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External Rules of Quran Recitation for kids

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I chose to reflect on the theme of Quran as God’s sacred sounds and the importance of recitation in Islamic culture in week 3. Particularly, I chose to focus on the reading from Ghazali, “External Rules of Qur’an Recitation.” Ghazali looks at Quran recitation through a legalistic lens rather than a mystic lens, which is different from the other readings for this week. For example, in “The Sound of the Divine in Daily Life,” Nelson explains that the Quran is “the miracle of Muhammad’s prophethood,” its sounds transcend the words, and it reflects the divine “moment of revelation”. These descriptions are similar to other author’s portrayals of the feelings one gets while listening to the Quran. Ghazali on the other hand systematically broke down the exact posture, the pace of reading, the state of the reciter, and more, rather than focus on the mystic powers of the Quran. Because it was so different, Ghazali’s text stood out to me.

For my artistic creation, I made a cartoon for each of the ten rules Ghazali proposed in his work, and switched the audience from adults to children. I got the idea to make it a guide for kids from his ranking system of what was the best, praiseworthy, or just okay. This seemed like it could be used to teach a lesson to a child. The cartoons were meant to be simple and easy to understand by looking at them. They could be put together in a booklet to be given to a child who is starting to read the Quran.

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