Can Countess Luann Put the Pieces Back Together Now that She’s Off Probation?


Luann de Lesseps, the Countess of the Real Housewives of New York franchise, began her run on the show’s 2008 first season with an enviable family life. Her husband, Alexandre de Lesseps, was descended from a long line of French nobility, and their two children were thriving junior members of their jet-setting elite. Luann had long dreamed of a career in television. In fact, she and Alexandre met on the ski slopes of Gstaad, Sweden, after she had moved to Italy to work as a television soccer announcer. It is a credit to Luann’s charisma that at the time she knew nothing about soccer and did not speak Italian. 

Everything was going swimmingly for the newly-minted Bravo star – she was hard at work on her first book, Class with the Countess: How to Live with Elegance and Flair – when, in early 2009, she received an email from Alexandre. He told her that he was having an affair, and had in fact fallen in love with, Ethiopian Princess Kemeria Abajobir Abajifar, and wanted a divorce after 16 years of marriage. In a New York Times profile after the book’s launch, Luann expressed that she had worried that the book, which is partly a guide for how to get and keep a man, would be negatively impacted by the news of the divorce. To the contrary, her predicament elicited enormous sympathy from her audience, boosting both the show’s ratings and the book’s arrival in the world. Class with the Countess painted a picture of a prim and proper woman, and her on-screen persona projected a superiority over the other Housewives. In light of that, it’s especially interesting to see the direction that Luann has taken her life in the decade since the split. 

There was her foray into music, shaped and shifted by Autotune. Her first single was called Money Can’t Buy You Class, and along with a provocative video, certainly began the transition of Luann de Lesseps from nobility to flamboyant commoner to, as would come a few years later, an alcoholic cabaret singer fighting to stay out of jail after assaulting a police officer. There would also be another, extremely short-lived marriage, to tie it all together. 

By the time 2016 began, Luann was dating a new man, a Palm Beach-based businessman named Tom D’Agostino. Tom wasn’t new to the Housewives scene, having previously dated fellow cast member Ramona Singer following her divorce from her husband of 20-plus years, Mario Singer. Things moved extremely fast with the pair, and in February, Tom presented Luann an 8-carat diamond engagement ring. They had known each other all of nine months, following an introduction by another co-star, Dorinda Medley. If you’re thinking this relationship is headed for greatness, buckle up. Things get increasingly bumpy from here. 

First there were comments from Bethenny Frankel, another Housewife with a tough relationship history, who revealed that Tom had been sleeping with cast members for some time. This put distance between Luann and Bethenny, but did not stop the forward momentum of Luann and Tom, who announced that they would be marrying on New Year’s Eve, 2016, in Palm Beach. In August, Bethenny went so far as to share pictures with Luann that showed Tom making out with another woman. According to Bethenny, they were taken the night before a party to celebrate his engagement to Luann. 

With months still to go before the big day, Luann apparently decided to continue throwing caution to the wind, and the wedding remained on. But not on TV, it turned out, much to the chagrin of the producers at Bravo. Instead, she sold the rights to People for $20,000. A source close to RHONY told Page Six, “Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. The wedding is the biggest storyline of the year for the show, and Bravo is furious.” 

Comfortably or not, Bravo got it over it. After all, Housewives watchers and the public at large all had a sense that the Tom-Luann romance may not have been all it was cracked up to be. In May, she shared a seemingly calm depiction of a perfect Hampton’s birthday, complete with getting out on the water in one of the two boats they have docked at Sag Harbor and some doubles tennis. On August 3, amid endless reports of Tom’s cheating and marital squabbling, the pair filed for divorce after just seven months of marriage. 

