Writer’s Almanac

For a little comfort food, please check out the link above. Just click
on the title. If you are a fan of Garrison Keeler, check it out.
However, if you are not, don’t necessarily avoid this site. He uses
five minutes of a radio program everyday to talk about people, often
writer’s, who were born on the particular day, and talks about their
lives. A cool site to send to someone for their birthday. Check out
yours. I found out my father has the same birthday as David Letterman.
Not that it’s that important, yet, why not look it up. And he also
recites a poem, I think the best part. Just one poem; so it you are
averse to poetry, or simply have a hard time picking up a poetry book
and reading it through, this is a good site to go to, becuase, so, far,
it has me hooked, and I don’t read poetry. The site has the poem on it,
too so you can follow along.

Take care,


 a few other cool sites I have found on, in particular one person’s website:
Sun photographs
RefDesk A list full of all kinds
of reference material. It has a lot. If I want to look something up, I
go there. I’m sure there are more advanced sites, however, just go.
I know I ‘ve seen a few others. I’ll post them some other day.