Finding the Best Pet Stain Remover and Dog Shampoo

We love our pets, but they sure can be messy! From all the little stains they can leave behind to the dirt and dander on our pets themselves, there are plenty of things pet owners need to clean up regularly, which is why it’s essential to know how to shop for the best possible products to help keep your pet and your pet’s area clean. 


Having the right product matters, after all. Among the biggest issues pet owners have are pets who end up being “repeat offenders” when urinating on certain areas such as furniture or carpet. This is because all too often, products such as pet stain removers may be able to clean up the mess but aren’t able to prevent odors from being left behind after your dog or cat has done their business. Unfortunately, dogs and cats can be drawn back to the same places time and again by these odors and compelled to “mark their territory.” Bearing factors such as these in mind, here are some factors you should be aware of when choosing the products you use to keep your pet and your home clean.


Choosing the Right Pet Stain Remover


As already mentioned, among the key factors to consider when purchasing a pet stain remover is the product’s ability to also take care of pet odors. While you want to be sure the product is able to take care of any little messes and you won’t be left with discoloration on your carpets or your sofa’s upholstery, you also want to attack any nasty odors your furry little friend might leave behind. 


Another thing to consider is the ingredients in the pet stain remover you’re using. Pet urine, drool, and other messes are tough to take care of, which means the majority of products you’ll find on the market are composed of harsh chemicals. However, many of these products aren’t entirely pet-friendly and can potentially damage the items they’re used on. In some cases, they can’t even be used to clean some of your pet’s items due to the chemicals used in their composition. For example, you may not want to use some chemical ingredients on items such as your dog’s bedding or your cat’s litter box.


This is why so many people are now turning to products made with natural ingredients. One example is Angry Orange, a pet stain remover with enzyme ingredients and a natural citrus scent. It is a powerful product able to break down stains and fight odors on both fabric and hard surfaces, but is entirely biodegradable and non-toxic, making it safer for pets and their humans. 


Finding the Right Dog Shampoo


You would think it would be easier to find the right dog shampoo. After all, these products are made to go directly onto your pup’s fur and skin, and this leads pet owners to believe most dog shampoos are generally safe. However, there are still some things to consider when picking out shampoo for your pup, especially if you have a dog who exhibits signs of sensitive skin. After all, our canine companions can suffer some of the same conditions we do, and just as we need to be careful when choosing hair and skin products, we need to use caution when picking out what we use to clean our pets.


If you have a dog prone to itching or a lot of shedding, you may need to seek out a hypoallergenic dog shampoo. In addition to helping moisturize your dog’s skin and relieve itching, a hypoallergenic shampoo can help hydrate a dog’s skin and take care of issues such as flaking a dog may be experiencing. Additionally, it can be wise to choose a dog shampoo free of ingredients such as perfumes, parabens, silicones, and other chemicals often irritating to dogs with sensitive skin. 


Among the choices available to dog owners is the hypoallergenic dog shampoo from Pro Pooch. Their product contains oatmeal and aloe ingredients, both of which are soothing to the skin with their anti-itch properties. Additional ingredients such as vegetable extracts help restore gloss and sheen to dogs’ coats, something often lost when dogs experience problems with itching, shedding, and other skin problems.


It can certainly be difficult to find the right products for your pets, but it’s well worth the effort to seek out safe and effective solutions. In addition to keeping your pet and your home clean, these products can ensure both you and your pets stay happy and healthy now and well into the future.

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