Have Peace Of Mind With Clean Items When Using A Home UV Sanitizer


Keeping household items as clean as possible can make sure everyone in your home stays as healthy as possible. Being diligent about washing your hands before handling certain things, especially baby items, can go a long way in preventing germs, viruses, and bacteria from entering the body. And when it comes to baby products, you can never be too cautious about keeping them as clean as possible. A great way to help you stay on top of your cleaning of these products is by investing in a UV home sanitizer. When you incorporate UV sanitizing for your home, you can have peace of mind knowing the items you give to your baby and other people in your house are as clean as possible. Here are some points you should know about UV sanitizing for home products.


What Can A UV Home Sanitizer Clean And Sterilize?


Most people don’t think about the germs that are on common products or items they touch daily. Things like cell phones, toothbrushes, keys, coins, and other similar items rarely get cleaned as much as they should. So no matter how much you wash your hands, as soon as you touch these items, you’ll likely have germs on them. The good news is with UV sanitizing for home use, these are the types of items you can easily clean and sanitize. The more you can keep those items clean and sanitized, the fewer germs will be transferred to other items that you could be giving to your kids or other people within your home.


Keep Baby Items Sterilized To Keep Them Healthy


When you have a newborn baby, the most important job you have is to ensure they are as safe as possible. Babies constantly put things in their mouths and when they don’t have any items to put in their mouths, chances are their fingers and hands will end up in there. While you can’t use a UV sanitizer for their body parts, you can for most of the other items they like to put in their mouth. UV sanitizing for home products is very beneficial for things like pacifiers, teethers, toys, bottles, and other similar items. When baby items like those are sterilized, you can feel comfortable and confident giving them to your baby knowing the items will likely end up in their mouth. Fewer germs that enter a baby’s body mean a healthier baby overall, making UV sanitizing for home use worth it.


Features To Look For In A UV Home Sanitizer


In the past, many people have resorted to sanitizing baby items by putting them in boiling water. While this is widely regarded as an effective way to sanitize baby products, using a UV home sanitizer is much more effective and efficient. Look for a UV sanitizer that eliminates 99.99% of germs in the shortest amount of time possible. Some of the best UV sanitizing for home products can take as little as about 11 minutes to eliminate germs. As a busy parent, this is much easier than constantly having to check whether water is boiling to sanitize your baby’s bottles.


Other features to look for in a UV home sanitizer include functions that allow you to sterilize and dry the items together to save time. And if you don’t necessarily need some of the items in the UV sanitizer, then some of them can be stored in the device itself until you need them. The technology in UV sanitizing for home products has evolved significantly over the years to the point where you can save time, money, and energy, and also be as safe as possible.


Germs are difficult to contain no matter how hard you try, but giving your best effort is well worth it when you have children in the home. Investing in UV sanitizing for home use is one of the best decisions you can make when it comes to the safety and health of your family.


What is the Insurance Quote Process?


The best way to find out if you are getting the most competitive rate for car insurance is by shopping around. It is a good idea to check your rates every few years and get quotes from a minimum of three companies every time. 

Should I Use an Agent or Search Online?

If you are interested in multiple quotes, consider working with an agent. Independent agents sell through many different insurance carriers and have experience searching for the best possible rate. Whether you go through an agent or do an online search, getting multiple quotes at once can save you a lot of time. 

A captive agent works for only one insurance company, such as Farmers Insurance, State Farm, or Allstate. If you need an exact quote, or you have special circumstances that are not covered in a standard online questionnaire, a captive agent can get you what you need, and it’s still free!

What is an Insurance Quote?

An insurance quote is an estimate of how much your policy will cost. For car insurance, the amount is calculated on a variety of information such as:

  • Driving Record
  • How Much You Drive
  • Age of Driver
  • Type of Car
  • Where You Live
  • Your Credit History
  • How Much Coverage You Need

Why Do I Need to Submit Personal Information?

Your insurance rate will vary significantly based on these personal details, and you want to take advantage of every opportunity to save money. For instance, a 40-year-old driver with an accident or DUI on their driving record will pay twice as much for coverage than a driver of the same age with a clean record. 

