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Yahoo celebrates 10 years on the web …


by posting a “Netrospective” gallery of images marking significant moments in internet culture and marketing…(Source; Daypop)

Website for people having trouble clearing copyright


Orphan Works is a site set up by Public Knowledge and other
organizations concerned with copyright.  It is for people who want
to use a work but cannot track down the rightsholder(s).  The site
contains a form with which one can tell one’s story to the U.S.
copyright office.  This is  part of a movement to make 
such works easier to use and reproduce.  (Source: SPARC Open
Access Forum)

NY Times coverage of the Tsunami


The New York Times has a page with links to all their recent articles about the Asian tsunami tragedy, as well as a page linking to a number of relief organizations

Google collaborates with major research libraries on massive digitization project


Harvard, Stanford, University of Michigan, Oxford and the New York
Public Library are opening up their collections for a pilot project
that will involve scanning and digitization of books which can be
searched by Google.  The partnership between Google and the
research libraries was announced on 12/13.  A Chronicle of Higher Education article goes into detail about the potential of this partnership in numbers of volumes.  The New York Times also has words on the collaboration.  The mind reels. 

Scout Report’s 10th anniversary


The Scout Report has been a indespensable resource and much-awaited
weekly reading for 10 years now.  The report chronicles
interesting web sites, particularly those with an academic
orientation.  They’ve also produced subject-oriented reports,
lately on technology, physical and life sciences.  Congrats to the
Internet Scout Project at Wisconsin and here’s to future decades!

For free


More on freely downloadable music, movies and other public domain media…. (Source; beSpacific)

Blog of documents discovered on government websites


is called Coolgov.  One of the things it points to is having to
explain bbq to the world.  It comes on the heals of Docuticker, a
ResourceShelf offshoot, which covers ngos and think tanks as well as
gov sites.  (Source; Boing Boing)

Guide to protecting your financial information


from the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.  (Source: beSpacific)

It’s all virtual


“We’re becoming digital pack rats,’ proclaims a news article.  (Source: Library Link of the Day)

INDUCE act gains steam


Maugre the Grokster decision, the INDUCE act has gained considerable
support in Congress (several influential senators have signed on to the
bill). Aimed at criminalizing software that could potentially be used
for copyright infringement,  INDUCE is reviled by many
technologists as a threat to innovation. 

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