A Perspective on Product & Marketing in 2020

Product marketing has drastically evolved, as have consumers behaviors and demands.  If you look specifically closer at what’s happening in the past 24-months, you’ll notice a drastic shift in things consumers are interested in (pre and post pandemic times).

Consumers demand the following:

  • High quality and engaging content
  • Amazing experiences
  • Painless involvement in the process

And furthermore, we’re seeing even larger investments in categories that do this well.  For instance, The Chernin Group or TCG invested in Headspace, an app that generates amazingly high quality content, packaged in an easy to use app, that allows consumers to go from desire to mediate, to mediating in under-a-minute.

It’s also apparently obvious with the closures of retail stores such as Sears or JCPenney, consumers will find key household goods online.  One example of this, is the wave of higher quality direct to consumer products such as Made In Cookware, a top reviewed cookware brand, that manufactures and ships direct to consumers.  And brands like Made In, are now communicating directly with their customers on social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram — strengthening connections with customers that traditionally were not happening with the previous retail experience. 

The market has become flooded with these direct-to-consumer brands, and they are no strangers to marketing to prospective customers.  There are key adjustments to marketing that is happening with these types of companies.

Examples of expanded marketing investments in 2020:

  • Direct mail
  • Partnerships

For instance, brands like Zola, a top wedding registry provider, partner with top products and direct to consumer brands to make it easier and more convenient to purchase these products that might not directly be able to.   

While we see these simple shifts happening all around us, we can only start to wonder what 2025 marketing and product innovations will change.  It is our guess that we’ll see a big trend towards at-home, intimate 1:1 experiences curated by companies.  This could be a new wave — but, it isn’t up to me, it’s up to you and the buying power you have that ultimately shapes the product and marketing future.

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