Utility Location is Essential for Construction Projects

Locating utilities is an essential part of getting ready for a construction project, but it can be more difficult than you may think, even with the right tools. Though tools for utility location have been around for a long while, they have often been unwieldy and difficult to use, which has made the process of identifying utilities around construction sites much more challenging than often necessary. Fortunately, modern-day tools for utility location are more compact and have features to help speed up the process. This leads to more efficiency for workers and an overall quicker way to locate utilities, regardless of the type of project you are working on. 


Common Misconceptions About Utility Location


Misconceptions abound when it comes to identifying the location of utilities prior to construction projects. There are many things people may be unaware of, such as just how challenging the process of identifying the location of utilities can be. For example, many people believe locating the lines on a patch of land is as simple as calling up their local utility companies. However, while it is possible to identify the location of some larger lines, it is not always possible to identify where smaller lines are located, and hitting these lines can lead to big issues. 


Another common misconception individuals may have is that there are no utility lines in an area if the utilities are not indicated on a general map of the area. This can lead some people to carry on with a project, and in turn, can lead to big issues. Even remote areas where it seems no utilities exist can sometimes have lines running underground, so it’s always important to go ahead and undergo some work with utility location to ensure there are no possible problems as you proceed. 


Having the Right Utility Location Equipment


This is also why you need to have the right equipment available for utility location regardless of where you will be digging and the type of project you are working on. From working in big open fields to breaking up and digging in a parking lot, utility location is a vital part of the process. You need to be certain you can find all possible lines, from the larger utility lines running underground to the smaller and more difficult to identify lines.


Today, finding the right equipment for the job you have at hand can mean a lot of things. As already mentioned, one of the most vital things for many workers is having equipment for utility location workers can move around a job site quickly and efficiently. Modern-day utility location equipment is much more lightweight than the equipment of the past, which not only speeds up the process of using it but also allows you to navigate job sites more easily. However, the sensitivity of modern-day utility location equipment is also greater, ensuring workers can avoid even smaller lines and prevent possible issues on the job site. All of this is a great sign for those in the construction business and anybody in need of utility location on their own job sites. 


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