GPR for Utility Scanning

A reliable and accurate ground penetrating radar is essential when scanning for utility lines, water lines, and more. In addition to uncompromising reliability and accuracy, a ground penetrating radar should be easy to use and transport, provide quality data, and include advanced capabilities to handle even the most difficult jobs on potentially rough or unstable terrain. UtilityScan provides all of these features and more, and sets a new standard when it comes to price and performance. See how it can help you work more efficiently and increase your confidence in the utility scan data you receive after using UtilityScan.

UtilityScan Sets New Standards In Utility Locating

With a lightweight configuration, integrated wireless technology, patented HyperStacking technology, and LineTrac system, UtilityScan sets new standards when it comes to an underground utility locator. Some of the most common uses of UtilityScan includes:

Locating water lines
Scanning metallic and non-metallic utilities
Locating shallow objects for archaeological purposes
Detecting underground storage tanks and voids
Identifying foundation and soil characteristics

The UtilityScan comes standard with everything you need to perform the above tasks, including:

Two lithium-ion batteries
A dual-bay battery charger
350 MHz antenna frequency
64 GB storage capacity
Maximum depth of 35 ft (10 m)
Two choices of control units with system mounts
A durable 2 m ethernet cable
A sunshade for the Panasonic A2
2-year warranty

Industry experts know how rare it is to find paper records or reliable markouts of where buried utilities are. Not knowing this information can lead to costly mistakes, delays in project completions, and even potentially create safety hazards. With these standard features in UtilityScan, you can feel confident knowing any underground utilities will be discovered so you can do your work more efficiently and safely.

Notable Features Of UtilityScan

One of the features customers notice right away is how lightweight UtilityScan is. It weighs only 34 pounds and can collapse to be compact enough to fit inside of a small vehicle. And if you need to travel with it, you will have no problem fitting it in an overhead compartment on an airplane.

A premium feature offered by UtilityScan is the patented HyperStacking technology that offers incredible near-surface resolution and more depth penetration for a wide range of soil types. You don’t have to worry about tripping on or getting tangled up in cords either since the wireless antenna is strong enough to eliminate the need for cords. Real-time information is critical with an underground utility locator, and that’s exactly what UtilityScan provides.

Another standard feature of UtilityScan is the internal GPS, with the option to incorporate the LineTrac power detection module for detecting AC power and RF-induced utilities. It’s also simple to incorporate a specific GPS you prefer if you want to use it instead of the GPS that’s included.

Data Illustration Examples

Clear and precise data illustrations are essential for a ground penetrating radar. The HyperStacking and LineTrac technology incorporated with UtilityScan can illustrate multiple non-metallic and metallic targets at different depths. Color-coded lines on the chart help to clearly distinguish what is a water line versus other utilities, and at what depth each utility is located at.

Another clear and high-resolution chart shows deep stratigraphic features in potentially resistive soils. The Dynamic Gain Control feature displays various subsurface conditions as well as potentially unknown targets. However, even with the display of unknown targets, the LineTrac green line indicates where live power is present so users know where valid targets are located.

Additional Accessories To Consider

Some of the additional accessories you can purchase with UtilityScan include a convenient travel case, a rugged cart, a battery booster kit, and a sunshade. These are optional and are available for purchase depending on your needs. The Model 656 rugged cart is particularly helpful if you need to use the utility scan tool on rough terrain. The durable travel case is lined with custom foam to protect the UtilityScan system itself, as well as any of its accessories. It’s suitable for protecting the UtilityScan from wet or humid environments and you can have peace of mind traveling with it or shipping it to different locations.

The state-of-the-art UtilityScan system has changed the industry regarding performance and price. The integrated features, durability, and overall quality are impressive when you consider the competitive price point. Accuracy and reliability are the most important qualities of a good underground utility locator, and UtilityScan is designed to meet those qualities and more. Never feel uncertain again when it comes to locating and identifying any underground utilities with UtilityScan.

A reliable and accurate underground utility locator is essential to prevent major damage. UtilityScan provides the necessary features and exceeds expectations.

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