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Oh, that Google….


In the Onion, the headline blares :”Google Announces Plan To Destroy All Information It Can’t Index”

Online behavior of teenagers


The Los Alamos National Laboratory Library Newsletter quotes some
interesting statistics about how teenagers navigate the online

Google modifies library project


According to the New York Times, Google said it would give publishers
the chance to opt out of having their works scanned in the massive
library project.  Google intends to go ahead with scanning
material in the public domain. 

Can’t Find on Google


A listing of things people could not find searching on Google. 
Wonder if the people at Google Answers are reading this.  (Source:

Acronym search engine


With Acronyma, you can decipher acronyms.  You can also find
acronyms with certain words.  A form for submitting acronyms is
also available.  (Source: ResearchBuzz)

On compulsive e-mail reading


Reports on a survey showing the average person spends at least an hour
a day on e-mail, with suggestions for lessening usage.  (Source;
The Virtual Chase)

Technology Review on collaborative citizen journalism


Tiger, tiger, burning bright


Many reviews of the new Mac OS, including this extended piece by John
Siracusa that really gets into the guts of it…(Source; Daypop)   For those who want just an overview, see David Pogue’s NYT overview. Also Hiawatha Bray speculates on the potential for PC-to-Mac converts.

Online newspapers soon no longer free?


On speculation that the New York Times and other newspapers may start
charging users to read online content.  (Source: beSpacific)

Effective e-mail


An HBS Workling Knowledge column offers several examples of how to make
e-mail more efficient and ensure that people might actually read your
messages.  (Source: beSpacific)

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