Did I Leave My Garage Door Open?

Think about your morning routine. There’s coffee and breakfast to be made, kids to be wrangled out of bed, and showers all around. Everyone has to eat and end up in appropriate clothes for the day, and perhaps you or your spouse have hair and makeup to take care of. By the time everyone scuttles out the door, the kids to school and the parents to work, nerves are a little frayed. You could be forgiven for getting to the office and wondering: Did I remember to close my garage door this morning?

A lot of problems in life don’t have easy answers, but for this one, LiftMaster has a full suite of answers to ease your mind and protect your property.

You may already have smart appliances or systems in your home, so you can adjust the thermostat before you leave the office or see who’s ringing your doorbell even when you’re not home. With the LiftMaster Elite Series of garage door openers, you can make the biggest entrance to your home smart, too. Elite Series garage door openers have the reliability and quiet operation you trust from LiftMaster, plus built-in Wi-Fi so you can integrate the garage into your smart home system.

When you connect your Elite Series garage door opener to the MyQ app on your Apple or Android smartphone, you can easily tell at a glance whether everything is safe at home, and if it isn’t, you can close your garage door remotely. No more running back to the house to check and see.

The Elite Series with the MyQ app is a game changer for days when you just have too much on your mind. It also gives you the power to deal with situations at home when you’re not at home. Let’s say it’s mid-morning Monday and you’re at work when your neighbor calls to ask when is a good time to return the hedge trimmers they borrowed over the weekend. Right now is great, you can say, because you can give them access to the garage while you’re talking to them, and then close it up again when the item is back home.

You can also use the MyQ app to send reminders if you’ve left the garage door open for a given period of time, or to set timers to close it automatically if it’s open. Ever sat up in bed not sure whether the garage door was closed? With MyQ, just tell the app to close the door at your family’s bedtime every night. Peace of mind has never been simpler.

Smart home technology is changing the way we live while making us safer, more energy efficient, and more secure. If you’re ready to add your garage to the smart home revolution, LiftMaster has intelligent options that respect your budget and your time.

Vince Scarlato is Co-Owner of Cincinnati Door & Window, based in Cincinnati, Ohio.  His Company sells and installs garage doors & openers, Windows & Doors and other home building products.

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