Speed Test for Video Streaming

More people than ever are turning to streaming services to watch their favorite movies and TV shows. However, if you’ve never used a streaming service before, or if you’re thinking about subscribing to a new streaming service, you may be wondering if your Internet is fast enough to support that service. A speed test can be a good way to find out if you’ll be able to effectively watch shows and movies on some of the most popular streaming services currently available including Netflix, Hulu and more! 


With a simple Internet speed test you can get a good idea of how quickly your Internet runs and the average connectivity you receive with your current plan. Once you have that information, you can take a look at the speed requirements for the most popular streaming services to determine whether or not your current Internet speed will be able to support that service so you can start enjoying great entertainment from the comfort of your home screen. 


Speed Recommendations for Top Streaming Services


All that being said, it’s important to know before you subscribe to some of the top streaming services what the speed recommendations are for these services so you can test the speed of your Internet connection. That way you can be sure before you sign up that you’re going to be able to stream your favorite movies and TV shows in the best quality possible without frequent interruptions and pauses that will disrupt your viewing experience. All websites that stream video are trying to boost their site speed so that you have a good experience, but your internet connection makes a difference.


Among the most popular streaming services currently available is Netflix, which offers plans ranging from $8.99 for a single screen to $16.99 for four screens with 4K streaming. Those who want to sign up for Netflix can try it out for free for 30 days, which gives them a great chance to see if their Internet connection speed is up to par and able to keep up with this streaming service. 


However, those who want to be sure they have the basic connectivity to keep up with it should know they will need 0.5Mb/s to view movies in standard definition on a laptop computer, though this low speed will leave movies looking a bit grainy if they’re watching on a larger screen. Netflix recommends individuals view movies with a speed of at least 1.5Mb/s. Meanwhile, for viewing movies and shows on a television screen, 3.0Mb/s is recommended, for high definition movies 4.0Mb/s is recommended, for the best 1080p experience possible 5.0Mb/s is recommended, and for those who will be investing in the streaming service’s 4K option, at least 15Mb/s is recommended and 25Mb/s is preferred. 


Speed recommendations are similar for many other popular streaming services. Hulu recommends individuals have at least 3.0Mb/s connectivity to use their online video library and a least 16Mb/s if they will be viewing the streaming service’s 4K Ultra HD videos. Meanwhile, those who will be watching movies and television through the Amazon Video service should be prepared to have 3.0Mb/s to stream standard definition content and at least 25Mb/s to view the service’s 4K Ultra HD videos.


Choosing the Right Service


After you’ve conducted a speed test for video streaming, your next step will be to choose the streaming service that’s right for you and to choose a plan that will allow you to view movies and TV shows in the best quality possible. If you have a good enough speed, you might be able to view movies and TV shows in high definition on your television without any problems. However, if you have a slower connection, you might want to invest in a cheaper plan such as Netflix’s $8.99 option, which offers streaming through your laptop and allows you to view plenty of movies and TV shows in good quality without any interruptions but ensures you aren’t paying services that you won’t be able to use, such as 4K streaming. 


If you’ve run a speed test for video streaming and you’d like to start shopping for a streaming service and the plan that is right for you and your needs, you can find plenty of information here that can lead you to the right option.


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