Another example would be where you park your car. If you have it in the garage instead of parked on the street, there is a lower chance of incurring damage and your rate may be lowered. If you own a luxury car or live in an area that has a high crime rate, your insurance quote will typically be higher than average. 

What Information is Required to Get an Insurance Quote?

Before you start your online search or call an agent, it is important to collect all the relevant data you need. This includes:

  • Name, address, birth date, phone number, and occupation
  • Drivers license number for everyone you want on the policy
  • Current car mileage
  • Estimate of yearly mileage
  • VIN (vehicle identification number) and safety features on your car
  • Leasing information (if your car is a lease)
  • Driving history for the past five years
  • A copy of your current insurance coverage, if you have it 

Choosing the Right Coverage

In addition to the coverage required by law, the amount and type will depend on your personal needs. If you travel frequently for work, or live in an area subject to extreme weather, then full coverage can be well worth the investment. At Farmers Insurance, our agents can help you find the right combination of coverage types including liability, collision, and comprehensive. Call us for a free quote today!

Top Myths About Hair Loss


Hair loss affects approximately one-third of the population, which means a significant amount of men struggle with receding hairlines and excess shedding. Because so many people are dealing with hair loss, it also means a lot of people are talking about it. Unfortunately, there are many myths about hair loss that aren’t accurate. Here are some of the top myths that we can blame the internet for before we get to the truth.


The Sun Can Cause Hair Loss


Many men make the mistake of trying to stay out of the sun because they assume UV rays are bad for their hair. Fortunately, excessive sun exposure doesn’t have much of an effect on your hair follicles, which means you don’t have to try and sit in the shade the next time you spend time outdoors. 


Hair Loss Treatments Don’t Work


Infomercials selling hair loss products have given hair loss treatments a bad rap in past years and have prompted many people to believe there’s no hope the moment they begin to experience excess shedding. Fortunately, hair loss products have become more advanced in recent years, making it easier to find solutions to maintain a full head of hair as you get older. Some of the key ingredients to look for include Minoxidil, collagen, and biotin.


Hair thickening shampoo can also reverse the effects of hair thinning and promote hair regrowth for men. The products promote volume and remove build-up present in the hair and on the scalp to ensure the hair can grow back thicker and healthier. Look for products that target DHT and eliminate it to prevent the problem from returning.


Only Older Men Suffer from Hair Loss


It’s a common assumption that only older men in their 70s experience hair loss, but the problem can begin at an early age for some people. Those who have a family history of hair loss can begin to notice their hair thinning or their hairline receding in their 20s or 30s. One-quarter of men even start to bald before the age of 21. The progression of hair loss can be slow at times, which can cause many men to fail to notice it until it becomes more severe.


It’s also a problem for women, especially after they deliver a baby and have a change in hormones. Excessive shedding typically occurs a few months after giving birth and can continue for several months. Although men tend to have hair loss near their hairline, women lose their hair across their entire head and have a lot of thinning that is present. 


Men Who are Bald Have Increased Testosterone Levels


It can be easy to make the mistake of linking bald men to having a lot more testosterone. Some people assume men who have hair loss also have a stronger sex drive. Research shows that the testosterone levels of men who are bald are actually the same as men with full heads of hair, which debunks this claim.


Washing Your Hair Leads to Hair Loss


Too many people go too long in-between washing their hair out of fear that they’ll pull out more strands as they get clean. This is one of the most common myths because hair is prone to coming out in the shower when you rinse it. This is not due to the shampoo but because the hair has already been shed and is sitting loose on your scalp. The hair can go dormant and fail to grow, which is why you’re noticing more strands fall out.


Your Stress is Causing Your Hair to Fall Out


When you’re already stressed, it can be stressful to think your anxiety is causing all of your hair to fall out. Although there is a bit of truth to this myth, normal stress won’t cause you to go bald. Severe stress caused by trauma can typically lead to hair loss, especially if there was a death in your family or experienced a tragedy. Long-term suffering or illness can also trigger you to lose your hair. 


Getting stuck in traffic on your way to work or trying to manage your kids each day won’t make you experience additional hair loss. You can relax and feel at ease knowing it will take a lot more trauma to have a change in your hair growth.


If you happen to go through a challenging time in life, like a chronic illness or job loss, the hair loss is typically only temporary. You can expect it to begin to regrow after a few months.


