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Rowland Institute at Harvard
Library News & Notes
December 4, 2009

Quotes of the Week

“I have one small drop of knowing in my soul. Let it dissolve in your ocean.” ~Rumi
(Source: Lori Moreno)

“When you give yourself, you receive more than you give.” -Antoine De Saint-Exupery
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Rowland News

A High-Throughput Screening Approach to Discovering Good Forms of Biologically Inspired Visual Representation

David Cox and colleagues demonstrate potential advances in computer “vision” using powerful information processing and video game technology combined with principles from molecular biology in this PLoS Computational Biology paper.
Internet Sites of the Week


Best books of 2009: fiction
A list by the Christian Science Monitor, with links to reviews
See also: Book reviewers on the Web
(Source: Maxine Clarke)

‘The Cusp of Every Bibliomaniac’s Dream’

Funny conversations between book dealer and customers
(Source: Boing Boing)

Future of book publishing is unknowable
(Source: Open Access Tracking Project)

In defense of books
Article about Robert Darnton in the Gazette
See also: Google and the New Digital Future

An Introduction to the Mechanics of Writing a World Famous E-book

The Lost Pleasure of Browsing

One Way to Improve Your Book Sales

Protect eBooks Or Trust Customers To Do The Right Thing?
(Source: bibliothekarin)
See also: What Does it Mean to “Buy” an E-book?
(Source: O’Reilly Radar)
See also: Ten Predictions For The E-Reader/E-Book Market In 2010
(Source: Lisa Carlucci)

The Scholars’ Catalog Project
(Source: ResourceShelf)

Stop, you’re killing me
A website for mystery lovers
(Source: FreePint)

Computers and Internet

ACM Names 47 Fellows for Innovations in Computing, Information Technology
(Source: Computational Complexity

Best Websites of the Decade

Choose an ISP

DEC may be gone, but it’s not forgotten

How to YouTube with Success
(Source: The Kept-Up Academic Librarian)

If you want to test a man’s character, give him power*point
(Source: Hacker News)

Music library disaster? How to rip songs from your iPod

New Technologies That Save Time & Money


PC World’s Top 10 How-To Videos

Programmer search engine
(Source: Hacker News)

Test Your Internet Connection Speed

Tools for Remote Collaboration and Interaction
(Source: The Distant Librarian)

Top 8 Disposable Email Address Services

Top 10 Semantic Web Products of 2009
(Source: Library Web)

Verizon Droid: A 60-second review

Where Google Goes From Here, Part 1
See also: Why Should You Care About Google Wave?
See also: 5 things you can only do on Google Wave
(Source: mistygirlph)
See also: New Chrome Browser: Fast, Safe and Simple
See also: Un-Google Yourself
(Source: Sharon Hayes)


Another reason data services need librarians
(Source: Open Access Tracking Project)

Bookkeeping: The right library reforms will preserve the health of Harvard’s collections

Catalyzing Collaboration: Seven New York City Libraries
(Source: Digital Koans)

Enhancing ur work
(Source: ALA_TechSource)

The future of bookstores is the…
(Source: Bonnie Swoger)

The Hyperlinked Library in Times of Change and Challenge

(Source: Librarian in Black)

Information Architecture Principles: Use in a Library Setting

Information Society
“This collection includes several thousand of articles and books on the information society, in various languages, freely available for download.”
(Source: Open Access Tracking Project)

“The Law of Stackable Hamsters”
(Source: Roy Kenagy)

Lessons Learned: How College Students Seek Information in the Digital Age
(Source: ResourceShelf)

Libraries and crowdsourcing – 6 examples
(Source: Library Web)

Libraries Consider Merging Despite Faculty Questions
(Source: Open Access Tracking Project)

More Cuts Coming to Yale University Library
(Source: ResourceShelf)

Networking: Overcoming Your Hesitation

Next-Gen Libraries Presentation
(Source: Library Web)

North American Institutions Most Frequently Represented in High-impact Library Journals
(Source: Peter Scott’s Library Blog)

Preserving the Library in the Digital Age
(Source: The Distant Librarian)

So you want to write about libraries?

