A Case of the Mondays: Self-Determination Theory Applied to Job Motivation 

Date: April 4, 2019

Link (Click to View Paper): McCreedy 2019 A Case of the Mondays

Type: Proposal for Research In the Field of Psychology. In Partial Fulfillment of Requirements for The Master of Liberal Arts Degree, Harvard University Extension School. Course Instructor:  Jack Demick, PhD

Summary: The current study is a self-report survey of individuals in the workplace that assesses the perceived loci of causality (to determine regulatory styles and types of motivation), satisfaction of the innate psychological needs for intrinsic motivation (competence, autonomy, and relatedness), socioeconomic status/relative financial security, and job embeddedness. 

The study’s hypotheses are that (1) most people are dissatisfied with their jobs due to external regulators (ie, approval of others, capitalistic culture, status seeking, materialism) as well as embeddedness, even when autonomy, relatedness, and competence needs are fulfilled and (2) people of lower socioeconomic status or poor financial security will maintain an unfavorable job due to wage necessity; but, as socioeconomic status rises or financial security improves, wages play a lesser role in job-satisfaction, thus implying there is an economic threshold to ones journey out of extrinsic motivation. Considerations will be made that a person that is embedded in their job without fulfillment toward intrinsic motivation will have more conflicts outside of work and generally poorer health. 

To date, no other studies have holistically evaluated the conditions of self-determination theory, with consideration to embeddedness and socioeconomic status, on the global working population. This study will shape a more accurate understanding of human psychology applied to occupations and the implications therein. 

Essential Management Principals As Applied to Community Foundations in America

Date: December 3, 2018

Link (Click to View Paper): McCreedy – 2018 – Community Foundations In America

Type: A Review In Management Practices. In Partial Fulfillment of Requirements for The Master of Liberal Arts Degree, Harvard University Extension School. Course Instructor:  Carmine P. Gibaldi, EdD

Summary: Community foundations play a pivotal role in American philanthropy as grant-making public charities committed to the betterment and social good of local peoples. Given the large financial responsibility and grantmaking power paired with garnering broad public support, community foundations find themselves operating similarly to both a private foundation and quasi-government entity simultaneously. This paper studies essential management principles as applied to community foundations in America using available research and a primary source. A recommendation for further research is provided. 

Organizational Behavior With Intellectually And Developmentally Disabled Employees 

Date: July 26, 2018

Link (Click to View Paper): McCreedy – 2018 – OB With Intellectually And Developmentally Disabled Employees

Summary: Over the past three decades, research has emerged in the field of organizational behavior and education to career transitions with respect to individuals with intellectual disabilities (ID) and developmental disabilities (DD). However, little research marries both the employment of those with ID/DD with successful organizational practices. This paper synthesizes available research related to those with an ID or DD and the observed working model of a small business that employs ID/DD persons to suggest opportunities to better integrate disabled persons into successful businesses using refined organizational behavior management. A recommendation for further research is provided.