Hair Loss is Permanent


This leads us to our last myth: hair loss is permanent. You can let out a sigh of relief knowing hair loss is not always permanent, and there are many treatment methods available to restore hair growth. The only time it’s permanent is if it’s a genetic condition. Otherwise, eating disorders, nutrient deficiencies, and hormonal changes can also be resolved to ensure you get your full hair of head back.


With accurate knowledge, it can be easier to understand the cause of your hair loss and the best ways to treat it. You no longer have to skip washing your hair or fail to try different treatment products due to common myths you’ve heard in the past.


Understanding The Philosophies Of WordPress And Drupal For Marketers


Finding the right content management system is an essential part of running a business. If you don’t choose the right one that suits every level of your organization, then you’ll lose some efficiency that can impact your bottom line. Marketers typically want the content management system to be as simple as possible so they can make edits and adjustments without having to get IT experts involved. This brings up the question of “which is better for marketers to learn, WordPress or Drupal?”


Both content management systems have key benefits depending on the professional you ask. Drupal is known for being attractive to technical personnel since it’s not quite as user-friendly to the average person. WordPress has a reputation for being easy to use for people of all skill levels. Marketers typically favor a content management system that is easy to use rather than having to spend time learning technical terminology. We’ve discussed some of the key benefits and features of both WordPress and Drupal to determine which might be more attractive and beneficial for marketers.


Key Features Of WordPress


The mission of WordPress is to make publishing simple for the average person. Business owners have to consider this since the simpler a content management system is, the easier it will be to learn and the more efficient the organization can be as a whole. The problem with this is since it’s so simple to use, other companies use it as well. Creating a website that stands out from the competition is more difficult when you use WordPress, but it is still a valuable platform for boosting workplace efficiency.


Marketers particularly like WordPress as a content management system because content can be published quickly and easily without getting an IT professional involved. Since marketers tend to visualize how they want things to look on a website, it’s usually more ideal if they can work to create and display the content themselves rather than relying on someone else to do it. Plus, the ability to make changes in real-time with WordPress is a major benefit for marketers.


As easy as WordPress is to use and operate, you could be limited in some of the things you can do. Customization can only go so far with WordPress, so there has to be some trade-offs to consider to determine what is best for your organization. Many companies are willing to sacrifice some customization features if it means they have an easy-to-use platform that allows marketers to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.


What Makes Drupal Attractive For Marketers?


While Drupal has a reputation of being highly technical and geared only toward tech-savvy people, it has become a little more user-friendly in recent years. Drupal is all about customization and making your website look exactly how you want it to rather than being limited by certain templates or themes. This is an attractive option for marketers who think outside the box, but it can be frustrating if the marketing professional isn’t tech-savvy to be able to operate the system how they want.


When it comes to the layout of the content on your website, Drupal is the content management system that can help you make it look exactly how you envision it. You can combine content, sort it, and even re-use it across different pages to create the website you want. The main thing you’ll need to consider with Drupal is most of the time your technical team and marketing team will have to be in constant communication so their visions are aligned. Marketers like to be in control of content and how it’s displayed, so it can be a downfall if they have to rely on the technical team to get things done.


Drupal allows companies to make their website look exactly how they want it to, but the trade-off includes longer times to publish and edit content. Drupal allows for more scalability, which is attractive to large organizations focused on business growth. It’s usually an ideal content management system for larger organizations with clearly defined roles from top to bottom but still work together to create a streamlined vision.


Which Is Better For Marketers To Learn, WordPress Or Drupal?


So now that you know some of the main features of each, the question is which is better for marketers to learn, WordPress or Drupal? For some companies, the answer is simple. WordPress is easy to use and doesn’t require much technical knowledge to create a website and publish and edit content. Any errors made are easy to fix, and you can change the layout of the website at any time. Marketers can design the website using the Gutenberg editor, which allows them to see exactly what the website will look like before it goes live. 


With Drupal, there might be a steeper learning curve for marketing professionals, but there are plenty of benefits that come along with it. Many companies start with WordPress and then slowly transition to Drupal as their marketers become more experienced and they need to create a more robust website for business growth. 


