Shaomin C.

April 25, 2012

Wearing the Hijab – Day 6 and 7

by shaominchew


For this project I wore the hijab every day for one week to experience what it would be like to appear and be perceived as a Muslim woman. The veil is a contentious symbol in both the Western world and the Muslim world and in order to more fully understand the issue I decided to step into the shoes of someone whose life is actually directly affected by her headdress. I did not start this project with a clean slate since I had read literature that deals with this subject before such as The Trouble with Islam Today by Irshad Manji, Politics of Piety by Mahmood S., A Quiet Revolution by Leila Ahmed and the fictional story The Taqwacores by Michael Muhammad Knight to name the major works. On a conceptual level I had many ideas and unresolved feelings regarding the veil that I cam to the project with but on the whole I was deliberately coming to this experiment with the intention of purely doing research and being as open and welcoming as possible to all the experiences I was going to have that week. What I ultimately discovered was nuanced in a way that managed to surprise me. The videos speak for themselves.

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