Microsoft will issue nearly finished Windows Server 2008


Microsoft will issue prerelease version of Windows Server 2008. The system, known under the code name Longhorn, will be available for download in a few days.

The final version of Windows Server 2008 will not appear until early 2008. Remember that Server 2008 will replace the existing system of Server 2003. Developers promise of a new operating system all the advantages of Windows Vista with enhanced security and advanced server functions.

Microsoft also introduced a new system virtualization. Develop, code-named Viridian will be accessible to users within six months after Longhorn.

The head of Toyota went to work at Chrysler


The head of the North American Toyota Jim Press became president Chrysler LLC. He will be responsible for sales, marketing, brand development and service. Another Chrysler-president Tom Lasorda, will be responsible for the production and work with suppliers. Press and Lasorda are also vice chairmen of the Board of Directors of Chrysler.

Press became the second top manager of Toyota, left the company to work at Chrysler LLC. First done Uol Debra Meyer, which was responsible for marketing brand Lexus.

After DaimlerChrysler sold its American unit to private investment firms Cerberus Capital Management, has been replaced and the head of Chrysler. Chairman of the Board of Directors was Robert Nardelli, who has led the company Home Depot, one of the largest retail networks in the United States.

American billionaire built in Macau second largest building in the world.


Venetian Casino Macao-Resort-Hotel, whose inauguration is scheduled for August 28, will be the second largest building in the world after the Boeing factory in the United States. It has an area of about one million square meters.

Venetian Macau holds room for 3,400 machines, 800 gaming tables, hotel rooms at 3 million and a stadium to 15,000 seats. In addition, the building provides numerous restaurants, a conference center area of over 110,000 square metres, as well as the Cirque du Soleil shows.

The project is an American billionaire Sheldon Adelson. According to Forbes magazine ranking, in 2007 Adelson was the sixth of the richest people in the world. His condition is estimated at 26.5 billion dollars.

By 2010, the entrepreneur plans to invest about 12 billion dollars in the construction of an additional 20,000 hotel rooms in Macao. He also intends to open here hotels under the Four Seasons brand, Sheraton and St. Regis.

American senator appeared in the film about Batman.


Patrick Leahy, the head of the Legal Committee of the Senate of the United States, took part in the film “The Dark Knight” continued painting “Batman”.

“”I don’t wear tights” fun-politician, for many years a fan of the series about Betmana. He noted that the role of the “noble gentleman”, and added that his episode “ambitious” and “very interesting”.

Scene, which is busy Leahy was MoH years, in addition to senators involved in Batman (Christian Bale), Joker (Heath Ledger) and Alfred Pennyworth (Michael Cain). The film will screen in the summer of 2008.

Patrick Leahy has played a small role in the two previous series of films. He also announced cartoons about Batman and wrote the preface to the book. According to the policy, earned in the shooting of money it donates children’s library in Montpellier, where young Leahy issued the first reading fee.

German bankers hired advisers to Alan Greenspan.


Deutsche Bank hired the former chairman of the United States Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan to the position of senior adviser in its investment banking unit.

In the new post Greenspan will advise staff and customers. Details of the employment contract Greenspan not disclosed.

In May 2007 at the age of 81 years Greenspan comfortable to work in the world’s largest bond fund Pacific Investment Management (Pimco) as a consultant. Greenspan resigned as chairman FRS USA, which has since 1987, in January 2006.

Deutsche Bank is the largest banking company in Germany. Founded in 1870, today it serves 13 million customers and offices in 76 countries worldwide.

American town’s beach inundated with sand mixed with bombs.