Fortunately for the drama drivers at Bravo, this was nowhere near the end of Luann’s very bad 2017. Days before Christmas, she returned to Palm Beach for the holidays, where she reportedly became incredibly intoxicated, refused to leave a hotel room which was not hers, and over the course of several hours, fought with police officers until she began issuing death threats and then struck at least one of them. She was charged with disorderly intoxication, battery of an officer, resisting arrest, and threatening a public servant, charges that could have landed her in prison for years. She checked herself into rehab and spent much of the year having her law firm negotiating a plea agreement with Florida prosecutors. 

Once that was in place, she nearly found herself back behind bars when she reported to her probation officer that she had consumed two mimosas after a performance of her touring cabaret show. Somehow, she talked the judge into giving her another chance, and in May, walked out of the courtroom after briefly being handcuffed. Finally, in August, her probation in Florida ended, and it appears that Luann has happily let go of sobriety now that there’s no risk of jail for enjoying a few drinks. 

She closed out the recent BravoCon event (starting an hour late, naturally) to rave reviews, and told People magazine that she’s “drinking responsibly again.” Other reports suggest the “responsible” part may be pretty flexible, but at least so far, Luann hasn’t made any headlines with her out of control antics. 

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What to Look for When Hiring a Voice Actor


You know you need just the right voice for your next project, but you’re not sure how to go about getting it. With literally millions of search results flooding onto your screen, the search for a quality voice actor can be daunting. You can narrow the list down rather quickly if you keep these top tips in mind.

Basic Criteria

Before you even start your search, make sure you have solid criteria for our ideal voice over talent. Your ideal candidate needs to be:

  • Available when you need them
  • Open and willing to respond to your questions and inquiries
  • Eager to make your job easier
  • Aligned with your goal of creating an amazing project resulting from an equally amazing collaboration

Include any additional criteria you may be seeking, such as male or female, age range and experience with the type of project you have. Searching with keywords or phrases that pinpoint what you’re looking for can narrow down your search significantly.

Quality Demos

Demos are typically edited to perfection, so they’re not the end-all for choosing your ideal voice over actor. But they can certainly be helpful for getting an overall feel for what the talent sounds like. Experienced pros will have a portfolio of recordings on their site that includes demos and samples of other projects. They’ll give you a general idea of a voice actor’s range and capabilities.

Solid Experience

Experience is the greatest teacher for honing talent, skills and professionalism. Highly experienced voice over actors are more apt to deliver a higher-quality final product than less experienced talent. A background and training in acting is another plus, as is a lineup of notable clients. You can typically find all this information in the actor’s bio and on other areas of their website.

Custom Audition Option

If the talent you’re considering won’t even consider a custom audition, it may be a sign to look elsewhere. Most professional voice over actors are glad to provide custom auditions to give you a sample of what they can do for your script.

Agreement with Project Details

Your final discussion before hiring needs to focus on the project details. This is the time for client and talent to get their questions answered. The voice actor may ask questions about where and how the recording will be used, along with the script length, duration of use and the deadline. Answers to these questions typically play a role in the rate.

Once all your requirements are met to your satisfaction, you should be well on your way to collaborating with just the right voice that delivers exactly what you need.

Voice Actor Debbie Grattan has leveraged her acting skill into a successful career in voice over for over two decades. She has a degree in Drama from UC Irvine, and has won awards for her stage performances. 

Can Voiceover Survive Beyond the 2020’s?


Like many industries, voice over, an offshoot of acting and broadcasting, has seen great disruption in the past decade. Fueled by the twin engines of a voracious demand for content and lower technological barriers of entry, actors, broadcasters, and second or third career seekers have set up studios in their houses and began recording virtually to meet this demand. It has been almost a decade since the world first met Siri, and yet as artificial intelligence (AI) applications move firmly into the world of voice recognition and reproduction, alarm bells have been sounding in this sector of the entertainment world. Will AI replace the tens of thousands of actors who make or supplement their livings with voice work? Can voiceover survive the 2020’s?