Pantheon can help business professionals determine whether the benefits of Drupal outweigh the benefits of WordPress for your company. Just because some of your competitors use Drupal doesn’t mean it’s the right content management system for your organization. The key is knowing what works for your team, and particularly for your marketers. The ability to create high-quality content and manage the website efficiently is important. The answer could be either WordPress or Drupal, depending on the skill level and technical expertise of your marketing professionals. Pantheon can help you weigh the pros and cons of each so you can feel confident in your decision.

Most Unexpected Benefits of Taking an Elderberry Supplement Each Day


Elderberries are a popular type of supplement to take because of the high doses of vitamins and nutrients they offer. They’re a common natural supplement for boosting the immune system to reduce the risk of catching colds or the flu. However, there are still a few unique benefits they offer if you’re looking for additional ways to enhance your health and well-being.


Slows Cellular Aging


If you’re looking for the Fountain of Youth, you can now get it in supplement form. Elderberry contains natural antioxidants that are effective in reducing oxygen-free radicals present in the body. This can allow improved blood flow to the skin, which can cause your complexion to appear younger and improve elasticity.


Elderberry is packed with vitamin A, making it a great natural supplement for improving the quality of your skin. It encourages healthy skin and boosts collagen production to allow it to appear plumper and more vibrant. This can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


You may even notice a difference in your hair as elderberries treat split ends and can help the hair grow thicker and stronger.


Improves Digestion


Those who suffer from constipation can rely on elderberries to have regular bowel movements and even increase their ability to urinate. This makes it an excellent option for those suffering from inflammatory bowel disease and similar types of GI issues. They’re also helpful in reducing bloating and gas.


Reduces Allergies


If pollen and dust trigger sinus pressure or congestion during the spring season, an elderberry supplement can be your best defense without resorting to medication. It’s a natural antihistamine and is packed with quercetin, which makes it effective in reducing symptoms associated with hay fever.


The anti-inflammatory properties elderberry contains also helps it to treat sinus infections when the nasal passages become inflamed. Research has found it to treat bacterial sinusitis, especially when paired with a decongestant and antibiotic.


Repairs Body Tissue


As one of the most medicinal plants in the world, elderberry has been shown to reduce inflammation in studies involving rats. This helps to reduce oxidative tissue damage due to the flavonoids it contains. The anti-inflammatory properties also reduce the risk of infections that can develop.


Prevent Vision Ailments


Because elderberry contains vitamin A and B6, it’s effective in protecting your vision and can reduce the risk of developing certain eye conditions like macular degeneration and glaucoma. You may even notice an improvement in your vision as antioxidant activity improves the health of your eyes.


Improves Heart Health


Some markers of heart and blood vessel health can benefit from elderberries because studies have found the supplement works well for reducing how much fat is present in the blood. This also allows it to work well for reducing cholesterol levels over time. It’s rich in bioactives, which are anti-inflammatory compounds that reduce the damage that can occur to the heart and body. Many harmful byproducts of the body are linked to heart disease, but by taking elderberry, onset cellular damage can be reduced.


Adults between the ages of 50 to 70 can experience lower cholesterol levels when adding elderberries to their diets or taking it in supplement form. They help the blood vessels relax and reduce strain on the heart, especially when paired with a high potassium diet. The inner layers of the blood vessels are protected from stress. Most berries have this same effect, making elderberry even more beneficial when you pair it with strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries.


Lowers Blood Sugar


Elderberry is a natural form of treatment for those who have diabetes because it works well in lowering blood sugar. It helps with glucose transport, glycogenesis, and glucose oxidation without added insulin. Studies with rats have found elderberries to work exceptionally well in controlling blood sugar while boosting glucose uptake.


Reduces the Risk of Cancer


Not only is elderberry a great supplement for those who have diabetes, but there’s also the possibility of it reducing the risk of cancer. It has a high anthocyanin content and has chemopreventive properties. This allows it to have the ability to delay, inhibit, and reverse the formation of different types of cancer. Some people even add it to their diet after they’ve been diagnosed with cancer because of the significant amount of antioxidants it contains. Studies show it’s effective in inhibiting ornithine decarboxylase, which is present when cancer starts to develop in the body.


