Reaching out

“Reaching out to someone is like deciding to expand your chest so you can breathe in some air.”

screeshot of my desktop

My desktop. Not tweaked for utter aesthetic
perfection, still, I like the background, even if it is just a blown up
photograph of someone’s painting, and therefore rough.

Writer’s Almanac

For a little comfort food, please check out the link above. Just click
on the title. If you are a fan of Garrison Keeler, check it out.
However, if you are not, don’t necessarily avoid this site. He uses
five minutes of a radio program everyday to talk about people, often
writer’s, who were born on the particular day, and talks about their
lives. A cool site to send to someone for their birthday. Check out
yours. I found out my father has the same birthday as David Letterman.
Not that it’s that important, yet, why not look it up. And he also
recites a poem, I think the best part. Just one poem; so it you are
averse to poetry, or simply have a hard time picking up a poetry book
and reading it through, this is a good site to go to, becuase, so, far,
it has me hooked, and I don’t read poetry. The site has the poem on it,
too so you can follow along.

Take care,


 a few other cool sites I have found on, in particular one person’s website:
Sun photographs
RefDesk A list full of all kinds
of reference material. It has a lot. If I want to look something up, I
go there. I’m sure there are more advanced sites, however, just go.
I know I ‘ve seen a few others. I’ll post them some other day.

Translation/tradducion/ traduction

Aqui he puesto una pagina que puede traducir el texto de esta pagina de
web a diferentes idiomas cuando no escribo en espanol o en ingles.

Here is a website that transaltes webpages you can use when I write in only one language for those who speak or read only one.

Cuidate, take care of yourself!


Night on Earth

Do you want a great laugh!? I don’t know that I’ve seen anything
funnier than this. The section in Rome is the part I am talking about.
Going through this loss I am going through, a good laugh, something my
father was talented in bringing to you, can break through those walls
you put up, or try to break down. Again, Begnini is wonderful. I think
my father would have liked him.
  Take care,


Pondre un acoplamiento para traducir mis blogs en el futuro cercano. Chao!

Too . . . Much . . . Food . . . (: /