A Brief History of Voice Over to its Current Swelled State

The first recorded voice was captured over 150 years ago, and subsequent use of voice over in film, then video footage gained widespread use in the mid-twentieth century. Other than in documentaries, some Disney films, and very limited use in TV, (i.e. The Twilight Zone, The Waltons, The Wonder Years) voice over for the most part, fell out of favor in the sixties, seventies, and eighties. Its biggest arenas were in commercials, the growing corporate business video world, and in animation.

The ‘90’s ushered in new major long form narration genres of eLearning and audiobooks and character-driven gaming voice work. Another major influence in voiceover narration that decade was reality TV. Often a series narrator was necessary to make sense of the bits and pieces of clips and interviews woven together. This led to narration in scripted television series like Desperate Housewives and Arrested Development, as well as Gossip Girl and Jane the Virgin where the omniscient narrator turns out to be a character in the show itself.

Add to those developments, the massive spread and amplification of the internet, You Tube and the voracious demand for video on the internet and suddenly demand for voiceover swelled, seemed to be needed everywhere. Enter AI.

Siri, Alexa and the Development of Voice Technologies in AI

Artificial intelligence, a concept first referenced in myth, named in Dartmouth College in ’56 and developed in the 21st century, AI voice technologies became widespread with Apple’s introduction of Siri in 2011. Developed in conjunction with SRI International Artificial Intelligence Center and recorded by Nuance Technologies, Apple’s virtual personal assistant, Siri uses advanced machine learning technology. Other voice services like Alexa and Google Home do as well. As the algorithms, data and opportunity for machine learning continue to grow, those AI voices are sounding more and more human.

The irony is that voice actors themselves are often the ones creating the templates for AI voice applications. Offer a hungry voice actor a year’s salary for a month to two months of work and many will and have jumped at the chance. Creators of AI voice applications ask actors to repeat various sentences in several different emotional contexts in an attempt to record and capture rich prosody. Prosody is the distinct rhythm, tones, pitch, patterns and variety of speech sounds that we create naturally. Often once recorded, the voice actor loses control of how these recordings may be licensed. In the face of exponential improvements in the quality of artificial intelligence voice programs, where does that leave voice over actors?

The key to their survival may lie in our increasing appetite for authenticity. It may be a chase and catch up, and chase again situation but there will be a difference between the recordings of human voice over artists and actors and those of machines, because the human artists will create new ways to communicate and differentiate themselves from those created by algorithms.

The Key to Survival for Voice Over Actors

As a lifetime voice over actor and performance coach and director, one of those key differentiators that I teach is an actor’s connection with the script and with the listener and how to perfect it. This is something that cannot be fed into a machine. To survive the chase of voice related AI will force actors to up their game. Become better storytellers. Make stronger, more interested and more interesting connections between the writer, the message and the end user.

The commercial voice over world has seen disruption in performance. It began in LA and New York and has become ubiquitous. Gone are the rhythmic sing-song voices that used to sell you bathroom tissue and cars. Today’s voiceover commercial artists speak in simple matter-of-fact tones, lean into the inspirational. If there is rhythm in the read, it’s more likely to be aligned with the kind found in poetry slams, or mashups of bedtime story tone with rap. Podcasts have disrupted eLearning, such that the robotic rhythmic narrator reads of yore don’t cut it and superior eLearning narrators sound like they are having a dialogue with the listener rather than spouting off a lecture.

Certain genres that still rely on rhythms will change too. Like the news, with its dark foreboding tone and staccato delivery. i.e. “A 5 alarm fire broke out downtown at 3 a.m..” News readers will survive machines if they change this rhythm now to something more realistic. Something more unpredictable and unprogrammable. Explainer videos are another rhythmic voiceover genre that may need to change to survive the onslaught of AI. Explainers are those 90 second animations that present a problem then, explain a solution to a problem i.e. “Meet Tom. Tom has a problem. If only Tom could fix ABC, life would be peachy.”