By discovering the different benefits of elderberry, you can rely on it for many uses and help you manage or treat various health conditions. The supplement is safe to take in moderate amounts, making it a great alternative to some types of prescription or over-the-counter medication. 

Enjoy Products You Love At Prices You Can Afford


Most people can appreciate the opportunity to save money on purchases they need to make. Amazon is one of the most popular places people go shopping for various items nowadays, and you can find some great deals if you have an Amazon promo code. RebateKey is a place where buyers can obtain an Amazon promo code and get rebates on some of the top items throughout the website. So you can shop for the things you were likely going to purchase anyway and get them at a better discount. The discounts and rebates can vary, and we’ve explained how simple the process is for buyers.


Everyone Can Appreciate Getting Money Back From Purchases


When you sign up with RebateKey, you’ll have direct access to rebates from many different manufacturers. Once you purchase a product using your Amazon promo code and follow the prompts, you’ll receive a check in the mail for the purchase price following the 35-day waiting period. The waiting period is simply to allow the seller to verify and fulfill your order and ensure there are no issues with the purchase.


Using RebateKey is really that simple. Saving money upfront on a purchase is great, and it’s even better to get a rebate check in the mail a few weeks later for an additional amount. Imagine the savings you could accumulate over time and what you could do with that money. And if you have any hesitancy with using RebateKey, you can feel confident knowing there has been an abundance of satisfied customers. RebateKey protects sellers as well by making their rebates pre-approved, which puts the burden on the seller to dispute any rebate within the 35-day window. This means the seller can’t delay the rebate for any reason and the buyer can have peace of mind knowing they simply have to be patient to receive their rebate check.


Getting Your Rebate Is Simple


Using RebateKey and your Amazon promo code is simple. Every buyer has to have an account with RebateKey to ensure we know where to send the rebate checks to. Once you enter your complete name, phone number, and accurate mailing address, RebateKey will send you a text message to verify your US residency. And then, when your account is confirmed, all you have to do is shop for products you enjoy and are available on RebateKey at discounts from 10%-100%.


When you find a product you like, simply click the button to purchase it and follow the prompts as you would at Amazon or any other online retailer. The only difference is after you’ve purchased the product, you need to report your Rebate Key, which is usually just the order number for the purchase. Your rebate is pre-approved, but the seller will have 35 days to verify the order and put final approval on the rebate. If there are no issues or concerns after the 35-day window, then your check will be mailed to the address on file.


With such a great program RebateKey has, you might be wondering how often you can take advantage of having an Amazon promo code and getting great discounts on products. One thing to be aware of is most products can only be purchased once using the Amazon promo code and will not be eligible for a rebate at a later time. However, in general, you can claim rebates for up to five items each day and no more than 50 items per month. When you’ve reached your monthly limit, it will reset at the first of the next month.


Shop Confidently And Save Money


Shopping with confidence is easy with RebateKey. There are very few things that are different about shopping with RebateKey compared to companies like Amazon. The biggest difference is the amount of money you’ll save when you use your Amazon promo code and get your rebate check in the mail. Something buyers can appreciate is they aren’t required to leave a review to receive their rebate check. In fact, sellers are prohibited from asking you to leave a review in exchange for the rebate, so you can have peace of mind knowing you only have to follow the steps on RebateKey to take advantage of the benefits.


Having an Amazon promo code readily available at all times can give you confidence when shopping. When you shop on RebateKey, you might be surprised at how much money you can save on any given purchase, and it will make you want to shop there more often to take advantage of more rebates.

The Right Orthodontist Can Make Wearing Braces Much Easier


Parents who have young kids or teenagers who need braces might have flashbacks to when they had to wear them. Those experiences might have been good or bad, but they shouldn’t shape your opinion about braces now for many reasons. The technology used in orthodontics has advanced significantly over the last couple of decades. Chances are the braces parents wore when they were kids aren’t exactly comparable to what’s offered today. Of course, choosing the right orthodontist is critical to having a great experience as well. Your orthodontist should not only make your experience wearing braces as comfortable as possible, but they should also provide you with tips on how to make your daily life with braces easier.


