4th Week of December 2022

December 25th, 2022

Digitized Cookbooks on the Getty Research Portal for your Holiday Feasting

The Getty Research Portal’s newest Virtual Collection is available just in time for the holiday season! The Virtual Collection includes more than 100 digitized cookbooks from the Anne Willan and Mark Cherniavsky Gastronomy Collection.

Elizabeth Grey, A True Gentlewomans Delight (London, 1653).


Iraqi conservators strive to preserve ancient manuscripts

In an annex of Iraq’s national museum, a conservator pores over a 17th-century manuscript, carrying out delicate restoration work as part of efforts to preserve and digitise 47,000 precious texts.

Conservator treating a manuscript


Irv Koons Product Design Archives Digitized

The Hagley Library and Museum has digitized its collection of the influential product packaging designer Irv Koons, showcasing work from a nearly 50-year career.

Cadbury Schweppes - Cadbury Cookies supermarket display


Library Acquires Rare Codex from Central Mexico

“The Library purchased the rare codex this fall. It contains new details about the earliest legal structures in Mexico after Spanish colonization and the way Indigenous people used Spanish laws to defend their rights. The codex is one of only six 16th-century pictorial manuscripts from central Mexico known to still exist. With its acquisition, the Library now holds three of the six manuscripts.”



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