The Differences Between Internal Vs. External Corporate Narration

Corporate narration is voice over used for a multitude of purposes.  It can be utilized as an internal or external tool to speak on behalf of the company.

Corporations differ from other businesses in that they are huge enterprises that answer to shareholders. As such, there are great quantities of communications, external and internal, that often use voice over narration either alone or with video to assist in spreading messages quickly and effectively.

External Corporate Narration

External corporate narrations speak on behalf of the company. Corporations spend a great deal of time and money building their brand, complete with visuals – logos, images, colors, and either a brand voice or a voice over that embodies the sound and reflects the image of the corporation. They may be found on the corporate website, on various physical locations, in on-site or out-of-office presentations or at fundraising or charitable events. They may be played at shareholders meetings, annual meetings and at conferences. Great corporate narration both communicates and represents your brand, and it all comes down to the voice actor you choose to showcase in your corporate narration.

Internal Corporate Narration

Internal corporate narrations share content between employees of the corporation. They include training, corporate policy, human resources initiatives, on boarding, accountability, sales, sexual harassment training and corporate culture programs. They can inspire and teach, build loyalty or give a corporate history lesson. They are also used to roll out new plans and projects. Voice over in internal corporate communications may mirror the external facing brand and the tone of the message itself. 

The Importance of Narration Style

Your corporate narration style choice says a lot about your branding, and you can drive that voice to truly engage your audience. A well-vocalized script can bring your listeners down to a serious note, raise the mood of the voice over to playful and fun, and literally produce laughter! There is an emotion for everything that you stand behind, and when you share your vision with a professional voice actor, they should be able to embody your brand and enrich it to its full potential.

When you have a message, that message can only be successful if it is read well. That can come through style of voice, the intent that the vocal tones portray, or just plain good voice acting.  When your brand speaks well, your audience listens well. And that is a recipe for narration that sticks. The production of every corporate narration is not an individual journey, it takes many hard-working, dedicated people to call your company a family. When that dedication is present along with specialty vocals that shed experience and originality on your brand, you have all the makings of a great narration.

Clear, Engaging, and Genuine Voice Over

If you want to share information to strongly represent your corporation, there are hundreds of ways to craft that message, and hundreds more to narrate them. The needs of a corporate narration can be as diverse as all the types of businesses out there. If you are making a corporate video, then you need a versatile voice actor who can adapt to your specific needs and deliver the right voice over performance for your company. Corporate narration voice over needs to be clear, engaging, and genuine. It also needs to effectively reach the target audience, whether it is existing clients, employees, or the general public.

Successful corporate brands care about what they stand for and care about the message they want to send to their listeners.

Another type of corporate video is an internal training video. As the name suggests, this type of video is made for employees and stays within the company. The goal is usually to help members of the staff learn how to use or engage with an aspect of the company. This could be intended for new team members in order to introduce them to company policies and procedures, or for more senior personnel, in order to provide updated information such as how to use a new piece of software that was recently implemented. For these videos, a more neutral voice over can be useful to keep the focus on the educational content. A skilled narration voice actor will be able to strike the right tone to keep the audience informed and attentive.



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