Library News & Notes 12/18/09

Rowland Institute at Harvard
Library News & Notes
December 18, 2009

Note: this is the last LNN for the calendar year. The next issue will be posted on January 8, 2010. Happy Holidays to one and all.

Quotes of the Week

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” ―Martin Luther King Jr.
(Source: Real Simple)

“Libraries: Unlike banks, we are still lending” – unknown
(Source: oodja)


Easy and Inexpensive Mechanics of Creating Your First E-book

The Future of E-Books

How to Destroy the Book
(Source: The Shifted Librarian)

Legal Battles Over E-Book Rights to Older Books
(Source: Matthew Fraser)

Open Content Alliance (OCA) vs. Google Books: OCA as superior network and better fit for an emerging global public sphere
(Source: Open Access Tracking Project)
See also: Libraries Ask For Oversight Of Google Books Product
(Source: Bernie Sloan)

Preserving business models
(Source: Joseph J. Esposito)

Random House unveils book-excerpt sharing on Facebook
(Source: Library Web)

Women’s 2009 Books Enjoyed a Banner Year
See also: 8 Awesome Books By Women: An ’00s Virtual Bookshelf

Computers and Internet

Automated to Death

Clean Up and Revive Your Bloated, Sluggish Mac

Deep Web Research 2010
(Source: beSpacific)

A Deluge of Data Shapes a New Era in Computing
(Source: Michael T. Peper)

Google Collaborates with D-Wave on Possible Quantum Image Search

How to create a bootable Windows 7 USB flash drive

How to stream your next event live for free in 4 easy steps
(Source: The Shifted Librarian)

If web services were vintage paperbacks

PC Holiday Gift Guide

Send Large Files Of Any Size: Guide To The Best Tools And Services To Transfer Large Files
(Source: Internet Legal Research Weekly)

Slaves of the feed – This is not the realtime we’ve been looking for
(Source: Hacker News)
See also: Why We Don’t Care About Information Overload
(Source: MLx)

TeuxDeux: a simple online to-do list manager
(Source: Beyond the Black Stump)

The Top 10 Gadgets of Decade; Will the Data These Devices Hold Be Accessible in Another 10 Years?

The War for the Web

Wave Federation: Building An Open Network

YouTube unveils most-watched, most-searched list for 2009

100+ Sites to Download Everything Online
(Source: Lone Wolf Librarian)


Have the learners leapfrogged the teachers?
(Source: Library Web)

How to Prepare Your College for an Uncertain Digital Future

The Purposes of Learning Technology

Ten Steps to Successful Teaching
(Source: Hacker News)

Libraries and Archives

The All-Digital Library? Not Quite Yet

The Collaborative Imperative: Special Collections in the Digital Age
(Source: Open Access Tracking Project)

A Collaborative Learning Experiment: Top Ten Customer Service Skills for Library Staff

Cornell University Library Partners with the Internet Archive
(Source: ResourceShelf)

Daguerreotypes at Harvard
(Source: Jan Merrill-Oldham)

E-Books in the Sciences: If We Buy It Will They Use It

Electronic Scientific Data & Literature Aggregation: A Review for Librarians

How to Read Scientific Research Articles: A Hands-On Classroom Exercise

Librarians: The Secret to Narrative History

Rebecca says “librarians helped make my book possible to write” and “librarians rock!”
(Source: BoraZ)

Managing free and open access electronic resources
(Source: Open Access Tracking Project)

Of Moore and Magic
(Source: Librarian of Fortune)

Provost Addresses Library Changes

Question: What’s the biggest dead-end you ever hit in your research where you suddenly, unexpectedly found a way forward?
(Source: ResourceShelf)

Resource of the Week: A Freebie for Info Pros from ebrary

Search engine use behavior of students and faculty: User perceptions and implications for future research
(Source: ResourceShelf)

A Season of Change: How Science Librarians Can Remain Relevant with Open Access and Scholarly Communications Initiatives

Text Message Reference: Is It Effective?
(Source: Library Web)

Widening your Nets, Decentralizing your Web Services

Life, Family, Work and Money

Alphabet Updated With 15 Exciting New Replacement Letters

Career Victories

Ditch the Resume; Make a Chart Instead

The Encyclopedia of Counterintuitive Thought
(Source: The 99 Percent)

How Do You Say No?

How Remarkable Women Lead

(Source: HarvardNews)

How to measure product/market fit
(Source: Hacker News)

Job Hunting During the Holidays

A Long, Elaborate History Of Time
(Source: Randy Reichardt
Managing to Learn: The Discussion

Online Privacy and Reputation in Job Hunting

Performance Reviews that Energize

That Hobby Looks Like a Lot of Work

Underrated career skill: Asking questions

What Would a Fashionable Academic Wear to a Job Interview?
(Source: Fashionable Academics)

5 Ways to Do Less and Accomplish More

(Source: Girlie Girl Army)

Scholarly Publishing

Author Identification Systems
See also: Credit where credit is due

Citemine: preparations for the publish:filter revolution have begun

Dramatic Growth of Open Access

How do I feel about open-access journals? The president wants to know
(Source: BoraZ)

Open Access Encyclopedias
(Source: Open Access Tracking Project)

Open Their Eyes: How the Open Access Movement has Changed the Scholarly Publishing World for Academics
(Source: Open Access Tracking Project)

Scholars Seek Better Metrics for Assessing Research Productivity
See also: Another idea from the scholarly evaluation metrics workshop

Should Editors Influence Journal Impact Factors?
(Source: Joseph J. Esposito)

Snappy answers to stupid questions: an evidence-based framework for responding to peer-review feedback
(Source: laikas)

Sustaining On-line Research Resources
(Source: Open Access Tracking Project)

Timeline of a scientific article

(Source: BoraZ)

Science and Technology

Alice’s adventures in algebra: Wonderland solved
(Source: Liz Bryson)

Apollo: Reflections and Lessons

Atomic spins measure ultracold temperatures

The best books of 2009
New Scientist weighs in

A Christmas Reading List
(Source: Boing Boing)

Creating Citizen Scientists
(Source: Science in the News)

Did You Hear the One About the Former Scientist?

Evolution Going Great, Reports Trilobite

In which priorities clash

Laser Stretches 167 Miles

New NIH forms raise concerns
(Source: Science in the News)

Rain or Shine? Computer Models How Brain Cells Reach a Decision

Science-themed cookies for all your holiday baking needs

Scientists Crack ‘Entire Genetic Code’ of Cancer
(Source: Science in the News)

Slowed light breaks record

Lene Hau‘s latest breakthrough

Strange Physical Theory Proved After Nearly 40 Years
“growing the community of girls and women in science, technology and mathematics”
(Source: Under The Microscope)

Striking Out On Your Own

Talks that go pear shaped…

Top 9 organizations women in science should consider joining

Social Networking

Complete History of Social Networking
(Source: Matthew Fraser)

Conference Information: Managing Before, During and After

Facebook Suggests You Lie, Break Its Own Terms Of Service To Keep Your Privacy

A futurist’s view of the “next big thing” in social media

Six scientific steps to social media success

Tweet, Tweet, Retweet: Conversational Aspects of Retweeting on Twitter
(Source: ResourceShelf)

Twitter Is a Boon, But with a Catch
(Source: NAE Spotlight on Engineering, Technology, and Policy)

9 Tips for Enriching Your Presentations With Social Media
(Source: CyberlandGal)

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