Social Construction of Authorized Users in the Digital Age
(Source: ResourceShelf)

What is the Next Trend in Usage Statistics in Libraries?

(Source: schopfel)

Life, Family, Work and Money

America Without a Middle Class
(Source: beSpacific)

Be Prepared
List of questions compiled from an academic job search

Beat stage fright at work

Control is an Illusion You Need to Let Go

Eight Tips to Know If You’re Being Boring

‘Fear of fear’ can lead to depression

Find a Mentor/Role Model
(Source: masswomen)
“Find the most on-time flight between two airports or check how late your flight is on average, in good weather and bad, before you leave.”
(Source: beSpacific)
Forgiveness: Letting go of grudges and bitterness
(Source: MEDLINEPlus)

Former Polaroid owner found guilty of running Ponzi scheme

How to make small talk

How to Prepare for a Performance Review

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others
(Source: Hacker News)

How to Stop Taking Things Personally

Leverage the advantages of being an introvert at work

‘Tis the Season for Better Credit

When to Confront Someone: The Rule of Three
(Source: HarvardBiz)

Scholarly Publishing

Best Thinking
“Open access publisher and syndicator of journal quality content”
(Source: Open Access Tracking Project)

The next generation of electronic journals: prospects and problems

(Source: Open Access Tracking Project)

Online Journals and the Evolving Genre Ecosystem of Science
(Source: BoraZ)

Open access and the Google book settlement

Paying for open access? Institutional funding streams and OA publication charges

Peer review, data quality, and usage metrics
(Source: Open Access News)

(Source: Stevan Harnad)
When Scholarly Publishers Reduce Author Rights in the Face of Open Access Initiatives
(Source: mrgunn)

Science and Technology

Beating the diffraction-limit using CARS microscopy

BioKM: Cloud-based Research Knowledge Management
(Source: mrgunn)

The complicated history of simple scientific facts
(Source: konfigmaster)

Division of Condensed Matter Physics Image Gallery
(Source: Condensed Concepts)

Ground-Breaking Science: Very Old Papers Are Both Awesome and Hilarious
(Source: Hacker News)

Imaging Cell Biology

Major scientists with blogs

MIT Mad Scientists Say Corpse-Reanimation Still 10 Years Away

The most important letter in your scientific career?

The Mystery of Bosnia’s Ancient Pyramids
(Source: Science in the News)

Physics Model Determines Dynamics of Friends and Enemies

Playing tricks with the speed of light

THE question

Read the ad, answer the ad

Research at the Intersection of the Physical and Life Sciences

Science Matters: It pays to fund research
(Source: sciencegoddess)

Scientist takes aim at her longtime silent scourge
(Source: Cameron Partridge)

Scientists demonstrate multibeam, multi-functional lasers
(Source: HarvardNews)

SEAS, Murray engineer solutions to global problems

Splitting Time from Space—New Quantum Theory Topples Einstein’s Spacetime

The Value of New Scientific Communication Models for Chemistry
(Source: Open Access Tracking Project)
See also: Are chemists really grinches?
(Source: phylogenomics)

Where Are the Female Scientists in Research Articles?
(Source: Under the Microscope)
See also: More PhDs for women

Why should anyone give credence to industry sponsored research?
(Source: Andrew Spong)

Wired for Sound
list of science podcasts
(Source: Maxine Clarke

Wizard at circuits, physics

You Choose
Advice on selecting grad students for a lab

Social Networking

The Anti-Social-Network Social Network

Are Facebook Groups the New Drug Interventions?

Avoiding Twitter Spam

How Social Media Completely Changed Overnight
(Source: konfigmaster)

“I Want To Use Twitter For My Conference”
(Source: Roy Tennant)

Jack Dorsey on Square, How It Works & Why It Disrupts
(Source: Hacker News)

“Google alerts for Twitter lists”
(Source: rstoup)

mentionmap – a Twitter visualization

(Source: Sharon Hayes)

Social media in learning examples
(Source: neiljohnford)

The Tao of Tweeting

Twitter May Breed Better Socializers

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