Increase Conversions And Sales Today With An Onsite Publisher

Small business owners face significant challenges daily. Not only do they have to develop great products or services, but they also have to find different ways to advertise them to make their name brand become recognizable. There are many different marketing strategies to sort through, and finding one that fits your budget while giving you great value in return isn’t always as easy as it seems. Increasing visibility, acquiring customers, boosting conversion rates, and other terms are what business owners focus on but often struggle to execute in the constantly-evolving world of e-commerce.


This is where a reputable onsite publisher enters the picture to help. They can help enhance your strategies by focusing on performance-based marketing so you will only pay for what’s most effective for you. There are very few downfalls of performance-based marketing, and when done correctly, it can significantly improve your brand visibility and overall bottom line. And on top of performance-based marketing, an onsite publisher can also help with brand advocacy, public relations, and several other aspects to help you achieve business success. 


Why Performance-Based Marketing Matters


Performance-based marketing has become a popular advertising method for business owners for many reasons. Think about how people interact with advertisements in magazines and newspapers. The advertisements have to be catchy and relevant to them before they are even acknowledged, but the company still has to pay for the advertisement even though it doesn’t get looked at. A similar concept happens online since users can install ad blockers to avoid seeing any advertisement type if they don’t want to. This is where performance-based marketing with the assistance of an onsite publisher enters the picture.


With performance-based marketing, businesses only pay for an advertisement when a user interacts with it. The types of consumer interactions include impressions, clicks, engagements, leads, and sales. The cost depends on the type of interaction you believe will be most valuable to your overall business strategy, so it’s important to give it some deep thought. Look at your metrics and business goals and select the marketing strategy that aligns with it. For example, if you are focused on bringing more visitors to your website, then consider paying for clicks. Or if you prefer to only pay for an advertisement when you make a sale, then you can do so. Just keep in mind that the latter will be more costly to you than if you only paid per impression or click.


One of the benefits of performance-based marketing is you can make adjustments at any time. Unlike paying full price for an advertisement that may or may not be seen by anyone, you can adjust your marketing strategy based on the number of impressions, clicks, or engagements you receive. The difference is you know you are getting something, in turn, directly from a performance-based approach to marketing, even if it may not immediately lead to a sale. With concrete evidence of impressions or clicks, you can adjust your strategies to focus more on leads and sales at a later time.


By focusing on your goals and metrics, you can track results through performance-based marketing. An onsite publisher can help you see how much money you’re spending per impression and how many of those impressions translate into sales. The concrete data you have access to can provide a clear indication of whether you’re spending advertising money in the right place or if adjustments need to be made. 


Maximize The Visibility Of Your Brand


One of the challenges small businesses have is getting their name known. Aside from building a high-quality website, business owners usually turn to social media first. There are plenty of successful social media strategies people have used in the past, but it’s often not as simple as setting up your page and instantly gaining followers. Brand visibility is difficult at first, but with diligent effort and using the resources available to you, it’s possible. A good onsite publisher has relationships with large publishing companies, high-authority websites, and consumer platforms with high volume. These are critical pieces to the puzzle of getting your brand known, recognized, and respected. 


Other secrets to maximizing your brand’s visibility include creating brand-specific content, generating organic traffic from various channels, driving new customers to your brand, and more. These strategies put together by an onsite publisher helps increase conversion rates because your brand will show up more in online searches, including being displayed in new search terms. The higher your ranking is with Google and other search engines, the more visibility you have. An onsite publisher can help you move up the rankings and amplify your brand as a result.


Publisher Relationships Can Dictate Value


The best onsite publisher will have great relationships with both brands and publishers, which benefits everyone involved. Through non-traditional and traditional affiliate programs combined with working with reputable publishers, business owners can expect growth when working with an onsite publisher. Relationships are critical when it comes to growing your business. It can take years to have a solid reputation with affiliates, but a single instance can quickly ruin that reputation. Having an onsite publisher with multiple great relationships will help grow your brand and drive value in every aspect of your business.


Acquire New Customers And Increase Conversion Rates


It’s easy to get caught up in the details of how you’ll market your brand and forget about the ultimate goals, which are to increase conversion rates, acquire new customers, and create repeat customers. Understanding your audience is the first step to take, but it’s not as easy as many business owners think with how the consumer market constantly evolves. With so many different review websites and other types of competition, creating a unique experience for your potential customers will help them become reliable customers and increase conversion rates at the same time. This is part of a performance-based marketing strategy that an onsite publisher can assist with.


An onsite publisher also focuses on the consumer’s journey to buying a product and places strategic and targeted advertisements to assist them on the journey. Depending on the product and industry you’re in, various strategies can effectively reach the end goals you have set forth. This is something small business owners don’t tend to focus on due to other responsibilities, so having an advocate behind you to ensure the customer’s journey is taken into consideration is important.


Onsite Publishers Advocate For Your Brand


The role of an onsite publisher is to advocate for your brand and product offering. The goal is to have your product displayed on top review sites and even placement on Amazon. Another aspect a great onsite publisher does is help business owners understand what editorial recommendations entail. The idea with editorial recommendations is to have targeted articles written and published with a detailed keyword strategy. 


When searching for an onsite publisher to work with, it’s important to know exactly how they look at data and see examples of their work and payment structure. Data on editorial recommendations can be tricky since success can be viewed from the perspective of sellers, publishers, and e-commerce platform owners. Reporting live articles and any transactions that come directly as a result of those articles can help business owners see the value of editorial recommendations. 


Other data regarding editorial recommendations include matching appropriate keywords with products to help improve your Best Sellers Rank on Amazon. Of course, several other factors go into your Best Sellers Rank, and an onsite publisher will advocate on your behalf to improve it as much as possible. It’s reasonable to believe with the right strategy that you could enhance your Best Sellers Rank as high as top-100.


As a small business owner, you have enough to worry about outside of how you’ll market your brand. When you take the time to find an advocate you can trust to represent your brand, you can focus on growing your company while it becomes more widely recognized in parallel. The growth potential in this scenario is very high and can take your business to levels you only imagined were possible previously.

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