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On scientists and blogging


The Scientist explores how scientists have taken to blogging and
provides an extensive list of links to science blogs.  (Requires

O’Reilly has a new group blog


O’Reilly Radar tracks technology trends “the next Mosaic, P2P, or Amazon.” (Source: Daypop)

Paper on weblogs in sci-tech libraries


Randy Reichardt and Geoffrey Harder announced the publication of their
“Weblogs: their use and applications in science and technology
libraries.”  It’s a throughly informative and well-researched
article covering definition and history of weblogs, weblog software,
literature on weblogs, and applications for weblogs in sci-tech
libraries such as project management, reference desk blogging, student
mentoring and current awareness, the latter of which cites the Rowland
library blog. 

Climate scientists organize blog


A group of climate scientists contribute to RealClimate, a blog that
aims to provide context to discussions of climate science as
represented in the media. (Source; Nature)

Article on copyright myths


Written to warn bloggers, this list of eight copyright myths applies to
any kind of online information use and stresses the need not to assume
that a work can be freely reused. (source; beSpacific)

Why not?


“”Blog” is the Word of the Year, dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster said Tuesday.” – Techweb (via Yahoo news)

Communications of the ACM section on “the blogosphere”


(Harvard users follow this link.)  
Includes Bonnie Nardi et al “Why we blog,” Rebecca Blood on software,
Cass Sunstein on democracy, and others.  (Source: Mathemagenic)

Presentation on corporate blogging


Hats off to Sabrina Pacifici for her comprehensive presentation on
corporate blogs, featuring exhaustive lists of the benefits of blogging
and several interesting examples of organizations using blogs. 
(Source: beSpacific)

Librarian pooh poohs blogs and wikipedia


Greg Hill has contempt for blogs, and while his point about their
unreliability may have some merit in some cases, he doesn’t mention any
specific sites but provides a caricature.  Wikipedia doesn’t
impress him either, but maybe if Hill provided some examples of
erroneous wiki passages, his piece might be a little more
convincing.  (Source: blogwithoutalibrary)

Movable blog feast


pointed me to Tangled Bank, a group blog effort that appears to be
hosted by a different site each week.  It contains a selection of
articles from blogs dealing with biology, medicine or natural

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