The Value of Voice AI vs The Value of Voice Actors

Voice AI will thrive in markets where connection with the listener, persuasion or behavior change are of lower priority. When audio is seen as a lower priority it is most often a financial decision based on lack of understanding of its importance or use. If, however, content producers understand that because we are predominantly visual creatures and are much less forgiving of poor quality audio (“Poor sound can ruin an otherwise spectacular production.” LA Film School), they may rethink that strategy.

All eLearning, for example, has one of two goals: the transfer of knowledge (generally academic), or the change of behavior (generally corporate). If a content creator does not see the value in the audio component of their program, and narration is an after-thought, they will opt for a less expensive AI narration. However, if that creator understands that a strong emotional connection with content makes for better learning (transfer of knowledge) and conversion (behavior change) the value of human voice actors will be realized. Ensemble scenes and character-driven interactions will be another arena more amenable to the survival of human voice actors.

Another point of consideration moving forward may be our desire for more authentic interactions. Already so many of us are talking into the great void that is the internet and we are constantly searching for ways to be heard among the herd. AI voices will add to the noise. Authenticity, great storytelling and acting may be more necessary in the future than ever to rise above the din.

Kim Handysides is an award-winning voice over actor whose work has been heard over national networks, in the Whitehouse, in iMax, on Netflix and everywhere in between.


Analyzing the safest Family Cars On The Market


Safest Family Cars On The Market


Choosing a car based on style, price and performance is easy. But when your car will be used to carry your family to and from school, sports, activities and more, safety is paramount, and required for complete product analysis. Even if you’re a safe driver, there’s no guarantee that everyone on the road around you is. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the safest family cars that have been top-rated for safety by industry organizations and others. These vehicles offer not only excellent collision detection and avoidance systems but are also built with advanced automotive technology that can better withstand impact. 




Among the best-performing sedans, when it comes to safety testing, is 2019’s Kia Optima, Honda Insight, Toyota Camry, Nissan Maxima, Toyota Avalon and Subaru Legacy. Standard and add-on safety features vary by make and model. Cars with adaptive or LED projector headlights were generally rated higher. Those that performed well in front- and side-impact crash tests were also considered safer. Many of these cars have special latch systems for child safety seats, which is considered a plus. Safety-related technology options can include collision warning systems, rear or surround camera systems, blind spot monitors and pedestrian detection systems. Of particular note:


  • Honda Civic is a long-time fan favorite. In addition to the sedan model, this car is also available as a 2-door coupe. Multiple safety features come standard including automatic emergency braking, lane keep assist, automatic high beams, collision warnings, and road departure mitigation systems.
  • Subaru Outback has an array of safety features that come standard as well as numerous extra safety features that can be added. The standard EyeSight safety package features adaptive cruise control, pre-collision braking, lane keep assist and sway warnings. Add-ons include reverse automatic braking, headlight upgrades, lane change assist and rear-cross traffic alerts. 


Crossovers and SUVs


Crossover and SUVs continue to be popular with drivers, especially families with a lot of gear to lug around. Among those evaluated, 2019’s Subaru Crosstrek, Toyota RAV 4, Hyundai Tucson, Ford Edge and Hyundai Kona were among the best performing vehicles. Drowsiness monitoring for drivers, lane keep assist, collision warning systems, automatic high beams, pedestrian warning systems, rear and surround camera systems, rear cross-traffic alerts, parallel parking assistance and front/rear parking sensors are common safety features of crossovers and SUVs. Like cars, these vehicles are also subject to front and side-collision testing to ensure crashworthiness. Among the best is:


  • Mazda CX-5 has automatic low speed emergency braking and a surround camera system as well as blind spot monitoring that comes standard, along with traffic sign recognition. 
  • Subaru Ascent is a new entry to the field, and features the standard EyeSight package, rearview camera, and reverse automatic braking. It also received high marks on collision tests.


