Call for Postdoctoral Fellow Applications

We are now accepting applications! Materials are due by 9:00 am on February 28, 2023. See the call for applications for additional details and requirements.

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Private Law – Description

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Private Law – Call for Applications


Call for Student Fellow Applications

The Project on the Foundations of Private Law is no longer accepting applications for student fellowships for 2021-2022. Check back in the summer of 2022 for information about student fellowships for 2022-2023.


Private Law Courses, 2022-2023

Harvard Law School offers many courses that deal with private law subjects, at least in part. A list of courses offered in 2022-2023 is available here. This list is not necessarily exhaustive.


Private Law Prizes

  • Julia Keller, J.D. ’22, for  “Eavesdropping: The Forgotten Public Nuisance”
  • Shani Shisha, S.J.D., for “The Copyright Wasteland”
  • Benjamin Sobel, J.D. ’21, for “HiQ v. LinkedIN, Clearview AI, and a New Common Law of Web Scraping”
  • Joao Marinotti, J.D. ’20, for “Tangibility as Technology: Tech-Neutrality in Property Law”
  • Jiaxiong Daryl Xu, LL.M. ’19 for “Negotiating Damages: Rationalizing the Compensatory View”
  • Richard Liu, LL.M. ’18 for “Agreements to Negotiate in Good Faith in the US and England: Polar Opposites or Much the Same?”
  • Lauren Brazier, LLM ’17 for “Contemporary Developments in the Law of Tracing: Towards a New Theory of Equitable Tracing”
  • Zhong Tan, LLM ’17 for “Disruptive Doctrinalism: Relational Contract Theory and the Province of Private Law”
  • Ahson Azmat JD ’17 for “Torts are Wrongs: But are Torts Wrongs? Two Problems for Civil Recourse Theory
  • Ben Hai LLM ’16 for “Restitutionary Mitigation in Unjust Enrichment”
  • Malcom M. Lavoie LLM ’15 for “Why Restrain Alienation of Indigenous Lands? Historical, Comparative, and Theoretical Insights from Common Law Countries”
  • Kevin M. Neylan, Jr. JD ’15 for “Bundled Systems and Better Law: Against the Leflar Method of Resolving Conflicts of Law”
  • David Feder, JD ’14 for “Toward a Functional Rule of Beneficiary Standing”
  • Michael Harbour, JD ’13 for “The Relationship Between Rights and Remedies in Private Law: A Defense of Rights Essentialism”
  • Ee Kuan Tan, LLM ’13 for “Rediscovering Subjective Devaluation”