Voyagers Travel Company Discuss What Makes Ecuador a Great Place to Study and Explore

Ecuador is famous for many things, and these include the Andes Mountains, Galapagos Islands and its year-round sunshine. The South American country attracts students from around the world and is highly suited to those who wish to learn Spanish or are already fluent in it.

According to Andre Robles the MD of Voyagers Travel Company it is home to a series of highly reputable universities and has a great deal to offer when it comes to outdoor adventures. According to Andre the Ecuadorian people are incredibly passionate and work hard to make you feel at home when they get to know you.

His business Voyagers Travel Company provides specialist travel to Ecuador, Galapagos and Peru and helps hundreds of people enjoy these areas often for educational purposes, though also for leisure.

Let’s find with the help of Andre, why Ecuador is increasingly popular for people looking to educate themselves, study and also explore.

What Draws Students to Ecuador?

According to Andre, people head to Ecuador to enrol on all kinds of courses. Particularly popular are political, environmental and cultural studies, and there is plenty to learn in and out of college. The country also uses the US dollar, so if you are used to managing this currency, it should be very easy to look after your finances. Ecuador is also known for its exceptional biodiversity, with the Amazon rainforest covering a great deal of the country. The Andes mountains run through the centre of the country, and the culture itself takes influence from a range of African and European traditions.

Leading Ecuadorian Universities

The country has been described as ‘megadiverse’ and is home to over 70 universities and 60,000 students. The Universidad de San Francisco de Quito is one of the highest-ranked universities in this part of the world, and the two universities that were merged into the Universidad Central del Ecuado have centuries-long histories. Other leading universities include Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral and Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral.

A Big South American Draw

Andre Robles said: “With its rich history, diverse culture and valuable learning opportunities, it’s no surprise to see so many international students coming to Ecuador to gain qualifications that will vastly improve their skills, knowledge and employment chances. We are always keen to hear from overseas students that wish to study in Ecuador.”

Stunning Natural Scenery

If you wish to undertake your studies whilst surrounded by epic natural beauty, Ecuador may well be the country for you says Andre. It will give you the valuable opportunity to connect with not only local students but knowledgeable and determined people from across the world. You can bond with your fellow students whilst enjoying a vast range of activities, such as heading to the destinations like the Galápagos Islands and the Amazon jungle. The country has more than half of South America’s bird species too, making it perfect for nature lovers, something that draws a lot of clients for the Voyagers Travel Company according to Andre.

Key Ecuadorian Cities

The capital of Quito has a fascinating and charming Old Town whilst has UNESCO World Heritage status. It’s easy to get around the capital, and public transport prices are highly affordable. Key Quito attractions include the Teleferico cable car, the La Mitad del Mundo monument, the Oswaldo Guaysamin museum, the historic Plaza Independencia central square and the Basilica. Cuenca is widely regarded as the cultural centre of Ecuador and is noted for its arts and crafts scene. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage site to its wealth of historic city centre buildings and is the third-largest city in the country.

Food And Language

When it comes to cuisine, there are all sorts of spectacularly exotic dishes for you to try. Ecuadorian diets tend to be based around fish, potatoes, yuca, shellfish, salads, soups, stews, chicken, pork, beef and plantains, with many dishes being seasoned with a spicy sauce called aji. The Spanish main language in Ecuador is Spanish. However, many of the locals speak English, which should help you whilst you’re getting to grips with Spanish.

Study Abroad Programmes

If you are interested in studying in Ecuador, there are many study abroad programmes for you to take advantage of. Most of these have close links with the leading Ecuadorian universities, including the Universidad San Francisco de Quito. This university is home to a first-class library, sports fields and restaurants, with many international students opting for subjects like politics, marine biology and human rights to name but a few. Many alumni of Ecuador study programs choose to return here numerous times once they have kickstarted their careers, with some even deciding to stay here.

The Ecuadorian Economy

Ecuador has one of the largest economies in Latin America. Much of its economic success is based around the export of gold, oil, bananas and various agricultural products. There are many employment opportunities for ex-pats from elsewhere, making the country a great place to stay once studies have come to an end. If you do wish to stay in Ecuador on a long-term basis after your studies, there are many Visa options to choose from. It’s no surprise to see so many people express an interest in studying, working and living in Ecuador.