Know How To Brush And Floss


Your orthodontist should provide you with detailed instructions on how to brush and floss your teeth with braces. It’s important to brush and floss after every meal since food particles can get trapped in the braces and lead to more plaque build-up as a result. Keep a toothbrush and floss handy and head to the bathroom after you eat so you can keep your teeth clean and healthy. Scrub the teeth and braces gently and try to remove all the food particles you can from in between the wires. Your orthodontist can demonstrate the proper way to brush so you know you’re doing it correctly.


Flossing is something patients often neglect to do. When you wear braces, the toothbrush you use might not be able to reach some areas due to the wires and metal getting in the way. Your orthodontist should provide you with their recommended floss and show you exactly how you should be flossing. And if the floss you’re using isn’t working or you’re struggling to find the right technique, then your orthodontist might recommend using a water flosser that uses water to get the job done.


Be Aware Of What You’re Eating


You might need to alter your diet slightly when you have braces, depending on your current diet. Braces can break when you chew on certain foods, so it’s important to be aware of what you’re eating. Follow your orthodontist’s recommendations by not eating crunchy foods, chewy foods, hard foods, sticky foods, or foods that require you to bite down with some force. Damaging the braces might be obvious right away, but other times you might not even realize you’ve damaged them. And when you go too long with the braces not being effective, it could add weeks or months to the time you have to wear them.


Protect Your Mouth When Participating In Sports


A common misconception kids have about wearing braces is they can’t do anything fun while wearing them. If you play sports or other activities where your mouth could be vulnerable to an injury, tell your orthodontist and they can set you up with a protective mouthguard. This mouthguard will keep your teeth and braces safe so you can participate in the sports you enjoy. 


It’s important to remember that if you get hit in the mouth with a ball or any other object to visit your orthodontist as soon as possible. Loose wires or metal brackets in your mouth can be dangerous so you don’t want to delay in getting them looked at. But when you do, your orthodontist can have you fixed up and ready to get back to normal activities in no time.


Follow The Recommended Care Plan From Your Orthodontist


The biggest key to a successful experience with wearing braces is to follow the recommended care plan of your orthodontist closely. Most of the negative experiences people have with wearing braces comes when they don’t follow this plan. Wearing braces requires a slight shift in your lifestyle, and it might even mean you have to temporarily sacrifice foods you enjoy. But the results are well worth it in the end when you have perfectly straight teeth.


Developing a good relationship with your orthodontist is important as a parent and for kids. You need to be able to talk to them about any issues you’re having and even ask them if a particular food is safe to eat or if an activity is safe to participate in. The best orthodontists will be more than willing to provide you with this information since they want you to have a happy experience with your braces. Keeping the lines of communication open with your orthodontist is critical, and you should never hesitate to reach out to yours if you have any questions or concerns.

What Is A Snuffle Mat For Dogs?


Dog lovers always want what’s best for their pups. Whether it’s the right type of food, giving them enough opportunities to exercise, the right amount of stimulation, or more, there are plenty of ways you can take care of your dog. When you learn about what is a snuffle mat, it’s something you can strongly consider for your dog for many reasons.


So what is a snuffle mat exactly? A snuffle mat is essentially a sturdy mat with thick fabric strips woven through holes in the mat, making them attached. Pet owners can hide treats in the fabric strips so their dog has to use their senses to find the treats. You can use a snuffle mat as a way to train your dog or simply pull it out when they need some mental stimulation on long trips in the car or when they are bored at home. And when your dog figures out what is a snuffle mat, they will get excited every time they see you pull it out.


Using A Snuffle Mat For Your Dog


When you use the snuffle mat for the first time, consider placing the treats under the fabric strips instead of burying them too deeply. You need to give your dog a chance to easily find the treats so they won’t lose interest in it. And if you don’t want to give your dog treats that often or want to limit the number you give them, you could hide their normal food in the snuffle mat as well. Once your dog figures out what is a snuffle mat and what they get out of it, you can start burying the food or treats a little deeper and make them work harder for it.


What Your Dog Loves Most About A Snuffle Mat


Dogs love using their senses. Lying around watching streaming tv is not for them. Hiding treats in a snuffle mat forces them to use their nose to smell out the treats and navigate their way through the fabric strips to find them. The feeling of the soft fabric on their nose provides another sensation that gives them a good brain exercise. The thrill of the hunt for their treats is something most dogs enjoy and then can feel satisfied once they’ve discovered all the treats.


