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The “Digital information librarian”


Robin Good interviews Marcus Zillman.

the “hysterical librarian”


An article details librarians’ objections to the USA PATRIOT act in the
context of our efforts over centuries to promote intellectual freedom
and resist government restrictions on citizens’ ability to access and
read information.

PC magazine promotes the online library


On the heels of yesterday’s fine New York Times article promoting libraries in the age of Google, here comes a PC magazine piece written by a UCSD librarian who describes all the databases and resources that your public library may subscribe to and which you can access in or out of the library via the internet. (Source: The Virtual Chase) (Note: As librarian and weblogger colleague j and I have discussed, Gary Price has been making this point for years in the ResourceShelf.) So we have one piece on librarian savvy and resourcefulness (we know our way around information resources – it’s what we do) and another on the range of information tools that are specialized and indexed and free through your library.

Update: j links to Gary’s piece What Google Teaches us Has Nothing to Do With Searching.

Growth of online journals


Carol Tenopir of Tennesee made an attempt to count how many scholarly journals are online and relates the difficulty of the task. (Source: Stevan Harnad, American Scientist forum)

NY Times on librarians and search strategies


Good article about librarians and alternatives to search engines, such as books (!), proprietary databases (which most libraries make freely available to their patrons) and indexed sites such as lii.org. Thank you New York Times.
(And thanks to LIS News!)

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