This binding is from the famous collection of Jacques-Auguste de Thou, whose melding of his arms with both of his wives was one of the sweet stories in Jan Storm van Leeuwen’s Rare Book School class this year (if you are at all interested, and haven’t already: take this class!). Though I frankly can’t remember which coat of arms was which, the catalog record for today’s book, NC6.Em663.599r, helps me by pointing out that this is the arms of him and his second wife,¬†¬†Gasparde de La Chastre. Though the book was published in 1599, this would date the binding to after 1602. It is bound in red morocco.

NC6 Em663 599r upper cover, de Thou

NC6 Em663 599r spine, de Thou

NC6 Em663 599r lower cover, de Thou