Nihilist Expressions in Elementary Theoretical Physics

This musing is in reference to the multiverse and its implications. The main idea is that since everything has consequences, there exist many realities where consequences have been equal, thus each reality ultimately accounts for nothing. There is no good or bad, there just is. All systems of morality and responsibility are mere fabrications of a mind controlled entirely by propaganda and brainwash. There are no rules, nothing is hard and fast, not even the most seemingly astute scientific principles.  There is no overarching plan, life is a just a vast and cold simulation, a mathematical combination of various variables. The question then arises, what is the purpose of living? There is no purpose, whatever you do is all in absence of any real consequences because there exists another universe where you haven’t done that particular thing.

We all try to make meaning out of the meaningless. There is no intrinsic meaning to falling in love, it is a mere chemical process which happens to most simulations when the factors that cause it arrange in the right order. Since these factors are absolutely arbitrary and limited in number, they will fall in place for most at some random point of time. The number of factors varies for each type of achievement in life and the access one has to these factors is affected by another random variable, that of birth. We live our life to a template, there is no escaping from that, any struggle is useless. There are a million other beings like you who have lived identical lives, who have the same goals, who went through the same processes of life. You are not unique, you are an added skin to the template. You add absolutely zero value, whether you live or die, it doesn’t matter. One, because there are a million other beings almost exactly identical to you and two, because there are countless other versions of you in the multiverse. Even the most original of our thoughts and feelings are inspired by the most mundane of influences, consciousness is but an effort to explain that which is unexplainable. You feel angry because of your interaction with a variable, you can never organically feel angry in the absence of stimuli, stimuli that is arbitrary.

However, since the multiverse is affected by every single interaction of each variable, it would mean that ultimately everything matters because it literally decides the future of the universe. Yes, and no. Since everything matters, nothing really matters. Since there are infinite possibilities, the outcome of one possibility accounts for nothing.

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