What Is A Snuffle Mat For Dogs?

Dog lovers always want what’s best for their pups. Whether it’s the right type of food, giving them enough opportunities to exercise, the right amount of stimulation, or more, there are plenty of ways you can take care of your dog. When you learn about what is a snuffle mat, it’s something you can strongly consider for your dog for many reasons.


So what is a snuffle mat exactly? A snuffle mat is essentially a sturdy mat with thick fabric strips woven through holes in the mat, making them attached. Pet owners can hide treats in the fabric strips so their dog has to use their senses to find the treats. You can use a snuffle mat as a way to train your dog or simply pull it out when they need some mental stimulation on long trips in the car or when they are bored at home. And when your dog figures out what is a snuffle mat, they will get excited every time they see you pull it out.


Using A Snuffle Mat For Your Dog


When you use the snuffle mat for the first time, consider placing the treats under the fabric strips instead of burying them too deeply. You need to give your dog a chance to easily find the treats so they won’t lose interest in it. And if you don’t want to give your dog treats that often or want to limit the number you give them, you could hide their normal food in the snuffle mat as well. Once your dog figures out what is a snuffle mat and what they get out of it, you can start burying the food or treats a little deeper and make them work harder for it.


What Your Dog Loves Most About A Snuffle Mat


Dogs love using their senses. Lying around watching streaming tv is not for them. Hiding treats in a snuffle mat forces them to use their nose to smell out the treats and navigate their way through the fabric strips to find them. The feeling of the soft fabric on their nose provides another sensation that gives them a good brain exercise. The thrill of the hunt for their treats is something most dogs enjoy and then can feel satisfied once they’ve discovered all the treats.


Your dog also loves it when you participate with them when they are hunting for treats in the snuffle mat. Instead of giving them the snuffle mat and walking away, stay with them and cheer them on as they hunt. This will keep your dog engaged and interested in finding the treats, and they’ll be less likely to get bored and move on to something else.


When you’re trying to figure out what is a snuffle mat used for in ways other than just giving your dog treats, you can also use it to help them with anxiety or for training purposes. If your dog doesn’t like being home alone when you have to go to work, their snuffle mat can provide them with some comfort. The same is true if your dog experiences anxiety in the car on long road trips. In these situations, you can give your dog more food in the snuffle mat than you normally would so they can be occupied for a longer time.


Making The Most Out Of Your Snuffle Mat


As you learn what is a snuffle mat used for, you can make the most of it for your dog. Snuffle mats come in different shapes and sizes, but serve the same purpose. If you have a puppy or a small dog, then you can get a smaller snuffle mat. However, large dogs might need a larger snuffle mat that’s heavier so they won’t flip it over and make the treats spill out. Some dogs get aggressive with their snuffle mats and will pull and tug at the fabric strips to remove them. Just be sure to monitor how your dog uses the snuffle mat so they don’t swallow the strips.


When searching for a snuffle mat, finding one that is machine-washable can make your life easier as a pet owner. Dogs usually get drool all over their snuffle mat, so throwing it in the washing machine after every use is ideal. Doing so will also keep it smelling nice and looking attractive so your dog wants to use it more often. Once you figure out what is a snuffle mat and how it can work for you and your dog, it will be something you use very often.

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