How Family Cars Are Rated for Safety


Organizations like the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) typically evaluate cars and trucks for safety, issuing their ratings on new makes and models every year. Cars are assessed for how well they withstand collisions as well as how well they can avoid crashes. Crash tests usually include several types of front- and side-impact collisions. A vehicle’s roof strength may also be considered, along with the effectiveness of head restraints and passenger restraints. Testing criteria may also include headlights, child safety seat restraint systems, safety cages and crumple zones. 


When it’s time to buy a new car, there are many things to consider. But if you’ll be driving around your family, safety comes first. And there are many safety features that the vehicles mentioned here come with, either as standard packages or add-ons. New safety technology  assists drivers in avoiding collisions with cameras, sensors and effective latch systems that securely hold child safety seats in place during a collision. Most cars, SUVs, and crossovers are fully equipped with numerous structural and tech enhancements. These cars have been designed from the beginning to keep passengers safer. 


Use the list of vehicles discussed here to build your own list of contenders for your next safe family car. While add-on safety features can increase the price of a vehicle and that’s certainly a consideration when making a large purchase like a new car, with effective negotiation, you may be able to secure a lower actual price for your vehicle than what’s on the sticker.

Analysis of safe driving practices during the winter


Safe Driving Tips And Analysis 


Driving can be an easy skill to master but it’s also possible to become complacent as your time behind the wheel increases. These safe driving tips and reminders are a good way to increase the chances that you’ll arrive at your destination safely and without an incident. In this winter season, staying safe on the road is vital to continuing to analyze other products and services outside of driving!


Do a Pre-Drive Safety Inspection


Before you even pull out of the driveway or parking space, do a quick visual inspection of the car. Make sure headlights and tail lights are intact, and there are no visible issues with engine or exhaust parts, including fluid of any kind on the ground. Look at dashboard indicators for warning lights, signs of overheating or low fuel. Check your mirrors, seat position and seat belt, making adjustments as needed. 


Avoid Drunk, Drugged or Buzzed Driving


Don’t mix alcohol, prescription drugs or non-prescription drugs with driving. Even if you’re a little buzzed, you’ve had too much to drink to drive. Drugs and alcohol can affect your perception, reaction time, and judgment. When spending time with friends, choose a designated driver to ensure everyone gets home safely. If you’re not with friends or there’s no designated driver, call a ride-sharing service or a cab. You can always return to pick up your vehicle tomorrow.  


Drive Within the Speed Limit


When you exceed the speed limit, you reduce the possible reaction time you have. It also reduces the time and distance you have to brake safely. This could be deadly if another car pulls in front of you or a child runs into the road. Excessive speed can also cause your car to lose control on the road in poor weather conditions. Reduce the temptation to speed by allowing enough time to reach your destination. 


Avoid Distractions


Most people know to avoid texting while driving. Other driving distractions can include eating while driving, changing radio stations or even having heated conversations with passengers. Anything that pulls your attention away from the road is a safety threat. If traveling with children or other passengers, ensure they have any needed items before starting your journey. 


Look Around


Keep your eyes focused on what’s going on several seconds ahead of you. Pay attention to what’s going on around you and anticipate problems before they arise. This will give you enough time to react to other drivers appropriately. At traffic lights and stop signs, look left and right before proceeding. Don’t always assume the other driver will slow down, stop or give you the right of way. Be sure to check your blind spot when changing lanes and when backing up. 


Don’t Leave the Scene of an Accident


There always exists a chance you’ll be involved in a collision. If this happens, and you’re able to safely do so, check and make sure drivers, passengers and pedestrians are okay. Then, stay with the vehicle and call 911. Exchange details about your car insurance policy with the other driver; avoid discussing the accident or assigning blame. Then call your insurance company to report the accident. Be prepared for the insurance agent to ask you questions about the collision. You may also need to submit a copy of the police officer’s report documenting the incident.


