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Most people can appreciate the opportunity to save money on purchases they need to make. Amazon is one of the most popular places people go shopping for various items nowadays, and you can find some great deals if you have an Amazon promo code. RebateKey is a place where buyers can obtain an Amazon promo code and get rebates on some of the top items throughout the website. So you can shop for the things you were likely going to purchase anyway and get them at a better discount. The discounts and rebates can vary, and we’ve explained how simple the process is for buyers.


Everyone Can Appreciate Getting Money Back From Purchases


When you sign up with RebateKey, you’ll have direct access to rebates from many different manufacturers. Once you purchase a product using your Amazon promo code and follow the prompts, you’ll receive a check in the mail for the purchase price following the 35-day waiting period. The waiting period is simply to allow the seller to verify and fulfill your order and ensure there are no issues with the purchase.


Using RebateKey is really that simple. Saving money upfront on a purchase is great, and it’s even better to get a rebate check in the mail a few weeks later for an additional amount. Imagine the savings you could accumulate over time and what you could do with that money. And if you have any hesitancy with using RebateKey, you can feel confident knowing there has been an abundance of satisfied customers. RebateKey protects sellers as well by making their rebates pre-approved, which puts the burden on the seller to dispute any rebate within the 35-day window. This means the seller can’t delay the rebate for any reason and the buyer can have peace of mind knowing they simply have to be patient to receive their rebate check.


Getting Your Rebate Is Simple


Using RebateKey and your Amazon promo code is simple. Every buyer has to have an account with RebateKey to ensure we know where to send the rebate checks to. Once you enter your complete name, phone number, and accurate mailing address, RebateKey will send you a text message to verify your US residency. And then, when your account is confirmed, all you have to do is shop for products you enjoy and are available on RebateKey at discounts from 10%-100%.


When you find a product you like, simply click the button to purchase it and follow the prompts as you would at Amazon or any other online retailer. The only difference is after you’ve purchased the product, you need to report your Rebate Key, which is usually just the order number for the purchase. Your rebate is pre-approved, but the seller will have 35 days to verify the order and put final approval on the rebate. If there are no issues or concerns after the 35-day window, then your check will be mailed to the address on file.


With such a great program RebateKey has, you might be wondering how often you can take advantage of having an Amazon promo code and getting great discounts on products. One thing to be aware of is most products can only be purchased once using the Amazon promo code and will not be eligible for a rebate at a later time. However, in general, you can claim rebates for up to five items each day and no more than 50 items per month. When you’ve reached your monthly limit, it will reset at the first of the next month.


Shop Confidently And Save Money


Shopping with confidence is easy with RebateKey. There are very few things that are different about shopping with RebateKey compared to companies like Amazon. The biggest difference is the amount of money you’ll save when you use your Amazon promo code and get your rebate check in the mail. Something buyers can appreciate is they aren’t required to leave a review to receive their rebate check. In fact, sellers are prohibited from asking you to leave a review in exchange for the rebate, so you can have peace of mind knowing you only have to follow the steps on RebateKey to take advantage of the benefits.


Having an Amazon promo code readily available at all times can give you confidence when shopping. When you shop on RebateKey, you might be surprised at how much money you can save on any given purchase, and it will make you want to shop there more often to take advantage of more rebates.

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