Vision of the School

location and schoolyard
The school is located at a remote mountain village in South China, where there are twenty or thirty farmer houses scattered over the hills and valleys, covered by various wild plants – from high trees to short shrubs. The air is so fresh that any creature there seems able to breathe with their skin. Everything there is frequently refreshed by endless drizzle and sunshine.

The whole village with its mountains and streams is the schoolyard; all the houses, cottages and every field in the village are the classrooms.

teachers and students
Psychologically and profoundly, there is no division between teachers and students, all the farmer families and new comers are equal members in the school;

Professionally and formally, any one who knows more in some particular subject is the temporary teacher or guide of others, who are temporary students or listeners. e.g. On planting crops, the local farmers are the teachers while others are the students, who may learn how to plant; while, on botany, one who ever learned this subject maybe the provisional guide, and others including the farmers are the listeners. Obviously, in the air of inquiring and questioning, no authority or coercion would survive. Everyone enjoys learning by listening, observing, questioning, inquiring etc.

All the aspects in the daily life there may develop into all the lessons.

e.g. when we plant vegetables, we learn how vegetables grow (botany); when we cook, we learn how delicious food is made (chemistry); when we meet wild animals, we learn how wild animals survive (zoology); when one catches cold, we learn about our body and how and why we get ill (western medicine and chinese herbal medicine and some good ways for health like Yoga and Wushu etc); when people get angry, we may inquire into our psychological structure with them, trying to see how and why people are subject to fear and worry (self-knowledge …

To cultivate an atmosphere of freedom, in which one may be aware his own conditionings and the limitation of the surroundings. From such an awareness, intelligence may be awakened, followed is love – the new dimension of our minds – in which brand-new human beings with their harmonious and talented brains may come into being…

after graduation
The harmonious and talented human beings may spread out all over the world. With their intelligence and immeasurable love, more and more people may get awakened and be away from any sort of fear or conflicts, afterward……

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