Practice Good Personal Safety Habits


Park under street lights whenever possible. Avoid parking next to large bushes, walls or other structures where someone could hide. Pay attention to your surroundings when walking to your car in the dark. If you’ll be embarking on a journey that takes you far from home, tell someone the route you plan on taking. In case you don’t show up when you should, someone will know where to start looking for you. 


Keep Your Car Well-Maintained


By staying on top of regular maintenance tasks, your car is less likely to break down on the road. Refer to your car’s owners’ manual for a schedule of suggested and required services. These can include tune-ups, inspections, oil changes and tire pressure. Keep the windshield wiper reservoir filled and a spare bottle of it in the car, along with common maintenance and repair tools like jumper cables, a tire iron and a jack. Depending on the winter weather that’s common in your area, consider stocking your car with an extra pair of gloves, a small snow shovel, some bottled water and a blanket in case you get stranded somewhere.


Safe driving tips are simple and easy to follow and can ensure you’re able to reach your destination without a collision or unnecessary delays. Because driving safely doesn’t just keep you safe, it helps keep the other drivers around you, as well as pedestrians crossing the street, safe, too.

Analysis Of When You Need A Lawyer…. And When You Don’t


From marriage contracts and divorces to troubles with an employer or starting a new business, many people find that there are many times in life when they will need a lawyer. But you need to know how to choose the right type of lawyer for whatever your situation may be. Continue reading to learn what you need to know about lawyers.

When it comes to hiring a lawyer, trust is an essential part of the relationship that you want to build. You will want a lawyer that you can feel comfortable with and who seems very capable of handling your case. This may take some time to find, so look carefully!

Try to avoid a lawyer that does not have a specific area of law they specialize in. There are lawyers all over that specialize in different fields of study. Hiring one of them will increase your chances of success since the person you hire will know exactly what they are doing once they step into the courtroom.

When you think about hiring a specialized lawyer, do you worry about the associated increase in fees? Well, what are you willing to pay for a positive outcome? Consider the cost of losing! Also consider that the savings in time of a specialist over a generalist will save you money, lowering the total bill.

Understand that anything you discuss with a lawyer is confidential. In other words, any information related to your personal life or company cannot be disclosed to your competitors.

When looking for a good lawyer, make sure to obtain personal references. Talking to the local community that have experienced issues similar to you. For instance, if you’re a victim of sexual harassment, speak with a women’s group. Ask them about the lawyers they had and what their experiences were like.

Ask every lawyer you interview many questions. The initial consultation should answer all of your questions. They need to take responsibility and be able to make you comfortable with the knowledge and experience they have. If they are unwilling to do that, just walk away because they are wrong for you.

It is always important to get the fee arrangement in writing, before giving up any money. This is helpful, as you can put the monetary details of the case behind you and give the actual case your full attention. Also, you better get your finances in order.

Sometimes, a lawyer is a necessity. As you might expect, two of these cases are when a state prosecutes you for a criminal offense, such as a DUI or driving with a suspended license and when someone sues you. Hire a lawyer quickly so that they can begin to collect evidence and gather information that is helpful to your case.

As you can see, there are many types of lawyers and different types of legal needs that are tended to by each type. It’s not all that hard to choose a lawyer once you know a little about them. Keep the information in this article in mind when you find yourself needing legal help in the future.

Analysis of a new home gym product


Harvard graduates are at work innovating in the home gym industry with a new product called Tonal. Tonal’s head of product Sumner Paine is an alumni of Harvard Business School. The product he has helped bring into market is an exciting one.


Anyone who wants an at-home gym that delivers quick results may find a good fit with Tonal. The product offers a full-body workout with hundreds of moves to perform, helping to tone and sculpt every part of the body. The wide variety of movements allows the user to switch up their routine and have variety with each workout. Up to 200 pounds in digital weight can be lifted without having to head to the gym and fight traffic to boost muscle mass.