One of the engineering part of the American army closed the city beach sand Surf City, which previously buried end-of-life ammunition. The proposal to divide the military costs of cleaning the beach with the city has prompted outrage from local authorities, Surf City is already not able millions of dollars because of the outflow of tourists. Mayor Leonard Connors said that if the military wants to receive money from the city to correct its own mistakes, it is a big mistake. Representative military engineers Haalid Uolls in response, explained that his colleagues turned to the city for a mere formality, because the protocol had to be met. Usually this kind of projects we have funded jointly. ” As a result, military engineers worked to remove ammunition from brought to the beach sand. In the course of his treatment was found over a hundred thousand chetyrehdyuymovyh shells from the First World War. Despite the fact that the bulk of the work has been completed, and the rules of conduct on the beach included a paragraph prohibiting dig deep pits more than 30 centimetres, the locals still found explosives there. Therefore, now on the beach Surf City, with rescuers standing army bomb-disposal officer. The military said that the ammunition nearly century-old can hardly designed, but are still going to close the beach in winter and again sieve sand brought there by heavy equipment and special engineering unit.

France’s Sarkozy wins poll despite resurgent left


French President Nicolas Sarkozy won a solid parliamentary majority for political and economic reforms on Monday but voters soured the right’s celebrations by not giving a forecast landslide and rejecting a top minister.

Final official results gave 52-year-old Sarkozy a power base of 345 seats in the 577-seat National Assembly, well below the crushing 470-seat majority predicted in some pre-poll estimates. Votes appeared to have been lost over a sales tax rise.

Despite the setbacks, Sarkozy has the legislative muscle to press ahead with reforms designed to make France’s economy more competitive by loosing rigid labor laws, trimming fat from the public service, cutting taxes and restoring full employment.

He has vowed to shake up the euro zone’s second-largest economy and boost annual growth. The economy grew 2.1 percent in 2006 against an average 2.7 percent in the euro zone. Unemployment is estimated to be at least 8.3 percent.

Sarkozy, who had been set to complete his government line-up by naming some junior ministers, faced an unexpected reshuffle after his government number two Alain Juppe lost in his Bordeaux stamping ground and promptly announced he would quit.

Sunday’s elections left Sarkozy’s Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) and its allies with fewer than the 359 seats they had enjoyed in the outgoing legislature, while the Socialists and their allies increased their haul to 207 from 149.

In a day of surprises, the left’s defeated presidential candidate Segolene Royal said she would separate from Socialist Party leader Francois Hollande, adding a new twist to a looming battle for control of the party.

“Against all expectations, the presidential majority did not win the tidal wave it hoped for,” the business daily newspaper Les Echos said on Monday.

“It’s a readjustment which benefited the Socialists, whose appeal for voters to ‘wake up’ had an unhoped for impact.”

JUPPE DEFEATJuppe, named to run powerful new energy and environment ministry only a month ago, lost to an unknown cancer specialist and was the highest profile victim of the late Socialist surge.

Prime Minister Francois Fillon had ruled any defeated minister would have to go, and the loss deflated celebrations by the UMP, the first party since 1978 to win re-election.

Fillon said the election results would herald a burst of activity by the new government, which will call a session of parliament for June 26.

“Your participation has resulted in a clear and coherent choice, which will allow the President of the Republic to implement his project,” said Fillon.

Among measures due before the new parliament are tax breaks on mortgage interest repayments and overtime, a 50 percent cap on personal taxation, tighter immigration laws and stiffer terms for repeat criminal offenders.

Sarkozy, seen as the business community’s favorite, is taking over a fractured, fragile society in need of economic reform and a dose of self-belief even though France is a nuclear power and has a permanent seat on the
U.N. Security Council.

Hollande said voters had heeded warnings a conservative landslide would give Sarkozy unfettered control of the levers of power and that the right had paid for its sales tax plans.

Although they escaped the drubbing they had feared, the Socialists were set for more internal turmoil after it emerged Royal and Hollande, the “power couple” of the left, were to end their long-term union.

Weakened by defeats in both presidential and parliamentary elections, Hollande is under heavy pressure to bow out and separation could clear the way for Royal to make a bid to take over the party leadership she covets.

The Communists won 15 seats and the Greens 4. The centrist Democratic Movement of Francois Bayrou won 3 seats, a disappointment after his 18.5 percent in the presidential race.

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