The Right Orthodontist Can Make Wearing Braces Much Easier

Parents who have young kids or teenagers who need braces might have flashbacks to when they had to wear them. Those experiences might have been good or bad, but they shouldn’t shape your opinion about braces now for many reasons. The technology used in orthodontics has advanced significantly over the last couple of decades. Chances are the braces parents wore when they were kids aren’t exactly comparable to what’s offered today. Of course, choosing the right orthodontist is critical to having a great experience as well. Your orthodontist should not only make your experience wearing braces as comfortable as possible, but they should also provide you with tips on how to make your daily life with braces easier.


Know How To Brush And Floss


Your orthodontist should provide you with detailed instructions on how to brush and floss your teeth with braces. It’s important to brush and floss after every meal since food particles can get trapped in the braces and lead to more plaque build-up as a result. Keep a toothbrush and floss handy and head to the bathroom after you eat so you can keep your teeth clean and healthy. Scrub the teeth and braces gently and try to remove all the food particles you can from in between the wires. Your orthodontist can demonstrate the proper way to brush so you know you’re doing it correctly.


Flossing is something patients often neglect to do. When you wear braces, the toothbrush you use might not be able to reach some areas due to the wires and metal getting in the way. Your orthodontist should provide you with their recommended floss and show you exactly how you should be flossing. And if the floss you’re using isn’t working or you’re struggling to find the right technique, then your orthodontist might recommend using a water flosser that uses water to get the job done.


Be Aware Of What You’re Eating


You might need to alter your diet slightly when you have braces, depending on your current diet. Braces can break when you chew on certain foods, so it’s important to be aware of what you’re eating. Follow your orthodontist’s recommendations by not eating crunchy foods, chewy foods, hard foods, sticky foods, or foods that require you to bite down with some force. Damaging the braces might be obvious right away, but other times you might not even realize you’ve damaged them. And when you go too long with the braces not being effective, it could add weeks or months to the time you have to wear them.


Protect Your Mouth When Participating In Sports


A common misconception kids have about wearing braces is they can’t do anything fun while wearing them. If you play sports or other activities where your mouth could be vulnerable to an injury, tell your orthodontist and they can set you up with a protective mouthguard. This mouthguard will keep your teeth and braces safe so you can participate in the sports you enjoy. 


It’s important to remember that if you get hit in the mouth with a ball or any other object to visit your orthodontist as soon as possible. Loose wires or metal brackets in your mouth can be dangerous so you don’t want to delay in getting them looked at. But when you do, your orthodontist can have you fixed up and ready to get back to normal activities in no time.


Follow The Recommended Care Plan From Your Orthodontist


The biggest key to a successful experience with wearing braces is to follow the recommended care plan of your orthodontist closely. Most of the negative experiences people have with wearing braces comes when they don’t follow this plan. Wearing braces requires a slight shift in your lifestyle, and it might even mean you have to temporarily sacrifice foods you enjoy. But the results are well worth it in the end when you have perfectly straight teeth.


Developing a good relationship with your orthodontist is important as a parent and for kids. You need to be able to talk to them about any issues you’re having and even ask them if a particular food is safe to eat or if an activity is safe to participate in. The best orthodontists will be more than willing to provide you with this information since they want you to have a happy experience with your braces. Keeping the lines of communication open with your orthodontist is critical, and you should never hesitate to reach out to yours if you have any questions or concerns.

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