Bio Dr. Robelyn Garcia

Dr. Robelyn Garcia is a Multidisciplinary Post-Doc Scholar coming to Harvard as a 2018 Private Cyber Grant Recipient.  Garcia is pursuing another Masters Degree at Harvard in Museum Technology. With eight college degrees, her mission is to educate and motivate.  She has a Ph.D. in Education, a Masters of Science in Kinesiology/Exercise Science, a Masters of Education in Passing, a Graduate Certificate in Gerontology, a Masters in Aging and Lifespan Development, a Masters of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice, a Bachelors of General Studies in Social Sciences, and an Associates of Arts in Broadcasting.  Garcia has just finished her course work for a Doctor of Behavioral Health Degree at Arizona State University with Internship and Culminating Project to follow in Telehealth, Online Education, Elder Health, Geriatric Sport Science, Biogerontology Health, Lifespan Health, Injury Prevention and or Behavioral Interventions for reducing Chronic Pain, Depression and Obesity.  Dr. Garcia is also a Faculty Affiliate for the ASU Biomimicry Center.

“Robbie” is a former Professional Basketball Player, Kinesiology Professor, President Emeritus of the SW Jr. NBA-WNBA and Lifespan Professor.  She spends her free time volunteering for Cycling Charities, Senior Games and Special Olympic organizations.  Her Certifications Include: Harvard Medical School Lifestyle Medicine CME, American Red Cross CPR Instructor, Yale Medical School CME Health Counselor, ACEP Level 2 Certified Coach, First Aid for Sports, ACEP Drugs in Sport, NESTA Weight Room Specialist, American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor, First Aid, Lifeguard, Health Professional CPR, Aquatics Level 7 Advanced Skills Instructor, Arizona Certified College Instructor (Kinesiology, Adult Education), and AFSA Indoor Cycling Certified Spinning Instructor.  She has also succesfully completed several courses at The Telebehavioral Health Institute and The Harvard Medical School Global Academy.

Dr. Garcia has lived in 25 cities, 11 states and 3 countries. She currently resides in North Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.


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