a pause to give thanks


A few more Friends of shlep deserve our thanks:
Diane Levin for two recent pointers: (1) a generous posting at her Online Guide to Mediation, explaining shlep‘s goals and what we might have to offer mediators (with nice words about f/k/a, too) and (2) adding us to the World Directory of ADR Blogs.  

 — “Ed,” the masked man at the helm of Blawg Review, who has included shlep today (Oct. 23, 2006) in both Blawg Review #80 (wondering just what I’ve been doing with that dusty law degree of mine) and Carnival of the Capitalists #159 (which needlessly reminds us “lawyers are capitalists”, too).  Of course, both “carnivals” offer links to some of the best recent weblog postings in their fields.  
abnu at Wordlab, who likes our “clever name” and our clever post about Christopher Columbus’ name.  
— Shara Karasic at the Work.com Community Blog, who our review of the new Work.com website with her community.     
Imbroglio for the “little imbroglio” pointer. thank you! 




  1. Diane Levin

    October 24, 2006 @ 7:58 pm


    David, you are so welcome! Congratulations on this forward-thinking blog–a great resource and valuable public service. Thanks to you as well for your encouraging support of fellow bloggers–your collegiality means a lot. Best wishes, Diane

  2. david giacalone

    October 24, 2006 @ 8:21 pm


    Wouldn’t you know it: no sooner do I try to catch up with my “thank-you’s” than I have Eugene Volokh (at his eponymous Conspiracy weblog) and Cory Doctorow(at BoingBoing) putting me deep in another hole of gratitude. Unfair? Nope, it’s a very nice problem to have.

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