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Much like a receptionist or client greeter, your website is the frontman (or woman) for your business. It shows clients and potential clients why they should choose you over the competition. The products used to maintain your website and keep it operational around the clock are changing fast. One example of this is Pantheon Webops. Pantheon is offering an entirely new form of web hosting that can enhance the way your team operates. Pantheon (and soon others) optimizes speed, security, and support, so your team can focus on more important things, like design and user experience.   


What Is Web Ops?


Web operations is a specialized area of IT systems that manages the complex world of web-based applications as well as support systems. Web ops teams need an in-depth understanding of routing, networks, firewalls, disaster recovery, hardware specifications, databases, server technologies… the list goes on and on. Needless to say, they need a wide variety of knowledge and skill sets. That is where Pantheon makes life a whole lot easier. 


As more and more companies gravitate towards the world of web apps, webops teams are required to juggle more complex and efficient ways to host. Pantheon uses a superior set of practices to enhance productivity and simplify management through customized automation so teams can stay on top of their creative process. By giving teams across multiple platforms easy access to a collaborative platform, teams are better equipped to design, try out and go live with changes quickly to keep up with market trends. Agencies also benefit from Pantheon and Webops as you can see here


When We Say Speed…


High-quality content is in demand, and we mean now. Internet users crave one-of-a-kind content that allows them to find the information they need quickly and without confusion. Drupal and WordPress boast the best places to build a professional, interactive website from the domain name on. However, web hosting is not the focus. Pantheon beat out its competitors’ response times by a respectable margin. They clocked in at only .05 for Drupal and .26 on WordPress – impressive, to say the least. 


But that’s not the only way they bested the competition. Web Ops allows new content to be delivered to your target audience in the blink of an eye while working daily to improve workflow through state-of-the-art tools. The platform also gives sites a performance boost by tracking and improving SEO rankings and conversion rates. 


Automate for the Win


Website creation should be an exciting, fun process, but when you hear words like backups and regression tests even the most seasoned IT professional’s eyes may start to droop. With the help of StagingPilot, Pantheon Web Ops can automate hundreds of mind-numbing tasks that would otherwise slow down the updating process. Think about all the hours you’ll save on visual tests using this innovative tool. StagingPilot is an indispensable part of catching mistakes and comparing pages. It even has a built-in tolerance threshold that requests a human eye if a problem occurs. The best part is that all this and more can be achieved with zero configuration.


Security is Key


Once your site is active. the last thing you want to chance is a security breach. Your data and retention will never be in danger with Pantheon’s enterprise-grade security system. How do they do that? Container-based cloud architecture. It’s like having a cluster or private server except it has the ability to separately contain an operating system for the safe running of applications in an isolated area. Another great way Pantheon keeps your virtual Drupal and WordPress space secure is through write protection that guards against updates and patches you didn’t authorize. Additionally, your site undergoes more than a million checks designed to closely monitor activity around the clock. Role-based access is also available for customized owner management. Pantheon servers are kept safe on a Linux OS that only works with the most prestigious and trustworthy vendor software. There is also a security team working constantly to detect any abnormalities or off patterns. 


Collaboration, design, functionality, security and improved productivity are only a few of the reasons to put your faith in the Pantheon Web Ops system. Customers agree that using the Pantheon platform is the only real way to enhance your user and team experience. You could try your luck with other systems or try what is being called the fastest and most reliable platform for Web Ops performance.  Keep an eye on this new product category, we expect to see a lot of innovation here in the coming years. 

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