HALT moves on


Editor’s Note:  I’m sorry to report that the legal reform group HALT has withdrawn from Team shlep.

HALTover Two days ago, I expressed to HALT’s Executive Director James C. Turner a preference for postings by HALT that relate to self-help law issues (rather than, in that instance, a suggested piece amplifying on the recent Legal Times article, “Is He a Qualified Candidate”?, Nov. 13, 2006, which related to court challenges, by political opponents, to qualifications for candidates for state Attorney General).  In response, Jim announced the organization’s withdrawal from participation in shlep and asked that I remove HALT’s materials from this website. 

I’m sorry that a relationship that seemed so promising has been ended.  I want to thank HALT staffer Mary Thuell for her goodwill and hard work putting together HALT’s weekly shlep posting over the past month.  I wish Jim and the entire HALT staff well in their efforts, as they say, “helping all Americans handle their legal affairs simply, affordably and equitably.”  I want to assure our readers that I will continue to report here on important HALT activities (from advocacy, to reports, to publications) of interest to self-help law consumers and practitioners.  Meanwhile, in a world filled with legal reform issues, I hope to keep shlep focused on its mission: helping to expand and improve the self-help law movement.


p.s. HALTBestBuy Don’t forget HALT’s compilation of Do-It-Yourself Best Buys and its special primer Going It Alone In Court.  

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