A Copper Kitchen And Bathroom Sink From Sinkology Instantly Enhances Your Space

Some of the most common home improvements start in the kitchen or bathroom. While a lot of the focus and emphasis gets placed on wall colors, cabinetry, general layout, and other factors, a common element in both rooms is the sink. Instead of keeping your old kitchen or bathroom sink in your existing space or getting a new one that looks exactly like the previous one, spice up your space with a sink from Sinkology. Copper and fireclay sinks offer unique and timeless looks and can be great additions to any home decor.


Unique And Timeless Kitchen Sinks


When it comes to installing a new kitchen sink in your space, Sinkology knows homeowners have many different options to choose from. Copper sinks offer a unique design that is sure to catch your eye immediately when you see it. With various shapes and sizes, homeowners are certain to find the perfect fit for their kitchen. And the great thing about copper sinks is they match any home decor, so you won’t have to worry about it looking out of place. They require a bit of care and minor maintenance, but the beauty they display makes it worth having.


If you’re looking for a neutral color kitchen sink that still offers a unique appearance, then a fireclay farmhouse sink is a worthy option. Sinkology offers durable and elegant fireclay that will stand the test of time. These sinks require very little maintenance and can handle day-to-day use with ease. Various options are available to ensure you find a perfect fit for your kitchen.


High-Quality Elegant Bathroom Products


Not many things look more timeless and elegant than a high-quality copper bathroom sink. Whether you like the traditional drop-in sinks, vessel sinks, or under-mount sinks, copper can enhance the entire look and feel of your bathroom. Add a few copper bathroom accessories or decor and your bathroom space can be the ultimate place for relaxation at the end of a hard day.


Sinkology also offers freestanding copper bathtubs that offer plenty of space and a sleek, rustic design. Paired with a copper sink or not, a copper bathtub will instantly become the focal point of any bathroom and give it a high-end feel. Copper bathtubs are easy to maintain and clean and will look brand new for years to come when cared for properly.


Find Beauty In Your Home And Lifestyle


Sometimes the simplest things in life can give you the inner and outer beauty you’ve been looking for in your home and lifestyle. Copper and fireclay sinks provide exactly that and can look great for a lifetime when properly maintained. Copper naturally develops earthy tones and changes surface colors slightly over time depending on how it’s used. And when you use specific products to maintain it, you have some control over what the final color looks like. 


Discoloration is possible, as it is with virtually any type of sink, but it can be minimized with proper care. Acidic foods and drinks should not be left in contact with the sink for very long and harsh abrasive cleaners should never be used. Aside from these few tips, the best thing to do to maintain the beautiful timeless look of your copper sink is to clean and dry it after each use. The results are well worth the effort for all of your kitchen and bathroom products from Sinkology.

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