do find a manufacturer who can supply the products you need sooner than the local valve wholesaler, it will probably be because this supplier you found online, has been chosen as one of the best valve wholesaler by the people in your local area. This is because this supplier has access to lots of valve products that you need at the best prices in the US for the best prices in your region. These companies will have everything that you need to ensure that you are able to ensure that the quality in your valve is of the highest possible quality. They might even have specialized products that you might not have seen in other manufacturers. This means that you will be able to leverage on specialist products that is specially engineered to ensure that your product meets the best standards, ensuring that you produce better valves, have their best tradition and attendance, causing fewer returns and fewer complications and quality issues.

Adapting to the Different Products

Another issue you will notice is that you also will be able to adapt to the different shapes of products, especially when there are a variety of products that you are making. It will be easier for you when you have a manufacturer with many years experience using the different shapes of products. This allows you to deal with your customers in a package develop that they will be more receptive to, using less of the resources and time to design sufficient to deal with natural shapes or to deal with improper angles in the products, thus it will lower the costs of the products you use.

It also means that you are able to replace products when necessary, making them are all-new products and to prevent de-repair and replacement of parts as it is most important to have your new products a stock from a manufacturer who prides themselves on their products being more up and coming, thus this will save you extra costs and time to redesign some components.

How to Promote Your Minecraft Server in the USA


Choosing the Right Name

The first step is to decide on a name for your server. This is important to keep your website organized and to create a sense of branding. Do you need a registered trademark? Do you want to to give yourself a name that is unusual, or is one that is easy to remember? Finding a name that is fast to spell, easy to spell, and is relevant to your server can be difficult. Try and get a server that contains all of those ratings, even if you have to purchase them.

After you have chosen a name, you have to find a way to get that name out there. You need to start with the speed at which your server will appear. Is your server a start page, such as metaSERP, or is it faster yet, such as myself? If you stay with the smaller ones, you can have many people visit your server rather than scrolling through pages on the busy sites. By all means submit your server address to local listings.

Get Your Server Out There

If you have a name like myself, and do have all of the outside information provided about yours, you will have an easier time bringing people to your server. Network as quickly and directly as possible. Send a note out to e-mail addresses of people that you have a large target market and are interested in your server. This works out well because potential clients click on the link directly to the server, and are already on the server before even seeing your website. The advantage is that you do not have to spend a lot of time getting in front of those clientele.

Finally, you can get your server out there. This is usually done by third-party providers on a personal domain, creating pages on a dedicated domain, and creating money. You will be creating this page (it’s called a landing page) at a specific URL. This means that the focus is on what you have to say, rather than on the server itself. Landing pages are a great way to advertise. If there’s something to offer for free, show it off. Tell people that their name and e-mail address is a “pre- simplification”. Exulnerabilities or problems on your server lie within your business. Find more information about your server, and build a landing page around it, and share your business with them by email for a future release.

Make sure to add your server to minebrowse.com as well!

6 Tips for Using Minecraft Server List to Advertise


With so many different minecraft server lists and advertising options out there, you might wonder which one you should choose. You have come to the right place, as I’ll guide you through all the tips and tricks on how to best advertise your server and make your server stand out from the rest.

1. Use a Managed Advertising Service Like Minebrowse

Minebrowse is a minecraft server list that offers many comprehensive advertising packages and plans for Minecraft servers. Whether you are starting a brand new server or already have an established one, using them is highly recommended. One thing I noticed is that servers who have grown to be successful tend to have used a service like Minebrowse. From my research, they are the most affordable and also the most effective for the price.

2. Identify your target audience, then consult sites, forums, and others to identify where they are.

Advertising your Minecraft server is never complete without first identifying where your audience is. When promoting Minecraft servers, there are many sites you can look up to learn more about the demographics of your audience. Look up in which terms their interests are and make sure that you have a desired service or product. Remember that there is no one method to look for all websites.

3. Find out what the community sees as a need.

A lot of servers tend to make their Minecraft server pay-to-win with expensive VIP ranks. Instead, the focus here is to find a problem and see whether your Minecraft server can solve the problem. The goal here is to find a need (rather then sell one) and get potential players to visit your server. Making the server as unique as possible is recommended.

Also find forums for your target audience and hook up with people who are interested on what you have to promote. There are forums out there for just about everything, but you need to research sites that can help you. There are also surveys on the other website’s pages. Type in your search term and you will get results to sites related for for your topic.

Do not spam your server. If you definitely will not be banned by the community you are trying to advertise Minecraft servers to then do not spam. A lot of people get tricked by this and lose credibility within the community.

4. Show that you hold the necessary certifications

Probably the best way to gain minecraft server traffic is to purchase them, in the form of certifications. Tecyn provides great certifications if you are seeking to gain credibility within a community. When server staffs and owners hold a Certified Minecraft Server Developer certification, the likelihood of earning respect from your players are increased. To appear professional, take a few seconds to design your best website. Make it easy to use, wallet friendly, yet attract attention. The main feature you want to look at is the design and layout of the site. There should be a professional appearance, with nicely chosen graphics to go along with it. Get your staffs or people who know what they are doing to designers to see your product and write about how to use it efficiently. This is one of the easier ways to make your minecraft server more popular.

5. Find out how to make it sustainable

The more people the better your chances of getting traffic. A lot of people are willing to pay money for pages and advertisements. Make sure your server has passive income generators that will increase your site’s presence in the marketplace. A server that is big enough to be attractive for the players is better than a server that’s small, but outdated.

What ever method you go with make sure you advertise and submit your server to the main sites like Minebrowse. These sites send out traffic every day and it is free unless they charge for some service. It would also drive traffic to you to increase your rankings and position on search engines.

6. Don’t be too complicated.

By trying to make your minecraft server too complicated you tight week are also trying to make the overall experience more confusing. Telling other users why the ball has touched the bat, entering the mine, getting down with the shovels. Do not be overly complicate and complex.

Try to keep the user experience simple but interesting at the same time. Many Minecraft servers make it too difficult to find treasure and not enough ways to make money from the game. Who wants to do a quest for an ancient treasure?

The sites that sell minecraft servers are usually the ones that are the most successful. The type of sites that get searchers to connect are the ones that run successful business. They have revenue streams that keep them in business.

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