3D Mammography at Columbus oBGYN Offers a Revolutionary Healthcare Experience

Getting a regular mammogram is critical. There are many tools that women can use to screen for breast cancer, including self-examination. However, the mammogram remains the most reliable tool for identifying potential breast cancer in its early stages. This is important as breast cancer’s survival rate is highest when caught in its early stages. It’s recommended that women begin getting their annual mammogram starting at about the age of 45, though some women may begin earlier, at about 40 years of age. 


However, some women may be anxious about getting a mammogram, which can lead them to prolong the amount of time it takes to begin getting their mammograms. Others may extend the amount of time it takes between mammograms or avoid getting mammograms altogether. Fortunately, some options may make it a little easier for some women to get this important diagnostic testing done. With 3D mammography, which is available at Columbus OBGYN, mammograms are a more comfortable experience. This is because the breast is only compressed once, and it is the machine that moves around the breast tissue. In fact, approximately 86% of the women who have used the Senographe Pristina by GE Healthcare have noted that this 3D mammography experience is much more comfortable than other traditional types of mammography. 


Because it is not as painful, women who may otherwise have avoided getting a mammogram will be more likely to schedule this much-needed test. However, there are many other key benefits to 3D mammography as well. Among the key advantages of 3D mammography such as that used by Columbus OBGYN is that it is much clearer than traditional mammography technology. This makes it much more effective when used on dense breast tissue. 


Additionally, in many instances, 3D mammography helps catch breast cancer earlier than other types of mammogram technology because it can paint such a clear picture. As already mentioned, the earlier breast cancer is detected, the higher an individual’s likelihood is of survival. This alone highlights how effective 3D mammography can be in the fight against breast cancer and other breast diseases. 


In addition to being able to catch breast cancer earlier, the clear image that this technology provides can also potentially help catch more cancers and help provide a more accurate idea of the size of cancers when they are caught. These two factors can also play a tremendous role in helping save women’s lives and is a big part of why clinics such as Columbus OBGYN are opting to begin using 3D mammography to screen for breast cancer. 


Overall, 3D mammography can potentially improve the detection of invasive cancers by as much as 40%. It can only be hoped that more clinics follow the lead of Columbus OBGYN as this is a fantastic technology that gives an increasing number of women the ability to continue living their lives thanks to the early detection of what could otherwise be a life threatening disease. Women interested in receiving a 3D mammogram with Columbus OBGYN have the option to do so at any of the clinic’s locations and even have the option of combining their visit with their annual exam and enjoying just one convenient co-pay. 

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