Tonal is known as a “smart” gym because it learns from the user’s ability and adapts in real-time, making it possible to achieve results faster and more efficiently. The home gym has been reinvented with Tonal, allowing users to work out with one machine for upper and lower body strength training. The equipment can fit in compact areas of the home, eliminating the need for entire rooms of workout equipment to exercise each area of the body.


The patented digital weight system uses thousands of calculations each second to deliver a smooth weightlifting experience relying on electricity and magnets. It eliminates the need for traditional metal weights. The device is smaller than a flatscreen television, boasting a sharp and edgy appearance thin enough to fit in most spaces.


Users get unprecedented control and can increase their resistance while lifting any amount up to 200 pounds during their workout routine. It’s now easier to perform strength training without racking and unracking metal weights.


One of the most advanced features of Tonal is the touchscreen display it features. The 24-inch display screen comes in high resolution and allows users to browse various programs to customize their workout experience with each session. After selecting the program, users can follow along with motivating coaches that offer a challenge throughout the session.


Tonal is best installed by a professional. After delivering the equipment, the technician will mount Tonal to the wall. Tonal’s white-glove delivery partners will connect Tonal to Wi-Fi while also pairing all Bluetooth-smart accessories. The user’s account will immediately be set up, allowing them to start working out right away. The installation process is quick and easy. Technicians only need a wall with two studs to get it up and running in minutes. It folds up easily onto the wall, which prevents it from taking up any additional space on the floor. 


Tonal requires a connection to a Wi-Fi signal that must be strong enough to stream both audio and video. The equipment supports walls with 16-inch, 19-inch and 24-inch studs made of wood or metal materials. Installers recommend at least seven feet of unobstructed wall space to ensure there’s enough room for movement while exercising. A ceiling height of 7 feet and 10 inches is also suggested for full movement. A power outlet should also be located within 6 feet of the device.


Tonal is built with adjustable arms to support upper and lower body movements when performing exercises like squats to chest presses. Users can customize their workout to meet specific fitness goals and target any areas of the body they want to improve. It’s now possible to get a great full-body burn with just one machine and without having to leave the house.


One-on-one coaching is accessible through the device with hundreds of hours of content available. Users can follow instructions from multi-week programs or one-off sessions, with high-intensity workouts available to challenge even the most advanced athletes. Those who want to work out with a friend can also participate in a partner workout. Tonal automatically adjusts to the weight of each participant while tracking results separately. Whether in need of a boost of energy or looking to get lean, each program delivers specific results.


Users can also utilize a variety of smart accessories to get more use out of Tonal. Dozens of additional movements can be performed with each installed accessory for added variety and engagement, making Tonal even more versatile. 


If you want to sculpt your body and burn fat, try Tonal to transform the body and boost your endurance. The Smart Accessory bundle available through Tonal is designed to help users get the most out of the digital weights. The accessories make it possible to engage the weights wirelessly with just a push of a button with the Smart Handles and Smart Bar. Tonal is useful for saving time when it comes to prepping a workout and equipment and gives users more time to perform reps.


When using the Smart Handles accessory, six-axis gyroscopes are built-in and designed to track every rep performed. Bluetooth technology is also included to activate the digital weight feature and turn it on or off wirelessly for added convenience. Those who obtain the Smart Bar accessory can perform a variety of bar-based exercises with the weight turned on or off. It only takes seconds to install, and set-up is a quick and seamless process. 


The rope is another additional accessory available with a custom T-lock provided by Tonal. Users can get the smoothest workout possible and reach their goals even quicker. It’s also possible to expand the number of movements performed in one’s workout with the custom bench made by the manufacturer. The bench delivers a significant amount of comfort and features a sleek, edgy design. 


Stretching is recommended by Tonal coaches, which reduces the risk of injuries and strained muscles while exercising. With the Tonal roller, users can engage in dynamic stretches and perform active recovery moves to participate in a holistic fitness experience. A workout mat is also included in the accessories bundle for cushioned support and comfort while performing various exercises and movements. The black mat is comfortable to stand on for extended periods of time and pairs well with the Tonal machine.


