Half of Americans seeking to Google themselves

According to the survey, at least once searched for in Google or any other search engine his name 47 percent of Americans. Compared with 2002, and their number has doubled. In addition to themselves, people usually look for information on their friends, colleagues and beloved.

The Americans under 50 years of age, having a good education and higher income, more inclined to seek information about themselves. Sometimes this is due to the fact that their work requires a certain image on the Internet.

60 percent of users are not interested in that their data is on a network, rather, they are concerned about how they might be used.

53 percent of those surveyed reported that the internet looking for information about other people, not about celebrities. Often, they are looking for people with whom lost contact, but also to search for evidence of neighbors, friends and colleagues-widespread phenomenon.

In most cases, people are looking for contact information for those who need them, but a third of those surveyed admitted that they were looking for information on bankruptcy and divorce available in the public domain. Moreover, in that approximate equal number of men and women looking for themselves, women are more inclined to seek information on those with whom they met.

At the same time, despite a serious increase in the number of users seeking themselves, many people have never done this is not.

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