Preparing to Testify


Going to court is not in most people’s ordinary range of experience. It can be confusing and scary, whether or not they are represented by counsel. 

Here is a sheet with some basics: When Witnesses and Victims Go to Court. It’s adapted from a document by the California AG’s office by Transcend, a company that, among other things, produces plain-English versions of documents. Bonus: Transcend also also produced versions in Spanish  and Chinese.

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  1. david giacalone

    October 13, 2006 @ 10:26 pm


    This is a good document, Mary; thanks for posting it. Visitors who would like other resources about going to court can find quite a few on our “should I go to court?” page, which has a link in the SideBar.

    For starters, I’d suggest:

    Tips for Going to Court (video presentation) has prepared this online video presentation (3:24 minutes) for litigants going to court. At

    Going It Alone In Court – a special primer from the legal reform group HALT. At .

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