even self-helpers have bosses


BossDayPumpkin  Do-It-Yourselfers are by definition independent folk, but most of us nonetheless have bosses (somewhere).  So, I thought I’d remind you that October 16 is Boss’s Day.  That’s a fact I would not have known, except that a Google search for Help Wanted Signs sent the querist clicking through to shlep, after our Help Wanted post appeared inadvertently as the 5th result out of 115 million.  Clicking the #1 result got me to an actual, attractive, printable Help Wanted Sign.  Curiosity then led me to the Home Page of PrintFree, which is  “A printing site that can be used free of charge to print Calendars, Greeting Cards, Signs, Flyers, Forms, and much more.”  No registration is required. 

Readers who insist that we have a legal self-help hook in every posting, might be assuaged by PrintFree‘s page on Office Forms & Signs.  Also, note their use policy: “These items may be printed for any legitimate, legal, nondefamatory purpose as long as our name is left on them.”   Whether you need calendars or cards, or signage of all sorts (e.g., No Smoking or Cell Phones Off), there is a lot of self-helpful stuff, for consumers, employees, bosses and businesses, at PrintFree.com.

 p.s. If you need a quick Boss’s Day card, there are a number to choose from (including a full-color Pumpkin Head Boss like the image above) at PrintFree.

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