How to Determine if a 40/30/30 or Keto Diet Plan is Better for You

The ketogenic diet and Macros 40/30/30 are two of the most popular diets that have been circulating in recent years, promoted for their ability to shed excess weight and to quickly burn fat. They can also help control your hunger, limiting your desire to snack throughout the day, and both diets can help you slim down and meet your weight loss goals faster than other weight loss methods. 


When you’re ready to start shedding excess weight and inches, the diet you choose will determine how much weight you can lose in a specific amount of time. It’s important to know which diet will be most effective for your body type and your lifestyle before beginning any type of diet program.


How the Keto Diet Plan Works


The keto plan is unique as it allows you to lose weight while still consuming fat with recipes tailored towards your tastebuds. You can eat healthily, lose weight and burn fat while still enjoying foods including bacon, eggs and even cheese.


The keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that has been proven to reduce the risk of diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. Reducing carbs in one’s diet puts the body into ketosis, which helps burns more fat for energy. This fat is turned into ketones, which are used by the liver for extra energy that is delivered to the brain. As this occurs, blood sugar and insulin levels begin to drop.


The keto diet is an ideal solution for anyone who is pre-diabetic or has been diagnosed with diabetes. Studies have even shown it to be effective in helping many adults reduce their use of diabetic medication.


How the 40/30/30 Plan Works


The 40/30/30 Plan, also known as The Zone Diet, requires you to have 40% of your calories come from carbs, 30% from fat and 30% from protein. This combination can reduce one’s risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Saturated fats should be avoided and instead, individuals should opt for natural fats like olive oil, avocado and fish to achieve their goals. This diet can help you lose weight by supporting the balance between the metabolic hormones, insulin and glucagon, which store body fat.


Best Keto Snacks


There are a variety of keto snacks you can incorporate into your diet if you’ve decided to try this plan. When dieting, it’s important to remember to avoid common snacks that include grains, sugar and peanuts as these are carb-heavy. 


Some of the best keto snacks include string cheese, hardboiled eggs, tuna, and carrots with cauliflower hummus or guacamole. If you plan to prepare your snacks in advance for the week ahead, you can opt for more decadent options that include Caesar salad bites, mini frittatas, Caprese salad skewers and veggie sticks with nut butter.


A variety of keto packaged products are available that mimic non-keto treats. Many of these options have a long shelf life so you can stock up to avoid having to spend extra time in the kitchen preparing snacks. You can enjoy options like keto protein bars, keto granola, dark chocolate almond butter cups, beef jerky, mini cookies and cheddar cheese crisps to help keep your body in ketosis.


Best 40/30/30 Plan Snacks


Those on the 40/30/30 plan need to incorporate a small number of carbs, fats and protein in their diets. Because of that, they also more options when it comes to the snacks they can enjoy throughout the day.


Macros snacks may consist of bell pepper chips, protein cookies, yogurt popsicles, protein shakes, chocolate-covered strawberries, dry roasted edamame, mozzarella or Colby cheese sticks, brown rice cakes, deviled eggs, bread and butter pickles, cottage cheese and coconut chips.


Although you may not be able to snack on potato chips, there are healthier alternatives that still fit within your diet. You can munch on kale chips, plantain chips and tasty roasted seaweed snacks, which can curb your desire for something salty. Those who are looking for a more filling option can opt for heartier snacks such as sweet potato waffles and protein peanut butter cups. On colder days during the fall or winter season, bone broth can be filling and is packed with nutrients.


Understanding the pros and cons of each diet plan and what they require allows you to select the right option for your health needs as well as your weight loss goals. You still have delicious options available even if you have some restrictions on what you can eat, and with a bit of searching, you can find delicious and unique recipes to ensure you stay motivated to stick to your diet. Both the keto and 40/30/30 diet allow you to enjoy healthier versions of your favorite dishes, from pizza and chips to lasagna so you never have to worry about giving up your favorite foods.

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