As a compact and aesthetic cable machine, it offers a variety of smart features that makes it stand out in the industry. It’s considered the iPhone of gym equipment due to the advanced technology and sleek design it offers. It delivers great training content to anyone looking to save time and own fitness equipment that isn’t an eyesore. 

Analysis of a new website maintenance product, and product category


Much like a receptionist or client greeter, your website is the frontman (or woman) for your business. It shows clients and potential clients why they should choose you over the competition. The products used to maintain your website and keep it operational around the clock are changing fast. One example of this is Pantheon Webops. Pantheon is offering an entirely new form of web hosting that can enhance the way your team operates. Pantheon (and soon others) optimizes speed, security, and support, so your team can focus on more important things, like design and user experience.   


What Is Web Ops?


Web operations is a specialized area of IT systems that manages the complex world of web-based applications as well as support systems. Web ops teams need an in-depth understanding of routing, networks, firewalls, disaster recovery, hardware specifications, databases, server technologies… the list goes on and on. Needless to say, they need a wide variety of knowledge and skill sets. That is where Pantheon makes life a whole lot easier. 


As more and more companies gravitate towards the world of web apps, webops teams are required to juggle more complex and efficient ways to host. Pantheon uses a superior set of practices to enhance productivity and simplify management through customized automation so teams can stay on top of their creative process. By giving teams across multiple platforms easy access to a collaborative platform, teams are better equipped to design, try out and go live with changes quickly to keep up with market trends. Agencies also benefit from Pantheon and Webops as you can see here


When We Say Speed…


High-quality content is in demand, and we mean now. Internet users crave one-of-a-kind content that allows them to find the information they need quickly and without confusion. Drupal and WordPress boast the best places to build a professional, interactive website from the domain name on. However, web hosting is not the focus. Pantheon beat out its competitors’ response times by a respectable margin. They clocked in at only .05 for Drupal and .26 on WordPress – impressive, to say the least. 


But that’s not the only way they bested the competition. Web Ops allows new content to be delivered to your target audience in the blink of an eye while working daily to improve workflow through state-of-the-art tools. The platform also gives sites a performance boost by tracking and improving SEO rankings and conversion rates. 


Automate for the Win


Website creation should be an exciting, fun process, but when you hear words like backups and regression tests even the most seasoned IT professional’s eyes may start to droop. With the help of StagingPilot, Pantheon Web Ops can automate hundreds of mind-numbing tasks that would otherwise slow down the updating process. Think about all the hours you’ll save on visual tests using this innovative tool. StagingPilot is an indispensable part of catching mistakes and comparing pages. It even has a built-in tolerance threshold that requests a human eye if a problem occurs. The best part is that all this and more can be achieved with zero configuration.


Security is Key


Once your site is active. the last thing you want to chance is a security breach. Your data and retention will never be in danger with Pantheon’s enterprise-grade security system. How do they do that? Container-based cloud architecture. It’s like having a cluster or private server except it has the ability to separately contain an operating system for the safe running of applications in an isolated area. Another great way Pantheon keeps your virtual Drupal and WordPress space secure is through write protection that guards against updates and patches you didn’t authorize. Additionally, your site undergoes more than a million checks designed to closely monitor activity around the clock. Role-based access is also available for customized owner management. Pantheon servers are kept safe on a Linux OS that only works with the most prestigious and trustworthy vendor software. There is also a security team working constantly to detect any abnormalities or off patterns. 


Collaboration, design, functionality, security and improved productivity are only a few of the reasons to put your faith in the Pantheon Web Ops system. Customers agree that using the Pantheon platform is the only real way to enhance your user and team experience. You could try your luck with other systems or try what is being called the fastest and most reliable platform for Web Ops performance.  Keep an eye on this new product category, we expect to see a lot of innovation here in the coming years. 

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