Your dog also loves it when you participate with them when they are hunting for treats in the snuffle mat. Instead of giving them the snuffle mat and walking away, stay with them and cheer them on as they hunt. This will keep your dog engaged and interested in finding the treats, and they’ll be less likely to get bored and move on to something else.


When you’re trying to figure out what is a snuffle mat used for in ways other than just giving your dog treats, you can also use it to help them with anxiety or for training purposes. If your dog doesn’t like being home alone when you have to go to work, their snuffle mat can provide them with some comfort. The same is true if your dog experiences anxiety in the car on long road trips. In these situations, you can give your dog more food in the snuffle mat than you normally would so they can be occupied for a longer time.


Making The Most Out Of Your Snuffle Mat


As you learn what is a snuffle mat used for, you can make the most of it for your dog. Snuffle mats come in different shapes and sizes, but serve the same purpose. If you have a puppy or a small dog, then you can get a smaller snuffle mat. However, large dogs might need a larger snuffle mat that’s heavier so they won’t flip it over and make the treats spill out. Some dogs get aggressive with their snuffle mats and will pull and tug at the fabric strips to remove them. Just be sure to monitor how your dog uses the snuffle mat so they don’t swallow the strips.


When searching for a snuffle mat, finding one that is machine-washable can make your life easier as a pet owner. Dogs usually get drool all over their snuffle mat, so throwing it in the washing machine after every use is ideal. Doing so will also keep it smelling nice and looking attractive so your dog wants to use it more often. Once you figure out what is a snuffle mat and how it can work for you and your dog, it will be something you use very often.

Point-Of-Care Dispensing Is A Game-Changer For Healthcare Providers


Healthcare providers constantly look for ways to be more innovative to increase customer satisfaction, make their facilities more efficient, boost revenue, and more. One of the best ways to make all of those possibilities is to invest in point-of-care dispensing. This is where healthcare providers can not only prescribe different medications on-site but also provide them to patients immediately before they leave. The customer will be happy that they don’t have to make a separate trip to pick up their prescriptions, and healthcare providers can add another revenue stream to their business. Here are some of the different ways point-of-care dispensing can create a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Who Can Use Point-Of-Care Dispensing?

Some of the most common facilities that use point-of-care dispensing include private practices, onsite employee health centers, urgent care centers, student health centers, and more. Point-of-care dispensing offers unique value to each type of facility. For example, for student health centers, it can ensure healthcare compliance and convenience for students in particular. And for urgent care facilities, point-of-care dispensing gives you the ability to offer pre-packaged medications as part of what you offer regularly. Any healthcare facility looking to increase customer satisfaction and boost revenue can turn to point-of-care dispensing to assist with both aspects.

Benefits Of Point-Of-Care Dispensing

One of the biggest benefits of point-of-care dispensing is the reduction of costs associated with ordering medication. Healthcare providers have some flexibility to either offer medication at a lower cost to their patients, increase profit margins, or a combination. Many facilities create win-win situations by offering medication at lower prices than patients could get elsewhere, while also boosting revenue at the same time.

Patient satisfaction and convenience are also great selling points of point-of-care dispensing. Being able to provide and dispense prescriptions to patients on-site is invaluable, and healthcare providers can put themselves ahead of the competition by doing so. The main goal for healthcare providers is to make the process of getting their prescriptions as painless as possible, and point-of-care dispensing is a great way to accomplish this goal.

Compliance is a common concern with healthcare facilities, but point-of-care dispensing can provide you with peace of mind in this regard. The program healthcare providers select is important to maintain compliance, so working with a reputable company that prioritizes regulatory compliance is critical. Once you have the right partner in place, you won’t have to worry as much about compliance and can focus on providing the best possible service to your patients.


Increase Revenue And Boost Operational Efficiency Today

Many prescriptions go unfilled at pharmacies for various reasons. Patients might forget to pick it up, decide they don’t want to pay for it, or a pharmacy might not be close by and is too inconvenient to drive to one. But when you offer point-of-care dispensing, patients can walk out of your doors with their prescription in hand without having to visit a pharmacy. This boosts the chances of the prescriptions getting filled, and healthcare providers can add another revenue stream to their business model at the same time. 

