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announcerR  That “pre-launch status” notice has been sitting at the top of this page for too long.  As of today, October 1, 2007, shlep: the Self-Help Law ExPress is officially in business and ready to begin regular operation.    There are many definitions of the word launch, but we especially like “to enter enthusiastically into something,” and take note that the word is derived from the Latin and French terms for wielding a lance. 

Although our Help Wanted sign is still out, and we hope to be announcing significant new additions to our line-up in the near future, your editor is proud to announce that Mary Whisner, John Cannan and Orijit Ghoshal will form our core team of contributors.  Click About the SHLEP TEAM to learn more about them.

Many people have worked long and hard to bring the self-help law movement to its present status and potential.  shlep will do its best to chronicle their continuing achievements and, we hope, hasten the day when access to effective, fair and affordable legal services is available to all Americans.

If you are a new visitor, please scroll down this page and check out our prior postings and SideBar, to see that self-help law and shlep have much to offer.


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