Political Voiceover During an Election Year

Election year is upon us and the campaigns are filling the media. We see the candidate ads before our YouTube videos, in between songs on the radio, and on television during commercial breaks. But who are those voices that we hear telling us who and who not to vote for? They are experienced professional voice talent who are trained in the art of political voiceover. These professionals have mastered the art of performing public facing announcements to educate voters on the running candidates and their views.

Positive political ads paint candidates in a bright light. They highlight their best qualities and give their voters a reason to select them in the poll booth. The voices of these ads are typically warm, reassuring, and professional sounds that offer comfort to voters in their political choices. They may highlight plans a political candidate has to improve the economy, environment, or legal regulations, or they may reflect on the candidate’s background, ethics, education, or personality. A professional voice talent aids in creating a trust with the targeted audience and being in the forefront of voter minds when selecting which candidate they want to govern them.

On the opposite side of the positive ads, some campaigns opt for a negative approach which attack opposing candidates. They typically are derogatory and use a condescending voice tone to point out the flaws of opposing running candidates. These ads make up a large portion of political campaigns because of the fact that negative information sticks in voters minds and reminds them who they don’t want to vote for. This is a very effective approach for elections, and professional voice talent find themselves receiving a large quantity of these types of scripts.

Whether positive or negative, between presidential, congressional, state, and municipal elections, billions of dollars are spent every year on political campaign advertising. As such, this is a huge market for professional voice talent. They are the voices of the candidates we as citizens vote into governing offices. While some voice talent may only voice for Democratic, Republican, or whichever beliefs they stand by, other voice talent may voice either side, even if they disagree with the statements being made. Regardless of their own political views, they bring forth a professionalism and make a statement by giving a voice to the campaigns.

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