Healthcare providers always have multiple moving parts at the same time on any given day. With point-of-care dispensing, you can reduce phone calls to pharmacies and focus on providing the best service to your customers. The time savings is sometimes even greater than the revenue stream since you can increase customer satisfaction and improve your practice in different ways as well.

Point-of-care dispensing is revolutionizing the way healthcare providers think about prescriptions. When both providers and patients are happy, it creates a win-win situation for everyone involved in the process.

L-Arginine Powder Can Boost Workout Performance To Reach Fitness Goals


Whether you’re an athlete training to keep your body in great shape or you’re an average person looking to improve your fitness, getting some help with your workouts can help you reach your goals quicker. With L arginine powder, you’ll have exactly what you need to maximize your workouts. The secret of this pre workout powder is the ability to raise nitric oxide production, which boosts your blood flow and gives you more energy and strength when you go to the gym. No matter your fitness goals, it’s worth checking out all of the benefits L arginine powder has to offer.


Boost Workout Performances With L-Arginine Powder


The goal of the Havasu Nutrition L Arginine powder is to increase your workout performances every time you take it. The secret is in the nitric oxide powder that increases blood flow and helps deliver critical nutrients to muscles as you work out. It also assists with removing metabolic waste products to keep your body healthy. When your body receives the additional nutrients from the arginine powder, you could notice an increase in muscle mass after workouts compared to other workouts where you don’t use the arginine powder. Havasu Nutrition strives to help people reach their workout goals, and their extensive research has led to the development of L arginine powder. They believe a combination of proper nutrition and the right supplements can help anyone improve their workouts results.


What You Need To Know About L-Arginine Powder


When you understand the science and the ingredients in Havasu Nutrition’s L Arginine powder, you can feel even more confident that it will work for you. It includes three different types of L arginine amino acids: L-Citrulline malate, L-Arginine-alpha-ketoglutarate, and L-Arginine HCI. This combination not only helps people achieve faster results with their workouts, but can also help boost their energy and focus before and after working out.


Another important ingredient found in Havasu Nutrition’s L Arginine powder is beet root powder. Beet roots are known to contain free radicals, which aids in enhancing torn muscles and cells. This ingredient also offers protection from oxidative stress that could eventually destroy those cells and muscles.


Reach Your Fitness Goals Easier


If you like to set challenging goals for your workouts, then Havasu Nutrition’s L arginine powder is the ultimate pre workout for men routine you should establish. Taking a minimal amount of roughly three grams of pre workout powder, you’ll feel more focused and have more energy throughout your workout. The L arginine powder is loaded with amino acids so you won’t experience a crash in the middle of your workout. Too many people spend a significant amount of time in the gym, but don’t combine their efforts with proper nutrition. The results are usually discouraging because they don’t have enough energy to complete the repetitions they want or the end results after multiple sessions don’t meet their goals. With the L arginine pre workout powder, you’ll be able to reach your fitness goals quicker and easier.


Make The Most Out Of Every Workout


If you’re going to take the time to go to the gym, you owe it to yourself to maximize every minute and repetition that you take. When you take the L arginine pre workout powder, you’ll be able to take bigger pumps in the gym and feel like you exhausted every ounce of energy you had into your workout. But the difference is you’ll still have plenty of energy left over to continue with your day. 


Havasu Nutrition wants you to continue building on your personal best workouts and never settle for anything less than the best. One of the benefits everyone can enjoy with this pre workout powder is the boost in endurance. You may still feel tired depending on how physically fit you are and how intense the workout is, but you’ll also have the endurance to keep going when you would need to slow down or take a break otherwise. The L arginine powder serves as a precursor for nitric oxide so you can take advantage of better muscle conditioning and endurance at the same time.


Finding a pre workout powder you can feel confident in can be difficult today. So many different products saturate the market and make it difficult for the average person to know the differences among them. With the Havasu Nutrition L Arginine powder, you can rest assured you’re putting critical nutrients into your body to keep you healthy while maximizing every repetition in the gym. No one wants to waste time with their workouts, and sometimes all it takes is finding the right pre workout powder. Maximize every repetition and every workout you do by taking a minimal amount of L arginine powder, and you’ll notice an immediate difference in energy levels and workout results.


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