Australians to prohibit most of the plasma TVs

Australian authorities are going to accept the new rating system to evaluate the consumption of electric power by house electric equipment. The six-grade rating system may lead to the disappearance of the up-to-date plasma and liquid-crystalline TVs from the market within the country .

In the report accompanying the rating system written by the federal government it is pointed out that during the last ten years the demand for LCD and plasma monitors, that consummate much more energy than the ordinary TVs, has considerably increased. That’s why there is the necessity to introduce the rating system of energy consumption that will warn the buyer of the possible taxes increase. In case of the positive decision the rating system will be introduced by 2011.

Representatives of the companies producing “energy unfriendly” house equipment mentioned that this rating system is with no doubt a good idea. But to put the production in accordance with the new standards will take more time than is given by the Australian government.

Tim O’Keith, the coordinator of the Australian digital industry forum, has the same opinion. He highlights that Australia’s electric equipment market isn’t big enough for the producers to change anything considerably.

The representative of the Australian department for environmental protection Jean McGlinn supposes that in order to put the production in accordance with any standards it will take maximum two years for the producers of electric equipment to do it.

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