como (pro) se dice?


Our Teammate Mary Whisner is hoping to create a shlep relay event, by tagging the rest of us with the “5 Things You Didn’t Know about Me Meme.”  Taggees are expected to “list 5 things about yourself that your blog’s readers are unlikely to know, and then tag 5 other people to do the same.” You will learn a lot about the multi-talented Mary Whisner in her “5 things about me, ” (Trial Ad Notes, Dec. 19, 2006.  (For another About Me example, see Legal Andrew, “I’m It!“)

fkaLogoBoy  Earlier this year, I was cursed honored by a similar tagging at my dagosan’s haiku diary, where I was infected burdened blessed with the Weird-Tag — which requires a list of 5 of your weird habits your readers might not know about.  Because the dagosan weblog features only haiku poetry, I transferred that tag obligation to my multi-faceted site, f/k/a, where I wrote “i’m just not that weird (honest),” in an attempt to postpone making that list.

Prof. Yabut, Self-Help-Tag Facilitator ProfYabut

Four days later, when I hadn’t fulflled the Weird Tag requirements, Prof. Yabut, one of my f/k/a alter egos, stuck his nose in facilitated my reply, by writing the prolix (not pro se) posting “yes, prof. yabut can be quite weird” (Feb. 12, 2006).  It includes such nuggets as Aging Up, Backseat Desire, and Dangerous Pizza. 

NoYabuts To be honest, that’s all the confessing I’m willing to do for one year, so the curious should head over to that posting at f/k/a, where my weird-soul is bared. (Please excuse the formatting problems over there, caused by migrating to a new webserver and weblog software.)

  • Like Mary, I’m not fond of Chain Letters, so I’m not going to do any further About-Me-tagging.  The poor response rate, last February, to my Weird-Tagging also suggests that passing along this project to involuntary taggees is not a win-win situation.  Of course, the rest of the shlep team is expected to show appropriate team spirit, by spilling their guts out for the edification of the Team and of our readers.  I encourage any one else who wants to participate to do so, and to let us know when you do.

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