Translation/tradducion/ traduction

Aqui he puesto una pagina que puede traducir el texto de esta pagina de
web a diferentes idiomas cuando no escribo en espanol o en ingles.

Here is a website that transaltes webpages you can use when I write in only one language for those who speak or read only one.

Cuidate, take care of yourself!


Night on Earth

Do you want a great laugh!? I don’t know that I’ve seen anything
funnier than this. The section in Rome is the part I am talking about.
Going through this loss I am going through, a good laugh, something my
father was talented in bringing to you, can break through those walls
you put up, or try to break down. Again, Begnini is wonderful. I think
my father would have liked him.
  Take care,


Pondre un acoplamiento para traducir mis blogs en el futuro cercano. Chao!

Too . . . Much . . . Food . . . (: /